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7 habits of successful young people! Know Your Future

Habit 2: Know Your Future

It is you who decide your future

April 1st

This habit will help you paint a clear picture of your future.

If Habit 1 says that you are the pilot of your ship of destiny,

not a passenger on it,

Habit 2 says that once you are the driver,

you will also decide the direction of your destiny

April 2nd

Have you ever played a jigsaw puzzle?

Easy! But it’s a puzzle with a model next to it,

and a few more pieces.

What about stacking thousands of pieces with no pattern next to them?

Gay go, know where it came from now?

Think about it,

if you don’t think about the future,

it’s like playing a jigsaw puzzle without a model.

April 3rd

I don’t mean that you have

to decide every specific detail for the future,

like what career to choose

or who to marry in the future.

What I mean is that you should think about the future

and direct your life to direct everything you do in a certain direction.

April 4th

Why is direction for the future so important?

There are two reasons:

One is that you are standing at a turning point in life:

from here you have to choose a path to go,

which will affect your whole life later;

Second, if you don’t decide your own life,

someone else will decide for you.

April 5th

Life Roller

You are still very young.

You are standing in the middle of the cycle of life

and you have to choose which way to go:

Do you want to go to college

or just graduate from high school?

What kind of friends would you like to have?

How would you choose a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Will you drink, smoke, “play” drugs?

What will you contribute to society?

April 6th

What about friends?

Friends have a great influence on your attitude,

outlook, and direction in life.

The need to be accepted

and to be part of a group is very strong.

But very often we choose our friends

based on their acceptance of us.

And this is not always good.

For example, if you are accepted

by a group of children who “play” drugs,

it is certain that you will also “play” drugs.

Remember that your future depends a lot

on who you make friends with!

April 7th

What about sex?

Don’t think it’s too early to tell you this.

This is a very important thing.

And you have to decide right now your “policy”:

Should you have sex before marriage?

This is about your health, your spirit,

and your reputation.

April 8th

It is you who decide your future, not others.

April 9th

Mission for yourself

So if future orientation is so important,

what should we do to shape our future?

The best way is to create a task sheet for yourself.

It is like a sketch of your life or similar

to the function of the institutions of nations.

Big companies like Microsoft or Coca-Cola also have such mission statements.

April 10th

So what are you waiting for without making your own mission statement?

Other young people have done it too.

The quest can be long or short,

it can be a poem or a piece of music.

Some of you choose a quote as your mission statement,

while others choose a picture or a picture.

April 11st

A mission statement for yourself is like a tree with deep roots:

when it rains, you can take refuge in the shade of this tree,

it will keep you steady and not swept away.

April 12nd

Let’s take a look at Beth Haire’s mission statement:

First, I must always have faith.

I’m not allowed to neglect my relationships,

but I also don’t forget to make time for myself.

I always take on challenges with an attitude

of optimism rather than skepticism.

I have always been self-respecting

and aware of my worth.

April 13rd

Here’s a copy of Steven Strong’s quest:

April 14th

Discover your talents

An important part of setting a personal mission is figuring out

what you’re capable of.

Talent is more than just having an angelic voice.

It could be a talent for making people laugh,

or a gift for painting.

April 15th

Sometimes talent just shows up from time to time.

If your talent blooms late,

don’t be in a hurry,

it takes time to discover your talent.

April 16th

The biggest mistake young people make

is spending too much time creating a perfect

and difficult task that can never be done.

Some of you also try to make your own version similar

to someone else’s version.

You forget that you wrote it for yourself.

Just write a temporary copy,

and then perfect it as you go.

April 17th

When you’re done writing,

put it somewhere you can easily reach it,

for example in your diary or on a mirror.

Or you can shrink,

plasticize and store

wallet, then review it often,

or better yet, memorize it.

April 18th

Three things to warning

1. Negative nicknames

Forget it.

Even if you are like this at times,

remember that you can still change.

2. “That’s it” syndrome

Who never makes mistakes.

If you make a mistake,

that’s okay too.

You can fix the error.

3. Wrong orientation

Not having a direction for the future is the problem,

but if you are wrong

and realize you are wrong,

you still have a chance.

April 19th

To reach your goal,

you need to estimate the cost.

How many times have you set a goal while in the mood

and then found that you just didn’t have the energy to do it?

Why does this happen?

That’s because you can’t estimate the cost.

April 20th

Let’s say you set a goal to get a good grade this school year.

To achieve this goal,

you will have to do homework instead of going out with friends,

have to stay up late, wake up early,

don’t watch TV,

read newspapers because you spend time studying.

Let’s evaluate it together.

High scores bring you things like:

being praised,

respected by friends,

getting a scholarship to college,

getting a good job…

Do you like it?

April 21st

The best way is to break that goal down into small chunks.

For example, if you want to get good grades in all semesters,

you should set a goal for each semester,

and then continue for the remaining semesters.

Then you will feel “lighter”.

April 22nd

In order to reach your goals, you need to write down your goals.

“A purpose that is not written down is just a wish.”

Writing it down increases the likelihood

of achieving your goal 10 times more than just thinking it through your head.

April 23rd

To reach your goal,

you need to act now.

When we are really determined to do something,

our ability to accomplish it will greatly increase.

There is only doing or not doing,

not trying to do.

April 24th

To reach your goal,

you need to know how to seize important opportunities.

There are times in our lives that we have to take advantage of.

There are opportunities

to help us achieve new goals such as the new school year,

the start of a new relationship,

the opportunity for advancement,

a new perspective, graduation…

April 25th

Have you heard the legend of the fire phoenix?

After every 500 or 600 years,

the beautiful phoenix burns itself in the fire.

Then from the ashes,

it resurrected again.

Similarly, you can be reborn from the “ashes of experience” of yourself.

Gaining experience is also an opportunity.

April 26th

To reach your goal,

you need to know how to tighten.

Think about who is having the same goal as you?

Why don’t people with the same goals work together,

it will get results faster!

Parents can help if they know what your goals are.

People who have been successful can give you useful advice.

Surely you will have a better chance of success

if you know how to tie up with people.

April 27th

People who lack natural physical,

social or mental abilities struggle more than others,

and that hard struggle can produce qualities,

and strengths that they cannot develop in any other way.

That’s why I say we can turn our weakness into strength.

April 28th

Good wood species do not mature in ease.

The stronger the wind,

the stronger the tree trunk.

– Excerpt from the poem of

Douglas Malloch

April 29th

Make your life worth living by living it wholeheartedly for others,

for the missions set by you.

There are great people with very interesting lives

because they have accomplished great missions.

That is:

Gandhi freed 300 million Indians.

Mother Teresa determined her mission was

to bring clothes and food to the hungry.

Pastor Martin Luther King fought his whole life for human rights.

April 30th

You may be wondering,

“But if I can’t do such a big thing,

wouldn’t my life be fun and interesting?

May 1st

Not so, as the pedagogue Maren Mouritsen put it:

“Only a few people do great things.

But we can all do small things in a big way.”

May 2rd

Do the little things step by step:

Identify what are the key skills you need to be successful at work.

Regularly re-read your mission statement

to believe you’re on the right track.

Have you written your goals down yet?

If not, what are you waiting for without doing it?

Think about the bad nicknames people have given you.

Think of a few things you could do to change that nickname.

May 3nd

You’ve heard of “The Power of Will”,

but what do you know about the power of the word

“No” and its effect?

effect of the word “No” yet?

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