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Brian Tracy! 100 unchanging rules for business success! Introduction

100 unchanging rules for business success!


Many years ago,

I decided to embark on a lifelong journey

to understand how the world works and works.

In this journey,

I have found my own path in sales,

then management,

and finally in building the company and business organization.

Over time, it seems to me that all business success is more

or less related to consistent

and predictable rules and regulations.

I have always believed

that life is the greatest gift you have ever been given.

That belief motivated me to spend years researching ways

to reduce my time pursuing the material

and immaterial goals I set for myself.

Nearly thirty years later,

my life mission is still the same.

It is about unleashing personal potential by eliciting ideas

and strategies that help people get the benefits

or rewards they want in the fastest way possible.

Formal education will make you a living;

self-education will make you a fortune. — Jim Rohn

And the book “100 Immutable Laws for Business Success” was born

with all my enthusiasm for you.

Any of the rules in this book can save you considerable time

and help you realize your full potential.

These laws are the same as those of physics,

mathematics, mechanics or electronics.

They are time-tested,

proven and put into practice.

The purpose of the book is not to talk about health,

family, love, ups and downs of fate

or any other factors that create happiness

and personal satisfaction,

but purely about the eternal laws

with time to succeed in business.

As you read this book,

take a few minutes for each rule

and honestly evaluate your behavior and attitude toward it.

A new insight or idea that you didn’t recognize

before can help you turn your life around.

And it is essential that you follow them consistently for optimal results.

When you apply the 100 immutable laws

to business success in harmony,

you will certainly reap significant results compared

to those who do not apply.

You will enjoy a feeling of success

and satisfaction that you never thought possible before.

And you will achieve so much more in a matter of months

or years while so many others take a lifetime!

– Brian Tracy


Author’s life story

My entrepreneurial path from the beginning was not a smooth one,

but full of difficult challenges.

Because my family was always in poverty,

from the age of eleven,

I had to support myself with the money I earned from odd jobs.

I was forced to drop out of school

before I graduated from high school

and started working hard at manual labor.

A few years later,

I entered the sales profession.

This job is really not as simple as I thought,

but it requires me to try a lot.

After a period of hard work with the profession

but still have not achieved any positive results,

I am determined to learn the secret of success of successful people

that I have met and admired.

And when I actively searched,

I found that the secret to success was everywhere,

present in simple rules

that I had inadvertently ignored before.

I tried to apply them to my life

and was surprised to see the results

that I achieved there were many significant changes.

Step by step success has come to me.

In life there is a “10/90 rule”.

This rule says that 10% of the time

you invest in figuring out the fundamental laws

that lead to success in any field will save you 90% of the time

and effort needed to achieve your goals in the same field.

In my thirties,

I caught up with the education

I had left unfinished.

I studied for an MBA program at a large university.

During this time,

I invested about 4,000 hours studying the rules of business.

I also read hundreds of reference books

and articles in search of the so-called “secrets to success”.

My first job after graduation was in charge of building a sales team,

I consulted experts,

researched industry literature,

took courses on recruiting and building sales teams.

while at the same time applying

what has been learned to organize work.

Within a year,

from wandering the streets,

selling to direct commissions,

I had built a sales force of 95 people covering six countries

bringing in millions of dollars in annual sales.

Then, when I joined the real estate business,

I had to research many books

and newspapers as well as being willing

to spend hours chatting with real estate experts

to learn from experience.

When I purchased a piece of land for $100,

personally put together the necessary analysis,

financial proposals,

found a long-term project financing partner,

and expedited construction.

A year later,

my $100 property became a $3 million rental mall.

When I was in charge of importing Japanese cars,

I did the same thing and within a year

I built up a network of 65 dealers

and sold over $25 million worth of cars. .

When I became the CEO of a development company

with a total asset value of about 265 million USD,

with my own experience,

I boldly redeployed the staff,

reorganized and changed the standards

of company points comprehensively and consistently,

turning the company from disarray to profitability in less than a year.

Since then, companies

and organizations regularly hire me

as a consultant and troubleshooting expert.

No matter what company I work with,

I still have a habit of researching

that company to learn the “success principles” of the industry

or field in which they are in business

and then proceed to apply them.

As a result,

I was able to save or profit my clients millions of dollars.

I then began to organize these ideas

and principles into talks,


and training programs for individuals and businesses.

These programs have also been incorporated

into corporate curricula across the United States

and around the world,

in 20 languages and in 35 countries.

Thanks to the practical content,

these programs have brought success.

The rules I give can help people shorten their journey to success.

The more you incorporate these laws into your day-to-day thinking

and decision-making,

the more effective your work will be.

You will attract

and retain many talented people;

produce and sell many goods and services;

effective cost control;

expand and develop business according to trendy trends

or stabilize profit growth…

Equally important is that these laws have a neutral role,

neither positive nor negative.

They are not influenced in any way by your beliefs,

preferences or desires.

They are immutable laws.

Therefore, much of the success in business can be explained

by the consistent application of these laws.

I often share with my audience the use of these rules with a simple comparison.

I asked the question:

“If you buy a mill and take it home,

what factors will determine the profit you get from that mill?”.

Very quickly,

many viewers replied

that the benefit they will receive is proportional

with frequency and duration of use.

The same goes for when you start using these tried

and tested rules in your business.

The problem is not whether they work,

but whether you apply them correctly and appropriately.

Like a mill, the more often

and consistently you apply these laws,

the more they work,

helping you achieve results faster.

Every time you come across a great idea in a book

that you think can be applied to your work,

resolve to do it right away.

Don’t delay.

One decisive action

or one timely decision can change your whole life.

You only need to care about one question:

“Does the idea work?”.

I assure you they will work almost everywhere,

in every situation in today’s business system.

The more often your life is aligned with these laws,

the happier and more successful you will be.

There are no limits to the application of these rules.

– Brian Tracy

Life is a game. Money is how we score. — Ted Timer

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