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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! International Spirit

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 35: International Spirit

Unity is strength. — Aesop


Remember that when you inherit the benefits

of the philosophies handed down

by your predecessors on this page,

it also means that you need to respond

by doing something useful

for future generations after.

The prosperity of this country must be maintained

and developed;

people’s living standards need to be further improved;

our democracy must be preserved;

Schools need to be kept safe

– for the sake of future generations,

just as our forefathers did. — Napoleon Hill


Living in today’s modern world is a privilege

that our forefathers have given us,

by exchanging sweat and blood

– to pursue a better life for our children

and grandchildren. — Don M. Green


The international spirit is the dream of people of all times.

International spirit is love and mutual support

between members of an organization

or community,

or between countries.

It helps people to trust,

be closer and unite with each other.

War, terrorism,



are all inevitable consequences

of the lack of international spirit.

Surely our world will become a better

and more peaceful place

if all countries uphold the international spirit

and act for the common good of mankind.

In a narrow scope,

the international spirit is expressed

by the love and solidarity of individuals in an organization.

No strike would happen

if every company made internationalism the criterion of their actions.

In the office of the President of the United States,

there are two very large letters in bold

and solemnly framed: U.S.

These two letters can stand for many different phrases.

But it can also be said that,

of all those phrases,

Universal Spirit – International Spirit

– is the most correct interpretation.

The international spirit is expressed

not only to those of your contemporaries,

but also to the generations before and after you.

When you inherit a certain philosophy

or benefit from the previous generation,

it is your responsibility to pass it on to the next generation.

After all, we all have the same basic goal:

the progress of humanity,

the prosperity of the country,

and the happiness of people.

It is this goal that will connect people together,

creating useful lives.

In order to have an international spirit,

you should remember

that you are part of the happiness of the community.

And more importantly,

the “international spirit” is cooperation

and respect for everyone.

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