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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Imagination no limit

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 56: Imagination no limit

Ideas are the only assets that have no fixed value.

All achievements in this world are rooted in ideas.

To be on the road to success,

you have to start the flow of ideas in your head.

There is always another person inside of you

– a person who can see the hidden spiritual strength within you.

That person does not accept failure

but will motivate you to be determined to move forward

to take what should be yours.

Ideas are the foundation of all fortunes and the source of all inventions.

Ideas can control the air we breathe and the ocean currents.

In the development process,

the idea cannot be without a starting point with a very specific purpose.

This is the number one principle in the philosophy

of personal achievement.- Napoleon Hill


Author Orison Swett Marden says

that in order to build castles on the ground,

you must first have castles in your mind.

Napoleon Hill said that ideas are synonymous with events.

Both of them wanted to say the same thing:

Everything comes from the thought process. – Don M. Green


Imagination is the most valuable asset a man can have.

Next to this wonderful gift of nature,

everything else

– money,



– becomes inferior.

In most cases,

imagination is the source of it all.

Nurture your imagination.

People are creative

because they have imagination.

McAdoo imagined high-speed vehicles

that could transport thousands of people a day on the bottom

of the Hudson River.

Of course,

people laughed and turned their backs on his wild dream.

But McADoo made his dream come true in the Hudson tunnel.

Marconi once dreamed of messages sent

from loved ones thousands of miles away,

floating on waves in the air

and then blaring at their destination through a magical device.

It was once thought that he was mentally ill.

But he refused to back down

and amazed the world with the advent of the radio telegraph!

People call America “the land of opportunity“.

It is the land of the imagination.

It is here that the humblest people have risen to the most powerful

– thanks to the contribution of imagination.

An ordinary employee can imagine himself

as the general manager in the field he serves.

Like that, he moved forward step by step,

until his goal was achieved.

The first step that led him to the CEO chair was his imagination.

Perthes once said:

A keen imagination is like salt in everyday life;

without it,

the world is just a dry skeleton;

But the richer the imagination,

the greater the responsibility.

Nurture your imagination in every little thing every day.

Many small things contribute to great karma.

Things of great significance will last forever.

History is the story of the achievements of imaginative people.

What we imagine in our minds becomes our world. – Masaru Emoto

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