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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! I will do it today

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 60: I will do it today

Once your dream is big enough,

all other problems are not worth worrying about. – Noname


The highest reward for a person’s labor is not what he receives,

but through it, how he feels he has grown. – Noname


If we do not find an existing path,

we will discover a new path. – Hannibal


If you encounter bad luck,

let it rest in the past.

Focus your mind on future successes.

You will realize that the mistakes of the past always

play a special role in the luck of the present.

Peace of mind is often associated with your growth.

Even in the case that you are doing the lowest job in society,

your mind can still be directed to success,

if you will.

Make your work more valuable,

be motivated to make your dreams come true. – Napoleon Hill


I will make today a day worth living.

I will remember the past as a path full of valuable experiences

that I have traveled.

I will try my best and focus all my time

and effort on completing today’s task.

I’m going to do what

I didn’t dare to do before.

I will live with all my enthusiasm.

I will smile instead of frowning,

I will be patient instead of angry.

Above all, I will master myself.

I will be faithful to the path I am on.

I will keep my faith and move forward strong.

I will embark on the implementation

and completion of all my plans.

I will do what I love.

I will be fair and just,

for that is the only way to success.

If I fail, I will draw valuable lessons for myself

so as not to repeat the same mistake again.

I will not waste my time, will take care of my health

and be careful with my honor.

I will contribute to making life more beautiful,

will make the day of everyone

I meet a good day.

I will devote my whole heart

to serving those around me,

because in the light of what

I do for others there is always my own light.

I will make today a day worth living.

You cannot have a million-dollar dream

with a minimum wage work ethic. ― Stephan C. Hogan

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