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Steve Siebold! How rich people think

I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I need.

It doesn’t matter if that makes me obnoxious. – Madonna

If you were born poor, it’s not your fault.

But if you die poor, it’s your fault. – Bill Gates

I like to think big.

If you have to think anyway,

think big. – Donald Trump

Hello! Readers

This book is not about money, it’s about thinking.

Each chapter is a lesson

I’ve learned during my 26 years of interviewing the world’s richest people.

In it, I make a comparison of the mindset of the middle class and the rich.

The purpose of the comparison is

to show the rather obvious differences between them.

I began my journey of interviewing in 1984,

when I was a penniless student,

in search of answers to success that I couldn’t find in school.

The discoveries have changed my life

and I write this book with the intention of giving you such an opportunity.

If you follow the beliefs, philosophies and strategies of the rich,

that is the right path to becoming a millionaire.

The secret is not in the mechanics of money,

but in the way of thinking that makes money.

Once you know how to think,

you will have endless possibilities for making money.

If you think that “not all rich people believe or do the same” you are right.

I relied on what most rich people share to make these comparisons.

I interviewed them because I wanted to be as rich as them.

And I have discovered that: to become rich

I must learn to think like the rich.

For the first 25 years of my life

I thought about money like everyone else and I was broke.

When I changed my mind, money started flowing into my pocket.

Changing my mindset about money

led me to take practical actions and as a result,

I became a millionaire.

Don’t be too overwhelmed or scared by my success

as well as the success of others because you can do it.

Use this book as a guide.

Good luck to you on your journey.

Steve Siebold

To earn more, you must learn more. — Brian Tracy


Chapter 1 : The middle class focuses on saving… The rich focus on making money

A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it. — Bob Hope

Fear of loss and uncertainty about the future,

most people focus on saving money.

Big thinkers understand the importance of saving and investing,

so they focus on getting rich by serving people and solving problems.

When the economy falters, the middle class fears losing money,

and it will take years to recover.

Meanwhile, the big thinkers are in a similar situation,

but they immediately turn their attention to the flimsy financial opportunities.

While the majority sell for short-term survival,

millionaires buy in exchange for long-term success.

One side comes from fear and the other comes from abundance.

The self-made rich are willing to take the anticipated risk

because they know that if they lose,

they can still get it back.

While the middle class find ways to gets rich by looking for investment opportunities

with quick returns,

the rich invest wisely,

knowing that a mountain of money will fall into their pockets

from the service they provide.

Most people are more interested in the return on their savings

and investments rather than

using that money to create a fortune.

The majority are so focused on cutting the sweepstakes

and living frugally that they miss out on great opportunities.

Even in times of economic crisis,

the rich don’t agree with most people’s idea of ​​frugal spending.

They are masters at directing their energies to the right place:

Where the money is?

How about you? Are you focused on saving every penny or building an empire?

Your current financial situation will clearly reflect your previous thinking.

If you are rich, continue to maintain that mindset.

If not, it’s time for a change.

“Money is power that you should aspire to possess.”– Russell Conwell

Act : Determine to think bigger and maximize your earning potential today.

We can earn 300 Ringgit daily, We deposit 90%

If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way. — Napoleon Hill


Chapter 2 : The middle class sees making money as a gradual process… Rich people see making money as a breakthrough process

Men are like bank accounts.

The more money,

the more interest they generate. — Mark Twain

People often exchange time for money.

This leads to the view that making money is closely related to time.

So they believe that the only way to make a lot of money is to work overtime,

not to mention a raise and bonus.

Rich people think that to make a lot of money,

it must be considered a breakthrough process.

They are masters at monetizing ideas.

They realize that the ideas are endless, so the money is endless.

So while the middle class quickly retreats to worry about their financial future,

 the rich do the opposite.

Most people spend a lot of time worrying about money

while billionaires only focus on doubling their wealth every day.

A fortune can be made overnight from the right idea given at the right time,

but it only happens to those who think that making money is a breakthrough not a gradual process.

Because most people are misguided,

they never put in the extra effort to come up with a high-impact solution.

In other words, everyone has the potential to become rich,

as long as they change their perspective and way of thinking.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

“It’s the nature of America to put making money first,

so the people who make little money go with the people who make little money,

the people who make a lot of money go with those

who make a lot of money.”– Paul Erdman

Act : Always look for a simple, clear solution first.

If that solution doesn’t work, think of a more complicated solution.

We think positive in all situations

Where focus goes, energy flows. — Tony Robbins


Chapter 3 : Middle-class people believe that hard work makes them rich… Rich people believe that leverage creates material wealth

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet. — Sophia Amoruso

If hard work is the secret to wealth,

construction workers and waitresses are already rich.

The rich put in their best efforts in areas

that can bring them profits while constantly increasing their contacts, credibility,

and resources to maximize their results.

Rich people also work hard, but not in the usual sense.

To them, working hard means outsmarting the competition and leveraging the wisdom of consultants.

The middle class sees hard work as a badge of honor.

For the rich, it’s success.

While one group was physically

and mentally exhausted at the end of the day,

the other group was completely refreshed

and excited to think of new solutions to retain the people in the other group.

So the middle class lives on salary and the rich don’t.

The only difference lies in the approach

and ability to use leverage instead of hard labor.

The beauty of life is that anyone in the middle class can change their mindset to make money.

Most people don’t change

because they don’t know how to think differently or don’t believe they can.

One way or another, the rich will continue to add to their fortunes,

while the majority sit still worrying about paying the bills.

“The person with more leverage dominates the person with less leverage.

In other words, just as humans gain more advantages over other animals by creating leveraged tools,

those who use these tools gain more power.

Because leverage is power.”– Robert Kiyosaki

Act : Get rid of any limiting beliefs and start thinking about how you can leverage your success.

Everything is possible, money is any where, no limit

Your habits will determine your future. — Jack Canfield


Chapter 4 : The middle class thinks money is the root of all evil… Rich people think poverty is the root of all evil

Everyone can tell you the risk.

An entrepreneur can see the reward. — Robert Kiyosaki

In the Bible there is a passage that says that the love of money is the root of all evil,

which is translated into money by the middle class as the root cause.

Currently, many of them are infected with the disease that focuses only

on the lack and limitations related to money,

without a sense of the meaning of wealth.

Rich people know that having money does not guarantee happiness, but it certainly makes life more comfortable and fun.

Big thinkers believe that money serves them

and helps them get high returns.

It is not intelligence or education that keeps the middle class from becoming rich,

but rather their limited beliefs about money.

If you want to become rich, imitate the beliefs of the rich and then act on them.

While the majority are busy looking for answers on the outside,

the outstanding people know that building a business starts from within.

You first establish the same money beliefs as the rich,

then act on that belief.

How you act will reap the same results.

You think this is easy to do?

Most people don’t think so.

So why not try?

Did you lose anything?

“Stay away from anyone who tells you money is a sin.”– Ayn Rand

Act : Be proud of your ambitions and don’t care about people who tell you it’s wrong to want to get rich.

My love husband will become a self-made millionaire in 2030

Formal education will make you a living;

self-education will make you a fortune.— Jim Rohn


Chapter 5 : The middle class thinks being rich is a privilege… Rich people think being rich is a right

If you want to be rich, simply serve more people. — Robert Kiyosaki

The middle class thinks that being rich is a privilege for the lucky ones.

Rich people think differently,

they know they have the right to become rich if they create great value for others.

It is this difference in thinking that makes the middle class rely on luck

and they go to work to get rich.

While the majority wish to win the jackpot to become rich,

the rich seek to solve the problem.

They believe that if they make other people’s lives better and easier,

they have the right to be rich.

They are always thinking of ways to improve the mousetrap

and are often mocked by others for being too pragmatic, selfish and greedy.

While the majority watch TV and surf the web,

the rich think, work and dream of a better life.

The middle class is more interested in entertainment than in getting rich.

Not because they don’t like being rich,

but because they don’t believe they can become rich.

Being rich is a category beyond their belief system, never even in their mind.

Indeed, wealth is available to anyone who knows how to come up with a solution to a problem.

The greats claim that they have the right to be as rich as they create.

So instead of watching football and playing video games,

they focus on finding new ideas that will help them further enrich their fortune.

With this in mind, is it still a mystery

that a small fraction of the population makes up the majority of the world’s wealth?

“When you realize that money is a sacred legacy,

you should persevere in getting it.”– Catherine Ponder

Act : Do you think self-made millionaires are the lucky ones… or are they worth every penny they make?

The self-made millionaires are worth every penny they make

The closer you can get to cash flow, the better off you are. — Grant Cardone


Chapter 6 : Middle-class people think money is very complicated… Rich people think money is very simple

Money is really just an idea. — Robert Kiyosaki

The poor think that making money is something very mystical.

Rich people think that money comes from ideas.

They know that the more value they create in the market, the richer they become.

Great people are masters at turning life’s most complex problems into simple recipes that anyone can do.

To get rich in a free market economy just exchange the solution for money.

The bigger the solution, the more money.

Just that simple.

Most people always think that the rich are smarter, luckier, or more well-trained.

Of course, none of that is true.

Rich people see making money through the lens of opportunities

and are steadfast in their determination.

No matter how many times they fail, they persist until they succeed.

Their minds are connected to each new idea, and they live in a state of excitement as well as anticipation.

So while the middle class approaches money from the perspective of academic analysis,

the rich approach it from the perspective of a child

who knows nothing about limitations and believes he can do anything.

While one group is satisfied with statistical possibilities and is unlikely to become rich,

the other group is not interested in statistics and conquering the world.

Making money may not be easy but very simple.

There is no mystery in becoming rich,

but it is this limited belief that discourages people from trying.

Has that belief ever stopped you? Or is it stopping you?

“Successful people make money.

It is not the people who make a lot of money that will succeed,

but the successful people who attract a lot of money.

It is they who bring success to what they do.”– Wayne Dyer

Act : Just for today, keep repeating how easy it is to make money and see how you feel.

Give your solution to customers, provide best service to customers

A goal without a plan is only a dream.— Brian Tracy


Chapter 7 : Middle-class people think rich people are cheaters… Rich people think they are ambitious

It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life,

it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power! — Robert Kiyosaki

The middle class is taught by parents, teachers,

and other influencers that the rich make money through dishonesty and fraud.

This is one of the tricks that the majority use to justify their lack of financial success.

The rich know that most of their fortunes are built through ambition, effort, and vision.

Every society has people making money illegally,

but the rate of scammers in the upper class is no different from that of the lower class.

Because the middle class is not willing to take full responsibility

for their own achievements,

they blame the most successful people in society for limiting their ability

to succeed and justify mediocrity.

However, they pass this misconception on to their children,

and that belief grows with each generation.

Meanwhile, the rich dare to take full responsibility for what they do,

and direct their energy to the goal of getting rich.

Instead of spending time making excuses,

they use it as a motivation to increase their creativity and solve bigger problems.

While the majority use myths to prove that

what they say about the rich is true,

millionaires are busy coming up with new ideas.

One group focused on making excuses

and blaming while the other group focused on taking action and getting results.

Do you still wonder why the middle class is poor and the rich are getting richer?

The ambition of self-made billionaires comes from confidence,

the ability to use thinking and patience to get what they want.

The question is: do you have this belief or not?

If yes, then you are on your way to wealth.

If not, accept this belief and see what happens.

Believing in yourself and your abilities will not make you rich,

but it will motivate you to start doing things that will make you rich.

“I am tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I need.

If that makes me hateful, that’s okay.”– Madonna

Commentary thinking questions : Is your ambition in line with your desire for wealth?

Our ambition is in line with our desire for wealth

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.— Tony Robbins


Chapter 8 : The middle class believes that building a fortune is an individual effort… The rich think that building a fortune is a collective effort.

The fear of being different prevents most people from seeking new ways

to solve their problems. — Robert Kiyosaki

The middle class goes to work at 9am and leaves at 5pm.

They are paid according to their ability.

Rich people know that it takes a team to build a business,

so they focus on finding the right people to drive action

and realize their ideas.

The business is built with both the body

and the spirit of a team of talented people.

The rich see themselves as the team leader,

whether that group includes employees, partners,

or outsourced contractors.

They assemble into a team and guide

and follow the team’s every move

in accordance with the outlined strategy.

While the majority are happy to receive credit for

what they have done,

the greats give credit to their teams

and are willing to exchange individual contributions for profits.

While the middle class proudly shows off their medals,

the rich see the increase in net worth as a reward.

One group was satisfied with being comfortable

while the other group was satisfied with being rich.

One of the differences lies in the willingness,

ability to set up a team, and share the credibility of the rich.

Most people don’t care about money,

they only care about achievements.

They value self-esteem more than results.

Great people want to win and are willing

to nurture the self-esteem of their team members in exchange for profits.

“Teamwork is so important that if you don’t do it,

you can’t reach your full potential

or make as much money as you’d like.”– Brian Tracy

Act : Pick an important project that you’ve always pursued alone.

Then set up a team to help you with this project.

We are together, husband and wife

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day. — Jim Rohn


Chapter 9 : Middle-class people think about money very negatively… Rich people think about money very positively

Find out where you are at,

where you are going and build a plan to get there. — Robert Kiyosaki

Ask people what they think about money and you’ll understand why they don’t have any.

The middle class thinks that the rich are greedy and selfish.

They do not want but have to accept the presence of money,

and think that it is necessary to manage money,

not focus on making money.

After all, there’s more to it than news programming, sports, and movies.

The idea of ​​building a business seems very vague.

It’s like having to do a lot of work.

Rich people see money as a positive tool with the power to bring freedom

and opportunity to themselves and their loved ones.

Being rich gives them the option to live the way that the writer

and philosopher Ayn Rand said “live the infinite life”.

This means that they can do what they want,

when they want, with who they want,

and for as long as they want without being limited by anything.

This also allows them the freedom

to engage in the pastime they enjoy no matter

how wasteful or impractical it may seem to the masses.

Many millionaires start charities and donate to those less fortunate.

Without the support of wealthy benefactors, charities could not exist.

There are so many people who pay taxes in one year

as much as someone else pays for a lifetime.

The key point here is the belief that money is either an instrument of sin or a tool for increasing power.

It is this belief that will help you to become either a man of great wealth

or a man of mediocrity.

“Those with money will control the situation,

people without money will be controlled by the circumstances

and often do not have the opportunity to make judgments.”– Harvey Firestone

Act : Make a list of things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Open our shop in some other countries

Buy house in Malaysia


Chapter 10 : The middle class thinks the road to wealth is paved with education… Rich people think the road to wealth is paved with knowledge

Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dream. ― Warren Buffett

Although the rich acknowledge the power of education,

they have never used it to build a career.

Many of them are not well educated.

They make a fortune through acquiring and reselling specific knowledge.

Education teaches people how to think and act in the world of linear commerce,

but few rich people trade their time for money.

Billionaires operate in a non-linear direction,

which helps them to always be aware of constant creativity,

at this level of thinking there are no limits or barriers

and the only focus is on solving seemingly unsolvable problems.

In this nonlinear school of thought,

two plus two doesn’t equal four but can equal any number.

Rich people use their brains together with the minds of others to come up with solutions

that make their opponents surrender.

Meanwhile, the majority believe

that advanced degrees are the main road to wealth,

because getting lost in the school of linear thinking prevents them

from reaching higher levels of thinking.

One of the great secrets of the rich is trusting their senses

and using knowledge gained from practice to solve problems.

While the middle class makes simple problems complicated,

the rich make complicated problems simple.

It is the ability to reduce problems to the simplest level

that can help them find solutions that no other academic can think of.

Rich people don’t care about the way things are done,

they only care about the results.

Solve the problem,

get the reward and repeat the process until you become rich.

End of story.

This wholehearted effort will sooner or later pay off,

at a time that most people call luck.

“Education helps you make a living.

Self-study makes you a fortune.”– Jim Rohn

Act : Today, become a student of the school of life

and start learning on your own.

Read, listen to CDs,

and attend seminars on topics that can help you build a business.

We read books daily


Chapter 11 : Middle-class people think money is earned through work… Rich people think money is earned through thinking

“The available money is Aladdin’s magic lamp.”- Lord Byron

Middle-class people think that the harder they work,

the more money they make.

Linear thinking equates labor effort with financial success.

That’s why most people are not rich.

They follow the old-fashioned model of success and failure.

When he reached middle age,

there was little money as proof of 20 years of hard work.

The rich know that creative thinking is the world’s highest paying skill.

Creative independent thinking is the most valuable asset anyone can have.

So, while most people have a headache about

how to make money for their kids to go to college

and live on in retirement,

the rich build their empires, live in affluence,

and raise money for the organization they like.

This creates a series of psychological effects

because once people think

and live at this level of affluence,

they know they can live at an even greater level of affluence through creative thinking.

As children, most of us were taught that if we focus in class,

get good grades, and go to a prestigious university,

we will surely succeed.

The reality is that very few people succeed in following this formula.

They survive and some become the most successful in the family.

But very few people achieve prosperity by following that model.

The rich eventually realize that mastering the skill of finding solutions

to tough problems is the secret to making money.

The good news is that this can be done by anyone with a mindset and action.

“The real source of heritage in this era is not material things but our intellect,

human spirit, human imagination and our belief in the future.”– Steve Forbes

Act : Commit to spending at least an hour a day studying a subject that moves you closer to your ultimate goal.

I read real estate news daily


Chapter 12 : The middle class is afraid of running out of money… Rich people think of ways to make more money

In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable. ― Robert Arnott

Poor people spend more time thinking about money than rich people.

Poor people spend their time worrying about what they will do if they lose their jobs,

hug or overspend due to poor planning or bad luck.

All of these worries are a waste of time if not negative psychological effects that make the body tired.

To live in fear is not to live but to exist.

Rich people find problems that need to be solved in order to make a profit,

and they spend their time solving those problems.

Because they know the solutions will make them a lot of money,

they devote all their mental energy to critical thinking.

This stems from the belief that having not found a solution does not mean

that there is no solution, at the highest level.

This awareness leaves no room for anxiety.

Critical creative thinking is the highest form of thinking

and plays a pivotal role in the historical process of civilization.

All the products and services that make our lives better are created with creative thinking.

So when I say rich people think how to make more money,

I’m really saying they’re thinking about solving problems,

not just thinking about money.

The rich are often criticized for thinking only of money,

but in fact it is the poor who spend the most time thinking about money.

If the majority can overcome their limited thinking about money

and channel their mental energy to new ideas,

they will enjoy a prosperous life.

Big ideas make money come in like water.

It is important to learn how to open the valve.

“Money does not generate ideas,

it is ideas that generate money.”– William Cameron

Act : Find the biggest problem in your industry

that could make you a fortune and see if it’s solved. Then find a solution.

This is our service quality in our shop,

we make our customers friendly, happy, pleasure and comfortable.


Chapter 13 : The middle class thinks about spending… The rich think about investing

The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income. ― George Foreman.

The famous middle class lives beyond their means.

They are not extravagant spenders, but because they earn little,

they have to use up all the money they earn to survive.

They are even more angry

when they are reprimanded by financial experts who always set the rules of frugality.

But this is advice for the poor.

As for the rich, you should double your income to have enough money

to enjoy life the way you want without worry.

This way you can join the rich

and focus on investing your surplus in stocks,

bonds, real estate, art and any other profitable business for you.

The rich get richer because they know money hides the problems that need to be solved.

They know the free market economy is willing to exchange money for solutions.

The bigger the problem, the more society is willing to pay.

The more people benefit from your solution,

the more money you get.

The more you invest, the more money you have,

let the money work even when you sleep.

There’s another reason the rich get richer:

they know how to make their money work 24 hours a day.

And it’s not because they invested all the money.

Rich people also like to spend money and enjoy it like everyone else.

They have a lot of money so there are many opportunities to invest.

So instead of focusing on spending and saving,

focus on investing, invest some and spend the rest the way you want.

You only live once and cannot take money with you when you die.

So why not enjoy?

“Old people always advise young people to save money.

That’s bad advice.

Don’t save every penny.

Invest in yourself.”– Henry Ford

Act : Double your income in 2–5 years.

You don’t necessarily know how to double right now.

The first step is to define the mindset that you will do so.

Formula: Value * time * multiply our system


Chapter 14 : The middle class looks at money through the prism of emotions…Rich people see money through the prism of reason

The most important thing to do if you find yourself falling into a hole

is to stop digging. — Warren Buffett

Most people never accumulate much money due to a limited set of beliefs fueled by negative emotions.

As ordinary children grow up,

they are crammed into their heads with a series of philosophies

and beliefs of the poor just to make sure they lead a normal life.

Children, teens, and adults hear negative messages about money over

and over until they put their beliefs into action.

A series of mentors inadvertently make them fight for the rest of their lives.

In short: a conventional thinker can’t teach you to be a big thinker.

Those who live finite lives cannot teach you how to live infinite lives.

And the poor cannot teach you how to get rich.

People with a rational mind understand this very well.

Very few people can think about money without being swayed by the negative feelings

that arise from dozens of middle-class beliefs.

An intelligent, highly educated person who knows a lot,

but fails to succeed,

is easily transformed into the state of someone with a mindset based on fear and need,

wishing for a comfortable retirement.

Rich people look at money according to its inherent nature under the lens of reason.

Successful people know money is an important tool,

revealing options and opportunities.

They also know that if you’re not happy without money,

you’re not going to be happy with money either.

But while money has little to do with happiness,

it is one of the most important tools in the game of life,

and if it weren’t for the psychological chain that holds it back,

how much could the champions make?

as much as you like.

When it comes to money, put your emotions above the price and let reason guide you.

“A smart person puts money in his head, not in his heart.”– Jonathan Swift

Act : Today, use logic to create a financial strategy and use emotions to motivate you to stick with it.

Max deposit first 90%, we will spend 10% rest


Chapter 15 : The middle class underestimates making money through multi-level selling… Rich people know multi-level marketing makes millionaires

Successful investing takes time, discipline, and patience.

No matter how great the talent or effort,

some things just take time:

You can’t produce a baby in one month

by getting nine women pregnant. — Warren Buffett

The majority laughed and criticized the multi-level sellers for the past 50 years.

Meanwhile these entrepreneurs have made billions of dollars.

Multi-level selling includes network selling, direct selling,

event marketing, affiliate programs and other forms of sales.

Multi-level marketing doesn’t have a name or a big office.

Some MLMs have master’s and doctoral degrees,

others drop out from high school.

They come from different backgrounds and have very little in common,

but have one thing in common: will.

You don’t have to graduate from top universities

or have millions of dollars to succeed in MLM.

What you need is steadfast will.

I have spoken about steadfastness in front of the world’s most prestigious audiences.

I’ve worked on boards and boards with senior executives, movie stars,

and even the president of the United States.

I once interviewed the richest people in the world.

With all the experience gained from the above activities,

I would like to firmly state that the multi-level sellers are the most mentally stable people on this planet.

Tens of thousands of them have been my listeners,

and I respect these freedom fighters more than anyone.

In terms of steadfast spirit,

no one can surpass these people.

They started their business with little money in their pocket

and a burning dream in their hearts.

Most of them started out as part-timers while still working for other companies,

and worked around the clock to achieve financial freedom.

They are often ridiculed,

scorned and criticized by the majority but never faltered.

You can hit them, kick them, mentally frustrate them

but they will come back stronger than before.

It’s easy to mock people who pursue success

when they haven’t, and most people do.

Ironically, it is the disapproval that makes the MLMs more consistent!

And when they get rejected for the thousandth time

it doesn’t matter anymore.

The emotional pain they experienced from their early days has been erased

and replaced with the realization

that it is rejection but persistence that has earned them millions.

They accept rejection for a chance to become rich.

When they change their perception,

they will treat selling like a game and the more they play,

the richer they become.

Multi-level selling is the best opportunity for ordinary people to start a business with little capital

but can become a millionaire at any time.

“Multi-level marketing has established itself as an effective

and useful source of income.

There are many successful examples in this field.”- Donald Trump

Act : I used to participate in multi-level selling

when I was in college and have gained more experience

and knowledge than what I learned in class.

The skills I learned in multi-level marketing made me a millionaire.

Go to a commercial nonprofit’s website

and take some surveys to see if you’re a good fit for the job.

Self-made millionaire is the best seller


Chapter 16 : The middle class focuses on entertainment… The rich focus on making money

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,

you will work until you die. ― Warren Buffett

Most of you spend a considerable amount of time on entertainment.

They live with the perception: work less, enjoy more.

Billions of dollars were created overnight as smart business owners provided the masses

with what they needed most: comfort and entertainment.

Rich people spend most of their time doing money-making activities that they enjoy.

They turn their love of real estate into real estate speculation;

passionate about beautiful paintings into painting business;

or the ability to quickly deal with numbers into buying and selling securities.

So they both work and enjoy hobbies to earn money.

Rich people know that leverage is one of the best keys to success,

so they work hard to get it.

While the majority of people snoop on movie ratings and average hits,

the rich devote the same mental energy to coming up with profitable ideas.

In the eyes of the common man,

it seems that the rich are always working.

But one of the smartest strategies of the rich is to do

what they love and find a way to make money from it.

The rich are famous for saying that the best part about being rich is that

you never have to do something you don’t like

and that includes how to make money.

The question is which comes first:

do what you love or make money to make sure you have a choice?

While whatever comes first will make you rich,

most of the rich people I’ve interviewed over the past 26 years

don’t make a lot of money

until they do what they love.

Everyone says the same thing over and over:

when you do something you love,

you think about it day and night.

Anything that is devoted to a lot of mental energy will bring great success.

“Wealth comes from energy and ideas.”- William Feather

Commentary thinking questions : What do you like to do for a living?

I like my love husband become a self -made millionaire, we play big games daily


Chapter 17 : The middle class thinks money is a finite resource… Rich people think money is an unlimited source

Rich people choose to get paid based on results.

Poor people choose to get paid based on time. ― T. Harv Eker

The poor think that money is limited,

so they need to fight for their share before others take it.

They live in a world of fear and need,

thinking that money is hard to come by and hard to keep.

Because they are programmed with such limited and negative beliefs,

they can only make a modest amount of money.

Once again the rich are on the opposite side.

Although self-made billionaires are programmed with that mindset as children,

along the way they gradually change their beliefs

and develop a positive outlook on money.

The rich know that coming from ideas

and because ideas are endless, so is money.

So while most people direct their mental energy towards making as much money as possible,

great people focus on coming up with new ideas

that have the potential to lead to a life of abundance.

Rich people use money to fulfill their passions

and make dreams come true.

It’s not their desire for money,

but the desire to live life on their own terms without disturbing others.

The middle class has always criticized the rich for being greedy,

callous and too materialistic,

and there is also a section of successful people who fit this criticism.

They get rich through recklessness and killer instincts.

If you get in the way, they are ready to step on you to continue,

without hesitation.

But that is only the minority.

Most of the rich are often heart-centered,

they are the most thoughtful and compassionate people.

They are major donors to charities and non-profit organizations.

They know how to use money to upgrade

or improve what they care about.

The reason they don’t mind giving is

because they know money is an inexhaustible source.

If they need more, just use their brains to earn more.

Welcome to the world of self-made billionaires.

The world is created by their own mind.

The world of endless affluence.

If they can do it, why can’t you?

“Anyone who gets rich through creativity opens the way for thousands of people to follow 

and encourages them to do the same.”- Wallace Wattles

Act : Make a list of five beliefs about money

and test each of them for validity.

We can do what we want

We can do when we want

We can do where we want

We want do whom we want

We can do by our way


Chapter 18 : The middle class makes money doing things they don’t like… Rich people get rich doing things they like

If you want to be financially-free,

you need to become a different person than you are today

and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. — Robert Kiyosaki

The average person finds a job that they can tolerate and work while looking forward to retirement.

In recent years, people have jumped more jobs and even changed jobs,

but the general trend of the majority has not changed.

Most people work in jobs they don’t like,

and also worry about getting fired.

They do it because they need money

and because they are taught by schools and society

how to live in a world of linear thinking,

which equates making money with physical or mental effort.

Rich people teach themselves to work with a non-linear mindset that anything is possible.

A prime example of nonlinear thinking is the notion

that passion is the secret to wealth.

It is a causal relationship between effort and passion.

But while most people see passion as the effect,

the rich see it as the cause.

In other words, the average person goes to work

and expects to find passion in his work.

Rich people go to work with a respectful attitude

and passion for their work

and that passion drives their achievements.

This is not a debate about semantics

but about the personal philosophy

and strategy that play a fundamental role in building a fortune.

There was also an attempt to spread the rich people’s philosophy of “do

what you like and the money will come out of it”.

There is even a book with that quote as the title.

But the painful truth is, very few people follow this philosophy.

Years of fear-based money-making

and the lack of daily allowances keep most people from entering the world of the rich.

We are told by adults what they know.

You and I know that’s not enough,

and the good news is that we can either upgrade

or destroy all the middle-class trust we’ve built.

We have control over this to help our future.

You should learn from the rich man’s view of wealth:

get rich doing what you like.

Once this belief is formed,

anything is possible because you are now in the same boat as the rich in a perception

that most people don’t have and don’t even think exists.

“I don’t do it for the money.

I have enough, even more than I need.

I do it just to do it.”- Donald Trump

Act : Talk to the two of you who made a fortune doing what you love and ask how they did it.

Dream big

Focus on





Chapter 19 : The middle class thinks that the rich are cruel… The rich think that the rich are very liberal

The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability

or skill to convert earned income into passive income

and/or portfolio income. ― Robert Kiyosaki

In general, most people believe that rich people are heartless and selfish.

That they only give away to get the tax incentives

that charities and charities provide.

While it is sometimes true that they have preferential rentals

and political advantages, most often give away at will.

They work in the spirit that no matter

how much money they spend or give away,

they can still get it back.

The tax the rich pay in a year is as much as the average person pays in a lifetime.

So while the middle class is always critical of the super-rich,

the reality is that government and society cannot exist without them.

Are some rich people so cruel?

Yes, of course, but very little.

The mindset of the rich is one rooted in love and abundance.

This point makes a big difference in the beliefs and behavior of the two castes.

Some people think it is reasonable for the middle class to look down on the rich,

but very few of them are rich;

on the contrary,

the rich value their wealth and they have built their own financial empire.

“Money is for open and generous people.” – John Ray

Act : Read biographies of self-made people that you admire.

We read, work hard for our dreams daily

Chapter 20 : The middle class relies on luck… Rich people act

The richest people in the world build networks;

everyone else is trained to look for work. — Robert Kiyosaki

Most people like to play the lottery

because they believe it is the only way to become rich.

In fact this may well be true.

It’s not that they don’t have the ability but

because they don’t believe in their own abilities

and the way they think about money also limits their ability to succeed.

Maybe they’ll stop worrying about money

until they get rid of the childhood notion

that only scammers and lucky people get rich.

Rich people think about money in a way

that motivates them to take effective actions

that help establish the foundation for financial success.

They know that the only way to get rich is to act.

On the surface, the difference between the two classes seems simple,

but in reality it is a big difference in thinking.

The causal relationship will help to see this difference more clearly.

Many people believe that,

like me before, the majority do not aspire to be rich,

so they do not take practical actions.

In fact, they have a desire,

but their faith is not strong enough to awaken that desire.

The reason they do not act is not because there is no desire,

but because they do not have faith in their ability to make money.

Beliefs lead to behavior and behavior leads to results.

That’s something the rich know very well and the middle class doesn’t.

If you want to be rich then dissect your views on money

and upgrade them to that of the rich.

Once you pay attention to the cause,

there will be an effect and you will gradually progress to riches.

When the rich need money,

they don’t think about whether it’s possible or not,

but start coming up with ideas that can be sold.

They don’t spend mental energy worrying

or thinking about their earning potential,

but always focus on creative thinking.

Do you understand why this is so effective?

Now do you understand why the rich are getting richer?

Did you realize you can totally do the same thing?

Rich people are not smarter than us.

They just think more strategically than we do.

“Building a fortune requires courage and prudence.

And once you have this virtue,

you need to be ten times more skilled to keep it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Act : To fuel the fire of desire, write down how you want your life to be five years from now.

Buy house and let other rent


Chapter 21 : The middle class waits for someone to save them… The rich know they have to save themselves

The difference between successful people

and really successful people is

that really successful people say no to almost everything. — Warren Buffett

The middle class always expects others to help and fulfill their promises.

Whether losing weight or keeping fit;

strengthen relationships or get rich,

they are passively waiting for life to improve itself.

It’s their normal mindset that makes them live like this

while the hands of the clock don’t stop spinning.

Rich people always think “I have to take many risks”.

The biggest risk you can take is working in your comfort zone and expecting what you want.

They know that no one is coming to the rescue

and they are happy with it.

Any rich person will tell you that getting

what you want isn’t necessarily as satisfying as

the person you grew up on your way

to what you want.

Rich people are the happiest people,

but they are not happy because they are rich.

Their happiness comes from setting goals,

fighting and winning.

Money is just a measure of their tendency to think.

Money makes their lives easier and more comfortable.

Money gives them the opportunity to do

and see things that many other people don’t have the opportunity to do.

But money doesn’t make them happy.

If you are not happy without money,

you will not be happy with money.

Money and happiness have little to do with each other.

Money is just a medium of exchange.

Happiness is an emotional experience.

The two things have nothing in common.

They are all very important but unrelated to each other.

People of the upper class believe that money brings them happiness.

That is why they are often tortured mentally.

They are the most pitiful people I have ever interviewed

even though a lot of them are super rich.

What they care about is having a fulfilling life,

but they often fail.

However, this is the group of people most talked about by the media,

making society believe that being rich makes people unhappy.

What these people lack is that if they want to be happy,

then along with wealth must raise awareness,

need to raise awareness of rich people working on faith,

love and abundance.

All are rooted in the spirit of independence,

not expecting others or external circumstances to do it for you.

“Don’t let the thoughts of ordinary people shake your will.

You dream, people think you are crazy.

You are successful, it is assumed that you are lucky.

You are rich, people think you are greedy.

Do not care.

It’s just that people don’t understand.” – Robert Allen

Act : Create a daily action plan that moves you closer to your goal of financial independence.

We can earn 200 Ringgit from customer tips


Chapter 22 : The middle class thinks the rich are smarter… The rich think the rich are smarter

Money doesn’t buy you happiness,

but lack of money certainly buys you misery. — Daniel Kahneman

Intelligence is one of the most misunderstood topics.

Years ago, leading institutions assumed intelligence could be measured by addition,

subtraction, multiplication and division,

which is why so many of us take the IQ test in school.

These tests are actually used to measure the ability

to remember information

when information less than two seconds is now found online.

The human brain is more complex than any quantifiable test.

Intelligence is the product of talents

and skills of reasoning, emotion, and spirit.

They are difficult to quantify.

We shouldn’t ask “How smart are you?”

but should ask “how smart are you?”.

Some people are good at memorizing data

and numbers that help them get good grades in class.

Some people are physically strong which makes them good athletes.

Some people have the ability to create

and maintain good long-term relationships.

Then there is a section of society that is capable of making money.

Some people are born with the ability

and some people sharpen their skills by learning from the rich

and following the beliefs, philosophies and behaviors of the rich.

They are money-savvy because they follow the action plan,

not because they are smarter.

Everyone is smart in some way.

The secret to being rich is to get into the minds of the rich

and see how their thinking and beliefs about money are.

The only person who can teach you how to be a billionaire is a billionaire.

If the key to getting rich was getting good grades in school,

the top graduates were already rich.

Earn more money from experience gained in the real world

through the ability to memorize information

and get good marks in exams.

Knowing more about making money and investing will make you more money than any other way.

“Wealth has nothing to do with intelligence

but with encouragement and inspiration.”– Jim Rohn

Act : Find a billionaire who can teach you about money.

Steve Siebold


Chapter 23 : The middle class sees money as a tool of control… Rich people see money as a tool to liberate

That man is the richest whose pleasures are cheapest. — Henry David Thoreau

Most of us assume that money has the power to control our lives and control us.

We are taught by reputable, but misinformed, teachers

and counselors that pursuing a subject we are good at will make a profit.

Many students are oriented to study business

because it is the industry that makes money.

These tips make us think that money controls every aspect of our lives

and we have to go with it.

The majority think money is the great oppressor.

This is the most limited but widespread belief.

Rich people see money as a slave, not a master.

They control the money and don’t let money dictate their choices.

They make money to create comfort and opportunities, not to fear or exalt.

That’s why rich people pursue businesses and careers that they love,

not areas they’re good at.

They work on love and abundance.

This keeps them moving towards what they want

and away from what they don’t like.

The rich get rich by thinking differently from what we are taught,

and their actions are the result of the cause.

The good news is that we can all practice thinking this way.

That way everyone can be rich.

If you’re wondering why I’ve never heard of this before,

here’s the objective reality: very few people know it.

The good news is that you now know!

The only variable left in that equation is what are you going to do with it?

“Money represents freedom.

Cursing money is cursing freedom, cursing life,

and life would be nothing without freedom.”– Remy De Gourmont

Act : Spend less time with people with limited beliefs about money like the middle class. Remember that awareness is contagious.

We focus 80% our time to create 80% assets


Chapter 24 : Middle-class people think money changes people… Rich people think money makes people’s natures manifest

The person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn’t know

where his last dollar went. – Grant Cardone

Contrary to popular belief, money is not a catalyst for corruption.

Money is a positive factor.

Ordinary people think that success

and money make people greedy, corrupt and heartless.

It’s one of those beliefs that keep people from getting rich.

It is also used as an excuse for people

who are always demanding morality

while struggling to get through the day.

The rich know that any form of power,

freedom or liberation reveals the real person.

If you’re a scammer to get rich, you suck.

If you are honest, hard-working and humble,

you will get better as you progress.

Money is one of the catalysts to help liberate and reveal the true nature of man.

Most people like to blame money,

because psychologically it relieves them of the responsibility of making money.

After all, we all want to be good people, right?

The saddest thing is that people

who fall into this trap don’t realize how ridiculous it is.

It makes them struggle and get hurt all the time.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and always be themselves.

“Money makes you more than what you have.

If you are not a good person, money makes you more mean.

If you’re a good person,

money will make you a better person.”– Bob Proctor

Act : Write down 10 things you like best about yourself

and promise yourself you won’t let wealth detract from your personality.

We are friendly with people

We are simple in life

We are positive thinking in all situations

We work hard together

We are handsome and beautiful

We are health

We are the best seller

We good at finance knowledge.

What is assets?

How money work?

We are the best seller

We are the best investors


Chapter 25 : Middle-class people think work to make money… Rich people think working to achieve fulfillment

If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting. — Ben Franklin 

People have passed down the wrong view of the relationship

between work and money from generation to generation.

Their point is to spend most of their time working hard to secure a material life.

This is a bad money making strategy.

In a market economy, this way of thinking will destroy the human spirit.

Rich people always know that working just to make money is the worst strategy to build a fortune.

They find out what they want and combine it with their special abilities.

These people look like they’re working hard,

but they really don’t!

They do it for a hobby.

My business partner, Bill Gove, a world-renowned speaker,

used to say from the podium,

“When you love doing something, the only reward you need is to do it.”

The paradox here is that

when you do what you love,

you will do very well, then the world is ready to make you rich.

Instead of finding the job that offers optimal returns,

focus on the work that has the potential to bring fulfillment.

Once you’ve found it, put your

whole heart into your work to become the best in your field.

You will be rewarded with a fortune.

The root cause of the difference in the approach of the majority

and the rich is the level of awareness;

The middle class works in the spirit of fear and need,

while the rich work in the spirit of love and abundance.

This difference in perception causes the group to seek existence,

the group to realize the dream.

The only question here is: which group do you belong to?

“Successful people are those who do what they love.”– Bob Dylan

Act : If you didn’t score 7 on the above question,

set a goal of doing a job you enjoy in the next 12–24 months. You can do it!

We are friendly with customers

We welcome customers

We make customers comfortable, pleasure with smile

We are positive thinking in all situations

We are handsome and beautiful

We are health

We are the best seller


Chapter 26 : Middle-class people think that you have to work to get rich… Rich people think that you have to be something to get rich

Never spend your money before you have earned it. — Thomas Jefferson

The smartest and most successful people believe that it’s not what you do that guarantees your wealth, it’s who you are.

They believe that labor does not bring wealth

but the mindset behind work.

That’s why people like Donald Trump go from a million dollar debtor to a $9 billion debtor,

and then much richer later.

Most think it’s luck, but research shows that the key point is awareness.

People like Donald Trump always consider themselves rich, fulfilled and happy.

They believe they have the right to be rich,

and no matter how many times they fail, they eventually succeed.

These people rarely fail,

because it is that thought that makes them take actions to turn their beliefs into reality.

While most people still stick to the idea of ​​working and getting quick results from action,

the rich learn and grow through each experience whether they succeed or fail.

They know well that they will be rewarded with a machine that produces great results.

The secret to their success is to focus on becoming the person

who is capable of achieving the desired results.

This is a superior strategy that allows them to control their success

and is not dependent on market conditions luck

or any other variables outside of their personality.

To start implementing this strategy,

you should follow the guidance of Jim Cathcart,

who is both my friend and teacher,

one of the most successful speakers in the world.

Jim advises listeners to ask themselves daily,

How will the person I want to be to do the work that I intend to do?”.

This question will direct you to focus your mental energies

where they are strongest: building better machines.

“Money requires you to sell, not your weakness for the foolishness of people,

but your talent for their reason.”– Ayn Rand

Act : Create an action plan to help you become the person you want to be.

We want to become self-made millionaire, we can earn no limit incomes by our best service


Chapter 27 : The middle class always chooses the safe option… Rich people are willing to take risks

People calculate too much and think too little. ― Charlie Munger

Since most work on the basis of fear and lack of villages,

they will naturally spend their money very conservatively.

They are afraid that if they lose money,

they will not be able to earn it back.

Rich people get rich by using money to make more money without putting in extra effort.

They include risk in this strategy,

knowing that profits can come immediately and quickly,

but there is also the risk of loss.

Investors sometimes lose,

but the rich know that no matter what, they can still make more.

The more experienced they are, the wiser they become,

and the easier it is to replace lost money with a higher-risk deal.

So with the risks taken into account,

they are still moving forward as leaders in search of financial instruments

and lucrative deals that can amplify their net worth

and enhance their lives.

Only the poor chant safety slogans.

And the rich chant the slogan of leverage.

One group lost sleep because they were worried about losing what they had,

while the other group lost sleep because they dreamed of the possible.

Rich people research investments like scientists do

and always find loopholes that most people don’t.

It is this that makes the difference

between effective investment and ineffective investment.

While everyday the middle class is enslaved to work and career,

wishing to give up their time and raving about weekends,

billionaires use their time, resources

and money to expand their financial empires.

“Every day, you have the opportunity to seize the opportunity

and work outside your comfort zone.

Of course it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone… in my case,

business suits and real estate. ..

but sometimes you need to take the risk.

When the risk reciprocates,

that’s when you get the huge reward.” – Donald Trump

Act : Accept a predetermined risk by placing a bet with yourself

when undertaking a termite,

investment or partnership project.

Learn to trust your own judgment and your confidence will increase.

We take time to search what we will invest, we know what we are doing daily.


Chapter 28 : Middle-class people think that only having money can make money… Rich people think that they should use other people’s money

It is not the man who has too little,

but the man who craves more,

that is poor. — Seneca.

Most people work with linear thinking,

such as how they approach money.

Linear thinking tells them that if they work overtime,

they will make more money, and that’s true.

But that’s also an inefficient way to make money,

so not many people have a lot of money.

Rich people are masters of non-linear thinking,

especially money thinking.

For example, if they come up with an idea

but don’t have the financial means to execute it,

they’ll use other people’s money to turn the idea into reality.

One of the sayings that the poor say the most is ‘I don’t have enough money’.

Rich people know that not being able to pay is not a problem,

but a question of “Is this worth buying, investing or pursuing?”.

If so, the rich are always available

because they are always looking for investments that work,

and make them profitable.

The rich know that it’s easier to borrow 10 million than it is to borrow 10,000,

and they know when to call for an investment.

Like hunters stalking big prey,

smart investors like big numbers and lucrative deals to expand their empires.

The notion that there is money to make money has strongly inhibited the ability of the middle class to get rich.

Actually, to make money, you need to have a great idea to solve the problem.

If you can do that, you will attract as much money as a magnet attracts iron.

Money is simply an instrument of exchange.

Creative ideas are rare but most people are only interested in

where the money comes from,

so they don’t pay attention to ideas even though ideas are the top money-sucker!

Do you now realize why a small portion of the population makes up the bulk of the world’s wealth?

Do you realize that it is you who has the right to decide to participate in this small part?

“No one can become rich without helping others get rich.

Anyone who helps others to become rich will be rewarded with wealth.”– Alexander Orndorff

Act : Write down your 10 best and biggest business

and investment ideas

and choose the one you like best to call for investment.

Open the grocery system chains in the world (best)

Build market then let others rent

Build hospital in city

Build private schools

Open the fast food chain

Build the finance and investment knowledge channel on Youtuber

Write and sell business books

Buy house in Malaysia

Buy house in Viet Nam

Open notary office system for son


Chapter 29 : Middle-class people think that going to work is the safest way to make money… Rich people think business and investing is the safest way to make money

The big money is not in the buying and the selling,

but in the waiting. ― Charlie Munger 

Ordinary children are taught by their grandparents

and parents that they must study well to get a good job.

Most of these people grow up slow to get rich because they chose the safest way to do it.

The truth is that being employed is no safer than owning.

Self-employed people have the right to find businesses

and increase profits as they please.

They can work as many or as few hours as they like

and change the direction of the company at any time.

They do not depend on the whims of the leadership

or the corporate culture policy.

Self-employed people are the architects of their own destiny.

While the middle class thinks it’s safe to be employed,

the rich know that the safest thing is to act.

No matter who signs your salary,

your success depends on the service you provide

and the number of people you serve.

The rich also know that such things are not safe in a free market economy.

Labor unions, human resources departments

and lawsuits against bad employees become less effective in an increasingly competitive market.

This is where they seize the opportunity to get rich,

while the middle class is still just trying to be normal.

There were also hired workers who became rich, but very few.

The fastest way to get rich is to be self-employed

and decide your own salary.

The safest thing is to have millions of dollars in the bank.

The rich take advantage of this while the majority wait on the sidelines,

not daring to participate in the game for fear of losing the little money they have accumulated.

Meanwhile, the rich earn more money in a year than the average person earns in a lifetime,

and the reason for this difference is that the average person doesn’t dare to go out of his comfort zone, where it doesn’t actually exist.

“Too many people think about safety instead of opportunity.

They seem to fear life more than death.”– James Byrnes

Act : Make a risk assessment of your finances and career.

Maybe starting a business won’t be as risky as you think.

Our goal is finance freedom, no risk


Chapter 30 : The middle class believes that money is hard to earn… The rich believe that money makes money

It’s not having wealth;

it’s having the power to produce wealth. ― Stephen .R. Covey

We often hear the saying “money does not grow on trees”.

It is this that leads people to believe that making money is difficult.

Rich people understand that their relationship with money is abundant,

a relationship of fair exchange.

Ornately, money does grow on trees and trees are ideas.

As long as people are alive, they need creative ideas to solve problems.

And the more problems he solves, the richer he becomes.

So while the average person works with the belief

that money is scarce and hard to come by,

the rich work with the belief that money is plentiful

and can be earned by solving problems through creative thinking.

That’s why the get rich mindset is the most valuable skill you need to master.

Most people are taught from generation to generation to save money

and pray that they won’t run out of money before they die.

This “play without losing” strategy leads people to live in fear and scarcity.

Rich people consider this strategy silly, if not stupid.

But for those who think in terms of safety

and comfort as their top priority, this strategy makes a lot of sense.

This strategy offers little hope of making some money.

Very few people realize that they have dug their own graves many years

before being infected with the ideology of the middle class,

the mindset that holds back wealth.

The majority think that getting rich is due to external factors,

while the rich know that it is due to internal factors.

Very few people get rich through thinking based on fear and scarcity.

These people rarely enjoy their achievements for fear of losing what they have.

Fear-based thinking attaches to anything that pops into your head.

The good news is, so is a mindset based on love and abundance,

so the trick here is to program yourself to believe that money is an inexhaustible source of abundance.

This is evidenced by the philosophy that if money comes from ideas

that help solve problems and ideas are endless,

then money is endless.

Once you understand the impact of this philosophy

and apply it to yourself,

you are well on your way to the prosperity

that many can only see on screen.

“If a person has the right view of money,

it can solve most other problems in their life.”– Billy Graham

Act : How much money is enough for you? Write down a number and make a plan to achieve it.

You can always adjust that number and plan as you progress.


Year Source  Ringgit VND
January-23 Start                                                          50,000                                                257,500,000
December-23 90% Tips (200 Ringgit*28 days*12 months)                                                          60,480                                                311,472,000
December-23 Gold profit 10% of 50,000 Ringgit                                                             5,000                                                  25,750,000
December-23 Capital of wife                                                          65,020                                                334,853,000
January-24 Start                                                        180,500                                                929,575,000
December-24 90% Tip 250 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                                          75,600                                                389,340,000
December-24 Land profit 20% of 180,500 Ringgit                                                          36,100                                                185,915,000
January-25 Start                                                        292,200                                            1,504,830,000
December-25 90% Tip 280 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                                          84,672                                                436,060,800
December-25 Land profit 20% of 292,200 Ringgit                                                          58,440                                                300,966,000
January-26 Start                                                        435,312                                            2,241,856,800
December-26 90% Tip 280 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                                          84,672                                                436,060,800
December-26 House profit 20% of 435,312 Ringgit                                                          87,062                                                448,371,360
December-26 Income from house 500 Ringgit *10 months                                                             5,000                                                  25,750,000
January-27 Start                                                        612,046                                            3,152,038,960
December-27 90% Tip 300 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                                          90,720                                                467,208,000
December-27 House profit 20% of 612,046 Ringgit                                                        122,409                                                630,407,792
December-27 Income from house 1,000 Ringgit *10 months                                                          10,000                                                  51,500,000
January-28 Start                                                        835,176                                            4,301,154,752
December-28 90% Tip 300 Ringgit*28 days*12 months                                                          90,720                                                467,208,000
December-28 House profit 20% of 835,176 Ringgit                                                        167,035                                                860,230,950
December-28 Income from house 1,200 Ringgit *10 months                                                          12,000                                                  61,800,000
January-29 Start                                                    1,104,931 Millionaire
Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. — Tony Robbins

Chapter 31 : The middle class sees money as a weapon… Rich people see money as a tool

The greater the passive income you can build,

the freer you will become. ― Todd M. Fleming 

Another limiting mindset of the middle class is

that money is used to control and manipulate people.

They have enough evidence to prove this to be true.

Like anything related to power, money is used as a weapon.

The same is true in political circles, where people abuse their influence.

Like any power-based source, money can also be misused,

but that’s because of the human factor, not money.

Money is neither good nor bad.

It can be used to hurt others,

but it can also be used to save lives.

It is a tool.

Moral people with money will make a positive impact on the lives of others.

They can use the money to create endless opportunities for themselves and their families.

While the rich see money as the main tool that opens up endless opportunities,

the middle class turns money into the devil and doesn’t acknowledge its importance.

With a mindset like that,

no wonder most people don’t have a lot of money?

It’s like telling yourself exercise is evil and expecting to be healthy.

Most people tell themselves about winning the game of life before they even play.

No one hit them, only they beat themselves.

This makes money fall into the pockets of people

who work with big ideas, making them richer and richer.

There are very few people competing at the top

so you don’t have to be superhuman to be a millionaire.

You just need to be more competitive than most people.

Most people think that you have to be smart or lucky to be able to succeed,

but in reality anyone who has the courage to try

and believe that they can succeed will succeed.

“Money is just a means.

It will take you where you want to go,

but it can’t control everything for you.”– Ayn Rand

Act: Make a list of 5 reasons why you want to get rich.

We don’t want work hard until died

We don’t work for other dreams

We don’t like staying in poor conditions

We want to leave assets for life

We want to create the best Grocery system chains in the world

Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone.— Jack Canfield


Chapter 32 : The middle class thinks they can hardly get rich… The rich think they deserve to be rich

You can only be financially free

when your passive income exceeds your expenses. ― T. Harv Eke

The majority believe they have no right or talent to demand, hope or pray for more than necessities.

They ask themselves: Who am I to want to be a millionaire?

Who am I to get what I really want?

Who am I to expect to live like a king?

Rich people wonder why not me?

I’m as good as everyone else and I deserve to be rich.

If I help other people solve problems,

why can’t I receive a fortune?

And because they believe so,

they direct their behavior towards the goal of realizing their dreams.

Whether they actually deserve it or not is irrelevant.

While scholars and philosophers vehemently debate

whether we have a right to be rich in a world full of hungry people,

the rich still move on and get closer to the wealth they believe in

that I deserve it.

This is why some of the brightest people are still in the middle class,

while the moderately intelligent have made their fortunes through faith,

positive hope, and intense focus.

If teachers, university professors,

and other education professionals understood this,

would anyone else be in charge of teaching?

Most likely, there are only those

who are dedicated to the profession

and are willing to teach for free if they can afford it.

Whether you believe you deserve to be rich or not, you are right.

Philosophers have studied this question for centuries,

and the debate will continue until we die.

Have faith in the results you want.

If you choose to be rich, why settle for mediocre people?

“Man is born to be rich or will surely get rich

through the use of his mind.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Act : Ask your five best friends this question: do you deserve to be rich?

Their answers may surprise you.

We deserve to be rich, no need to ask any one

You are the master of your destiny.

You can influence, direct and control your own environment.

You can make your life what you want it to be. — Napoleon Hill


Chapter 33 : The middle class doesn’t acknowledge the importance of money… Rich people see money as an essential part of life

Money has the power to buy you things.

But a much bigger power of money is in generating more money for you.

Those who are able to manifest the latter, are never short of it. ―Manoj Arora

The majority take pride in not recognizing the importance of money

and see it as a medal.

They think that the lack of interest in money shows

that they do not attach much importance to material things.

They deny its importance

because they want to be in a higher moral position

while grappling with the fear of running out of money.

This can be likened to a starving person

who turns a blind eye to food just to save face.

Meanwhile, the rich focus on building a fortune,

because they know it will give them greater choices and opportunities.

And when it comes to health problems,

it can save the life of them or someone they love.

Great people understand very well the essence of building a business,

they also understand very well the limits of success and financial rewards.

Poor people always use the saying “money doesn’t make you happy”

to avoid the responsibility of making money.

In my 26 interviews with the rich,

I have never seen anyone say that money is the secret to happiness.

Most people say that money has a very small impact on happiness.

Money helps you live more comfortably, opens doors and creates more opportunities.

If ordinary people channel their mental energy into earning money to get rid of it,

rich people buy back that energy from ordinary people to get richer.

They can thus channel their mental energy into becoming richer

and richer and share their wealth with the less fortunate.

“Money isn’t everything…

but it ranks as equal to oxygen.”– Rita Davenport

Act : Make money a higher priority in your life today

and commit to becoming rich.

Money is very very important

Money can save us

90% problems can solve in moneys, 10% rest can deal by big money

Money can make us finance freedom

Max deposit 90%, 

Max investment 90%

Min cost 10%

Every day of our lives, we deposit our children’s memory banks. – Charles R. Swindoll


Chapter 34 : The middle class waits for the train to arrive… The rich build their own ships

Some people want it to happen.

Some wish it would happen.

Others make it happen. ― Michael Jordan

In the subconscious, ordinary people always think

that they will be found, saved or helped by outside forces in the future.

This is like obese people always waiting for a cure to make them thinner

and stronger.

They believe that the prince riding a white horse is somewhere going to save them from himself.

The rich know that no one is coming to their rescue and that if their lives are in trouble,

they have to be the ones to solve it.

Their basic rule is to always be self-reliant and self-responsible.

They don’t wait for the government to save them

or their families to take care of them in their old age.

The champions don’t wait for things to happen,

they make the events themselves.

The more effort they put in physically, mentally, emotionally,

the more support they get from their companions.

Self-made millionaires like to work with direction, ambition,

and get rich quick for freedom.

They are often ready to help push the matchmaker to the right direction.

Extreme successful people also have to go to war before they get rich.

It is a necessity to go through to come to a life

where most people wish the majority were waiting for help,

while the rich worked and fought,

never waiting for help or support.

And with non-linear thinking, the more they fight,

the more they get.

“The one who relies on luck is the one who is never certain of having dinner.”

Act : Decide now that you are going to build your own business.

We are on path, we are building our business

The big money is not in the buying and the selling, but in the waiting. ― Charlie Munger 


Chapter 35 : The middle class thinks the market works on logic and strategy… Rich people think the market is driven by emotions and greed

Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre. ― Warren Buffett

Ordinary people are taught that money is a medium of exchange through reason,

that is, just balance your assets and spend less than you have.

If money were merely approached with reason,

there would be more rich people.

The rich know money can be a medium of exchange,

but it is exchanged mainly based on user sentiment.

This needs to be understood, because the more you earn,

the more you have to trade.

All deals involve emotions and predetermined risks lead to predictable emotions.

Rich people thrive on deals after doing a lot of research,

but what they really like is the feeling of winning.

Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most lavish hotels,

built with the money of those looking for casino excitement.

This is another kind of breakthrough thinking that most people misunderstand.

The rich know that to successfully exchange money of any kind,

you must be aware of all the emotional and psychological aspects of that exchange.

They do this by analyzing the actual value along with the customer’s perceived value of the product,

service or company and then setting a price based on that analysis.

This school of thought doesn’t teach financial expertise,

instead it’s about how to think about exchanging money.

The more money you make,

the more important the way you think.

The rich know that fear and greed drive financial markets,

so they apply this factor to all the exchanges

and trends they observe.

The awareness of human nature

and its overlapping effect on the exchange gives them

a strategic advantage in making more money with leverage.

“If you’re not as rich as you’d like,

there’s something you don’t know.”– David Wood

Act : Within the next 90 days, find an undervalued investment and buy it.

I search real estate daily

We buy gold in falling price

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want.

The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people. ― Charlie Munger

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