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Steve Siebold! How rich people think and make rich

Chapter 66 : Middle-class people never associate money with health… Rich people know money can save your life

It’s easier to stand on the sidelines, criticize,

and say why you shouldn’t do something.

The sidelines are crowded. Get in the game. — Robert Kiyosaki

Most people equate wealth with materialism.

Almost everyone’s opinion of the rich is negative.

This is one of the reasons the rich rarely talk about money.

The rich are in the minority, and they are discriminated against.

But they are the most comfortable living.

The favorite topic of the rich at parties is not money but health.

And they understand very well the relationship between progress and health.

While the majority must be satisfied with the health care provided by their employers,

insurers or the government, the rich have their own doctors

and the world’s leading healthcare providers.

In a perfect world, we would all have the same chance regardless of our financial situation.

But we don’t live in a perfect world

and in this world money buys the right to intervene, in terms of health, money can save your life.

In recent years, in the US, a number of rich people have joined together to build a high-class health care area

where they can receive 24-hour health care by a private doctor,

who serves only a few members.

Some rich people do it like this

and they even require their own doctor to live in the same area.

A salaried physician must meet the needs of members

and this gives members the advantage in making the difference between life and death.

The majority do not have this advantage, but the rich do.

They work to ensure that their families receive first-class healthcare.

Instead of expending energy on complaining, turn your grievances into passion and get rich.

That way you can be financially prepared

when you or a loved one gets sick.

“When you are young,

you may not need money,

but when you are old,

you cannot be without money.” – Tennessee Williams

Act : The next time you feel down or frustrated about your journey to wealth,

think about how important the health

and safety of your family is.

Your life and the lives of those you love depend on your getting rich.


Chapter 67 : Middle-class people believe ambition is a sin… Rich people believe ambition is a virtue

Intelligence solves problems and produces money.

Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone. — Robert Kiyosaki

Numbers are misled by wise men into believing that it is sinful to want more.

The heart of this idea is that you should be happy and grateful for what you have,

if ambition is higher then it is greed.

Big thinkers know that people always want more than they have.

This trend is the driving force behind every revolution in history.

This is what makes progress in the world of business, science, technology and other fields.

Take the profit motive out of the equation

and take the big-thinker’s motivation to channel mental energy towards the major challenges in society.

Self-made millionaires believe that exchanging solutions for money is not only fair,

but it is also the right thing to do.

Why don’t the people who contribute the most to society

and social progress get the most rewards?

The rich don’t have to lend their brains to the masses, but they do.

They do it not because of responsibility but because of the desire to contribute and leave a mark on life.

To think of this ambition as a sin is a fatal mistake.

Do the masses really want to dissuade great people from coming up with solutions to their problems?

The average person knows this,

but treating the rich as sinners helps them feel more comfortable when they live a lack of ambition.

It also helps them justify not making an effort to become rich.

After all, that view makes them decide to live a life beyond material needs.

Meanwhile, they lose sleep worrying about how to make their next mortgage payment.

They die of a heart attack on Monday morning

or die of stress because they still have to do a job they don’t like but can’t give up.

Wouldn’t it be better to channel that negative energy towards getting rich?

“Money is a measure of the quality of society.”– Ayn Rand

Act : Make a list of the 5 biggest reasons why you want to be rich.

My love husband can become a self-made millionaire

Our life and the lives of those we love depend on our getting rich.

We want to build the best quality service in the Grocery system chain

We want to own some beautiful houses in the world

We want to leave assets for life

Chapter 68 : The middle class believes that the rich are the learned adults… The rich believe that the rich protect their perceptions

 It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses.

It’s more important to grow your spirit that cut your dreams. — Robert Kiyosaki

Consciousness is contagious.

Surround yourself with big thinkers and listen to them.

They will always talk about moving forward and getting better.

Spending time with people with common sense,

you will only hear fear, deprivation, limitations, and cynicism.

The majority do not understand that it is their thinking that is the destroyer.

They can absolutely do the things that rich people do,

but their mindset keeps them from moving forward and falling into mediocrity.

That’s why rich people only like to associate with rich people.

They can’t stand a conversation filled with unhappiness, doom, and melancholy.

They want to talk about the bright future and pure joy of living.

This is often misunderstood by the majority as a luxurious bourgeois lifestyle.

Seeing the rich as bourgeois snobs helps the majority feel more comfortable choosing a mediocre lifestyle.

Great people know they need to protect their perception and work to strengthen it every day.

They meet people with a higher cognitive level than them,

and avoid people with a lower cognitive level.

Not because they think they’re better,

but because they can’t stand negative energy.

Since most of us work on fear,

all of us are surrounded by negative thinking on a daily basis.

Newspapers, television, radio,

and the Internet plunge us into a fear-based consciousness.

Death, vandalism and failure are among their favorite themes.

That’s why big thinkers carefully guard their greatest asset: the ability to think.

This cigar sometimes makes them look like aliens

but it is still a very cheap price to have a luxurious life.

“Consciousness is very contagious.”– Albert Einstein

Act : On a scale of 1 to 7, (7 being the highest) what is the thinking level of your 5 best friends?

We protect our mindset by limiting our association with lower-minded people daily

We read books of rich man in free time

Follow book, think about our dreams almost time

Our 5 best friends: Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Siebold, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy and Dale Caregie

Chapter 69 : The middle class believes that the rich are arrogant… The rich believe that the rich are confident

Often, the more money you make the more money you spend;

that’s why more money doesn’t make you rich assets make you rich. — Robert Kiyosaki

The problems and negative labels people attach to the rich are innumerable.

One of the most common views is that rich people are very conceited, arrogant and always think they are the best.

In fact, successful people are confident because they always bet on themselves and are rarely disappointed.

Even when they fail, they are confident in their ability to learn from failure to come back stronger and richer.

During the economic recession of 2008-2010,

rich people around the world suffered heavy losses,

but when interviewed they still said

that they were confident of making money back faster than before.

This is not arrogance but confidence.

Rich people increase their confidence levels over the years

but can’t reach super levels without taking heavy losses and recovering afterwards.

Once faced with this loss, they will no longer be afraid of failure

because they know that at any time they can get their money back.

As fear-based thinking fades with each failure,

they will increasingly direct their mental energy toward thinking of love,

abundance, and gratitude.

It’s their fearless awareness

that keeps them moving toward what they want, and away from what they don’t want.

This helps them to double or triple their wealth quickly thanks to their stable mindset.

Eventually they begin to believe that they can do anything

and this foretells a fulfilling future.

As they go from success to success, they build up a strong psychological momentum day by day,

raising their self-confidence to the point of being seen as arrogant.

“If you’re going to gamble, you have to be confident.”

Act : Repeat this phrase every day to build your confidence: “I have the ability to handle any problem that life creates.”

Why not? We observe to customers demands daily, we will provide best quality service to them daily

Chapter 70 : The middle-class people believe that millionaires are rich because they are given an advantage… Rich people know that their advantage is hard work.

Find out where you are at,

where you are going and build a plan to get there. — Robert Kiyosaki

The majority is always trying to find out why some people are successful

when the answer is right in front of them.

To explain why some people are more successful than others

and find ways to avoid helping themselves to success,

most people are always looking for evidence to prove

that the rich are unfairly given an advantage.

If they can’t find evidence to support their hypothesis,

they will create it.

For example, political advantages: illegal shortcuts, higher education…

After 26 years of surveying millionaires,

I can assure you that their biggest advantage is concentration, conscientious and work hard.

The hard work I’m talking about here is not working hard.

To work hard with the rich is to persistently find a way to solve problems

that seem stuck day in and day out.

The rich know their most valuable asset is the ability to think,

and because they often use mental strength, they are very good at it.

So while construction workers, roofers,

and millers work hard for little money, the sane person gets paid well.

The more knowledgeable they are, the richer they become.

Not many people know about the non-linear enrichment approach.

Usually most people consider hard work to be some kind of effort.

For millionaires, hard work means staring out the window thinking how to solve problems.

They know that some problems can be solved with persistence.

When most people leave the office at 5 p.m., great people can leave, but their minds are still on.

Some great ideas are often found in the shower, watching a movie, or in everyday tasks.

Meanwhile, the majority have to sell their labor and wonder when their fate will change.

“Hard work will bring leverage.

When you are no longer employed,

you are no longer an idiot.”– Malcolm Forbes

Act : Grow your mindset by forcing yourself every day to solve business related problems.

We want to use our incomes serve and work hard all time for us

We try to do best daily as challenge,

we play games to earn customer tips by our best quality service

Chapter 71 : The middle class believes that wealth is based on a few… Rich people believe that wealth is based on a lot

Remember that the stock market is a manic depressive. ― Warren Buffett

Ordinary people rarely have contact with millionaires,

so their view of millionaires is based on what they see through television and movies.

They viewed five millionaire movies in a negative light

and immediately assumed that millionaires were all the same.

People who aspire to get rich build trust based on group beliefs.

Rich people know that to get rich,

you have to study rich people and you will see

that they are a group of ordinary people with unusual beliefs.

That belief helps them develop a philosophy of fearlessness and boundless optimism.

In regards to building their fortunes are brilliant thinkers.

That thinking is not above the intellect of the common man,

but it is above their emotions,

for to understand it requires a fearless thought.

Only a few people believe this is the secret to building a fortune.

They must persevere to rise above their fear

and elevate their thinking to a level of consciousness based on abundance.

This is why most people cannot go from poor to rich.

Anyone who dares to try can become a millionaire.

“You think money is the root of all evil?

Have you ever wondered what is the root of money?

Money is an instrument of exchange.

Money is the physical form of the rule

that if people want to exchange with each other,

they must exchange it by trade or equivalent in value.

Money is not the tool of a lazy man

who has taken your finished product with tears

or of a bandit who has taken your finished product with force.

Money is created only by those who produce.

Do you consider that a sin?”. – Ayn Rand

Act : Check your beliefs about money and upgrade it to the beliefs of the rich.

Money is our best servants

Chapter 72 : The middle class believes they’re missing something… Rich people believe it’s belief that makes the difference

A plan is a bridge to your dreams.

Your job is to make the plan or bridge real,

so that your dreams will become real.

If all you do is stand on the side of the bank

and dream of the other side,

your dreams will forever be just dreams. — Robert Kiyosaki

By nature, you’ll think you’re missing out on something by doing the same goal over and over and assume it’s elusive all the time.

Most people have never really tried to get rich

because they don’t believe they can.

Some people put in a little effort and then decide to just live a normal life.

Millionaires know their behavior is driven by beliefs

and ultimately it is their behavior that makes them rich.

Belief is the cause, behavior is the effect, and wealth is the predictable outcome.

Imagine that making money is very simple;

that progress is inexhaustible supply;

and that all you need to do to make more money is to think bigger.

Those are the three basic beliefs common to the rich.

They treat making money like a game

and they love to find new ideas that help solve problems

and serve people in exchange for greater remuneration.

Every day they work with passion and excitement,

knowing that their opportunities are endless

and that they will be richer tomorrow than they are today.

This spirit leads them to bigger and better opportunities.

This mindset leads them to bigger and better opportunities.

This millionaire mindset attracts other rich people giving them more opportunities to get rich.

Love, abundance, and gratitude attract the rich.

These people go through each day thinking they have the world in their hands

and can create their own future,

which leads to behavior that further develops their beliefs and motivations.

Because of their abundant mental state, they never feel the need.

Wealth attracts wealth.

Poverty attracts attracts poor.

Love attracts love.

If you have little money and are afraid of losing it,

you may lose it for real.

If you don’t have money but you work in the spirit of abundance

then you are on your way to riches.

We all have the means to become rich but most don’t know it.

Millionaires know.

That’s why they are rich.

Are you beginning to realize how close you are to the rich life?

Are you starting to realize that getting rich isn’t something so confusing?

“Don’t be so quick to believe anything that we hear over and over again.

Don’t rush to believe anything even if it is considered a tradition.

Don’t believe the clichés that people often talk about.

Don’t believe anything even if it is the autobiography of a saint.

Don’t believe in anything, even if it is a long-standing habit

that makes you see it as true.

Don’t trust anyone what we imagine but think that a supreme spirit has revealed to us.

Don’t believe in anything even

if it is based on the credibility of the teachers.

But you should only believe in what you yourself have experienced,

experienced and perceived as right,

beneficial for yourself and others.

Only that is the ultimate goal for man and life.

Use that as your guide. – Buddha

Act : Tell yourself every day that you have everything to be as rich as you want to be.

God bless us

Chapter 73 : The middle class believes they lack desire… The rich know that we have everything it takes to become rich

Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never Forget rule No. 1. ― Warren Buffett

One of the most common mistakes made by the middle class is to believe

that the rich have a greater desire to get rich than they do.

Through research I have found that this is not necessarily true.

Think about it: why wouldn’t anyone want to get rich?

It promotes your need for safety and it also gives you choice.

If this is true then why do most people refuse to get rich and why do they deny they are interested in getting rich?

I mean: If you believe you can choose to be rich or poor, why would you choose to be poor?

The only logical explanation is that most people don’t believe they can be rich.

They also have aspirations but lack confidence in themselves.

They see other people thrive and think it’s not for them.

Millionaires understood this problem very early on.

That is one of the reasons why the following maxim is so popular: “The first million dollars is the hardest to earn”.

The first time I heard this saying was in an economics class in college,

the professor explained that it is

because money has to be made and once you have your first million dollars you can make money.

You can use it to earn more.

But that’s not why a second million dollars is easier to come by.

The truth is that once you’ve made your first million dollars,

confidence in the possibility of doing it again grows.

That’s why a million dollars the third, fourth and fifth time is even easier.

Once you have strong faith, you will become a powerful person.

The desire to get rich is very easy.

Building the belief that you can get rich before you get rich is the challenge.

That is why I wrote this book.

Hopefully from now on you understand that getting rich is an inside job.

Getting rich is about having a strong mind and spirit

and nothing else and you already have everything you need to become rich!

“Lack of money is not a barrier.

Lack of new ideas is a barrier.” – Ken Hakuta

Act : Interview the rich and ask them any question you can think of. Use this book as a guide.

Buy value land then wait

Chapter 74 : The middle class believes they have to choose between family life and being rich… Rich people know you can have both

There are no secrets to success.

It is the result of preparation, hard work,

and learning from failure. ― Colin Powell

The common misconception that I came to know as a consultant for a Fortune 500 business group is

that you have to choose between being successful

or having a happy family life.

This stems from fear and deprivation.

They make you choose between the two, because time is finite.

I hear professionals repeat this over and over

when I challenge them to move up the ladder of success.

They are highly trained

and successful professionals working for some of the biggest companies in the world,

and when they share this belief, they speak with certainty.

Of course they are completely wrong but do not know they are wrong.

They work at a level of consciousness

where fear prevails and options are limited.

The rich know you can have everything you want if you take up the challenge with a spirit of love and abundance.

I’m amazed that business professionals can describe so many football matches in detail

while they don’t have time to spend with their families.

They can talk about TV shows or celebrity dates,

but can’t they spend an extra hour or two a day on the goal of becoming a millionaire?

Family reasons are just the most effective way to avoid responsibility.

No manager dares to challenge

if he is afraid of fighting with the human resources department or the legal department.

The thousands of sales professionals

who have worked at Fortune 500 companies I have coached truly believe

that the human resources and legal departments are on their side;

but actually these two rooms just ensure they maintain a normal life.

Be mature and accept reality! If you love your family,

get rich and give them more time

and opportunities that only money can buy.

Use your time productively so you can spend more time with your family while still doing the job.

Just because you haven’t figured out how to use your time effectively doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.

Instead of using your family as a challenge, use them as a motivator.

“The fastest way to become a millionaire is

to increase your knowledge

by taking public speaking courses.”– Bill Gove

Act : Subscribe to the public speaking blog at www.publicspeakersblog.com

So pleasure

Chapter 75 : The middle class believes that having a job brings security… The rich know that there is no such thing

Never depend on single income,

make investment to create a second source. ― Warren Buffet

In reality, safety does not exist at all.

Safety is just a feeling,

and if a person believes that he is safe

then he will feel comfortable because of that thought.

This is the main reason people find and keep jobs, especially at large corporations.

They believe that they are safe because they are working in a large company and have huge assets.

They accept this virtual feeling for comfort

instead of seizing the real opportunity for financial security for the family’s future.

This excludes CEOs and company presidents,

who make millions by contributing most of the value to the corporation.

Most employees spend more than they earn,

so they end up so hungry for work that they don’t even have time to rest.

The reason most people go to work is

because they don’t realize

how to earn a comparable source of income

without having to work for someone else or a big corporation.

School teaches us skills and business acumen,

but not about building a fortune.

The truth is that becoming a millionaire is also a skill,

regardless of what you do or the market you serve.

Rich people avoid unprofitable activities

and that is one of the lessons that very few of us learn.

If millionaires can’t make a return on their investment, they walk away.

Rich people have a strong sense of money

because they know that not being financially independent means not being free.

Wealth opens doors and creates opportunities faster than anything else.

You can be someone’s employee and rich at the same time,

only harder because of the lack of control.

Do it your way, focus your mind and work on building a fortune for you and your family.

“When I started getting rich,

I started thinking ‘what am I going to do with this money?’…

you have to learn to give.” – Ted Turner

Act : Make a plan to become a millionaire today.

Become a millionaire through work, career or part-time business?

Put your strategy on paper and remember that you can often change it as you grow.

We do it well daily

Chapter 76 : The middle class believes that self-employment is very risky… The rich believe that self-employment is the fastest way to wealth

We don’t have to be smarter than the rest,

we have to more disciplined than the rest. ― Warren Buffett

It is normal to be warned about the risks in business.

They look for failure and reiterate details of people they know

or hear of who lost their life savings trying to start their own businesses.

Universities are full of business professors.

They frequently warn students about weighing the allure of small business

and entrepreneurship.

The rich know that self-employment is the fastest way to wealth.

They know the biggest risk is set to the body.

While low startup rates can discourage them

and potentially lose their savings accounts for a lifetime,

the vitality of a life of wealth and endless opportunity motivates them to take risks.

They know they will succeed no matter how many times they fail.

Sometimes they succeed at the beginning of the business but fail the next time.

The secret of success is what they learn and people become after failure,

understand that they will get it back and restart the business more wisely.

They knew the riches would come.

Most of them maintain a normal life by still working with a normal salary and an annual increase.

For most people, their greatest hope is to save enough money to be able to retire after 40 years of work,

if they are still alive and well enough to enjoy the rest of their time.

If every salesman decided to jumpstart his career

or seek advice from people who had never been successful,

America would not be a business powerhouse anymore.

Trade representatives know that business success is primarily about the person doing the work,

not the business planning, reporting losses, and cash.

Patience, focus and passion are the devices that play a key role in success.

Because of these things,

the majority are still looking for security and the greats still decide to start and build a business.

“Those who know the simple rules of deciding

to make a lot of money will have a lot of money.” – George Clason

Act : Do your research and think carefully about starting a business

that you love. Go to a bookstore and find a topic that interests you.

We are doing it well daily

Chapter 77 : The middle class believes that it is wrong for a small group to hold the majority of their wealth… The rich welcome large numbers into their communities.

Wealthy people have simple investments,

they don’t overstep the bounds of what they understand. ― Dave Ramsey

The middle class thinks millionaires are greedy and selfish, not smart and ambitious.

Everyone has a chance to become a millionaire.

The rich always welcome the middle class to join the millionaire’s club,

but very few believe it’s possible, and even fewer try to do so.

Many people believe in the philosophy of sharing wealth,

as if making money is a gift for the rich

and that they should equally share their wealth.

Instead of waiting for this, great people look for problems to solve for a part of society.

They are the contributors to the technological innovation track record.

They use their brains to solve problems not to move society forward

but to advance themselves, and as a result we all benefit.

The few have the most wealth not because the majority lack opportunities,

but because fear prevents them from taking advantage of them.

It’s a lot easier to disparage the rich and call them greedy

and callous than it is to try to become a millionaire yourself.

The purpose of this book is not to change reality as the majority will never change,

but to get you on the right track.

“Money is a symbol of responsibility.

It is a ritual of working for humanity,

for what humanity wants.” – Samuel Butler

Act : Read (or listen to) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

Rich people can teach poor people about finance

and investment knowledge through their stories by books.

The more you have big house the more you have to serve them,

you have to spend all your incomes for buying house, buying furniture, decorate house.

Rich is never show up, rich is freedom to do what you like

Chapter 78 : The middle class believes that wealth rots the family… Rich people believe that it is poverty that rots the family

A bank is a place that will lend you money

if you can prove that you don’t need it. — Bob Hope

Money has a bad reputation with people

who don’t have it mostly because they don’t understand its limits.

Money is blamed for everything from causing war to betrayal, from destroying friendships to destroying families.

At the beginning of the problem, where money is one variable of the equation, money often depreciates.

Many heads of families avoid money for fear that it will cause more problems than it can solve.

Over the years, millions of women have had to stay married to cheating men

and lead unhappy family lives because they don’t control their finances.

Wealth is a tool of liberation. It helps families live their dreams.

While the majority believe that money leads people astray,

the rich know that money and the freedom that money gives people help people live according to their nature.

The family rotted before there was any money;

only money increases decay wherever it touches.

Good people are even better off without the financial burden.

Bad people will be worse because of the power that money brings.

The biggest problem related to money

and families is when parents give money to their children indiscriminately.

Again, money is not the problem,

it is just a catalyst of bad behavior and unhappiness

when it is given to a child who does not understand its purpose or respect its power.

This is why many millionaires do not want to leave assets to their children but to charities.

Money without work has destroyed the lives of countless rich children,

because they have never found a way to earn money on their own.

But while most people take this as an attempt to not get rich, the rich still get rich and carefully regulate the matter.

“Money is not a god or a demon.

It is the kind of energy that helps us to be ourselves,

whether we are greedy or loving.”– Dan Millman

Act : If you have a family, get together and talk about money.

Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of being rich.

Teach your kids about the difference in mindsets between the middle class

and the rich before letting others transmit limiting beliefs that keep them in poverty for the rest of their lives.

All problem was created by lack money.

Chapter 79 : The Middle-class people think money causes sin… Rich people think lack of money causes sin

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ― Thomas Alva Edison

Historically money has been blamed for everything from bribery to drug trafficking.

Money is in fact only a medium of exchange and cannot be blamed for human and moral failure.

Progress can cause people to misbehave, but it is not the root cause of sin.

Fears and beliefs stemming from lack and limitations are the root causes of sin.

When a couple divorces, do you blame both sides or the marriage?

The more people think of ways to turn money into a bad tool,

the more comfortable they will be not trying to get rich.

After all, if money is the root cause of sin, why would I want so much?

That is another reason that the majority use to defend themselves

and others when they do not have the courage to ask.

If they focused their energy on turning money into evil on making money,

they’d be millionaires.

But they don’t, and most people never will.

Only a small part of the population is willing to change their mind

and that is why the rich have always been a very small part of society.

Critical thinking helps us understand that money is not the cause of sin,

but the lack of money.

A person who has eaten enough does not want to wait in line for more food,

and a millionaire, who knows how to make a lot of money,

will not think about robbing a bank.

The more famous the money, the more comfortable they are.

“A wise man will find every means to earn money honestly,

for money does a lot of good in society,

not only for the earner himself but also for others.

But the fool.

One of the benefits of owning money is

that it enhances the independence

and positive attitude of the person

who owns it always in debt will be more dependent than independent.”– B. C. Forbes

Act : Find out what the richest people in the world do with their money.

Learning about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will give you a head start.

They do charity to life

Chapter 80 : The  Middle-class people believe that if they are rich, they will lose friends.. Rich people believe that being rich will help them expand their network

It would be nice if the poor were to get even half of the money that is spent in studying them. — William E. Vaughn

Another popular view that holds people back from becoming rich is

that they will lose close friends if they move into big houses.

After all, is this view

that having all the money in the world makes no sense

if you don’t have any friends? Good idea.

Only I’ve never seen this happen before.

And I’ve met a lot of people who went from poor to rich, myself included.

Will you lose some friends because of jealousy?

Maybe. But the better question is, are they really friends?

I bet you have friends you’ve been playing with for years,

and you probably don’t care how much money they make.

The truth is, you gain more than you lose when you’re rich,

and I’m not talking about people making friends just because you’re rich.

There are always a few friends like

that and some are very good at hiding this purpose!

What I mean by that is how money can help expand your world.

You’ll have the time and financial resources to travel wherever you like,

meet whoever you want, and be included in the world’s hottest and most successful people.

In two years, I went from poverty to work on the national security council.

Other members include famous Hollywood stars, leaders,

and presidents of Fortune 500 companies.

The rich see this as a great opportunity because the smart organizers know that the rich will.

There are rich friends who can pay $10,000 for a plate at a charity dinner

or a plate over $500,000 at an art auction to raise funds.

Rich people call this movement.

The benefit is making friends who sit at the same table at dinner

or at an auction that can be your lifelong companions.

They are friends who think big and know how to win.

They are the most amazing and most philanthropic people I know.

The average person knows about 250 people.

The rich know thousands of people.

Some people know tens of thousands of people.

Some others are known by millions.

Wealth will give you the most opportunities to make friends.

It’s the gateway to meeting more people in a month than most people meet in a year.

And the more people you meet, the more friends you make.

“Go out into the street and teach one about morality

and give the other a coin,

see who appreciates you more.”– Samuel Johnson

Act : Take a moment to think about what your life would be like with 10,000 friends

and contacts in the database? What about having 100,000 friends?

Let our son play with quality friends

Chapter 81 : The middle class believes that you have to sacrifice your health to be rich… The rich believe that being rich will make you healthier

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. — Aristotle 

Most people believe that building a career requires working 7 days a week,

having no time to sleep and being under constant pressure.

If I had a choice between being rich and healthy, why would I want to be rich?

The truth is that being rich gives you access to the best health care,

preventive medicine, and alternative treatments.

If you need cutting-edge medicine,

but it’s not available where you live,

just get on a plane and go where it’s available.

It’s a great solution, but it’s not cheap.

People who make $100,000 per year can’t think of this solution.

As soon as they could, they also had no contacts.

I’m not saying that’s fair.

Everyone, regardless of financial ability,

has the right to access any treatment or medication they need.

But they don’t have.

So until you or I become the king and change the world let’s get rich

and gain the right to interfere in whatever we want,

improve our lives or the lives of those we love, I love.

Another reason being rich makes you healthier is that it’s not under the biggest pressure of the lot: money.

The rich don’t have to worry about paying the bills.

They think about things like expanding their art collection;

Limit disadvantages and organize a charity fundraiser.

I’m not kidding.

I spent many years with these people

and found that they didn’t have to suffer from the pressure,

anxiety, or nightly insomnia that most normal people do.

Money can’t buy happiness but money solves problems you can write a paycheck.

Imagine how much more energy you would have if you didn’t have to worry about money?

How healthy would you be if you never had to wake up in the middle of the night

and could sleep for as long as you wanted each day?

Would you be under pressure if you could fire someone else?

So why not go ahead and get rich?

What are you waiting for?

“Money is a fundamental factor.

Like water, food, air and housing,

it affects every aspect of life,

but for some reason academia believes it doesn’t match their social standing.”– Robert Kiyosaki

Act : Review your current fitness, weight, and energy levels and set a goal to improve each week.

We keep it well daily

Chapter 82 : Middle-class people pass on limited beliefs about money to their children… Rich people pass limitless beliefs about money to their children

An empty stomach is not a good political adviser. ― Albert Einstein

Normal families unconsciously pass limited beliefs about money to their children.

This is the reason why their family has been in the middle class for decades,

if not hundreds of years.

The worst thing is that children rarely ask their parents questions before accepting beliefs.

This is sad but true.

Parents with a strong sense of finances teach their children the truth about money,starting with a common misconception.

They teach their children that the desire to get rich is right and that anyone can think big.

Rich parents never manipulate their children with money or use money as a weapon,

because they fear that their children will see money as a tool to control others.

They teach their children to make money by solving problems and improving the quality of other people’s lives.

Their children learn to see money as a powerful tool, not a weapon used against others.

Possibly the most important belief they teach their kids about money is that they are smart enough to earn the amount they want.

No matter what their academic background,

how many IQ points they get or how well they do in school,

they still have everything it takes to become a millionaire.

It is this belief that has produced many of today’s young millionaires.

It’s a simple yet effective way to pass on confidence from parent to child.

There is nothing sweeter than when a parent tells their child “I believe in you” and “You can do it”.

“We should treat making money like a game.

There’s so much good we can do with money.

Without money we’re stuck and our options are limited.”– Bob Proctor

Act : Sit down with your children and ask them to tell you their beliefs about money and write it all down.

Next, discuss each belief in detail with them, and then decide to upgrade or eliminate the beliefs below the rich.

We teach him good at finance and investment knowledge 

Chapter 83 : The middle class teaches their children how to survive… The rich teach their children how to get rich

Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere. — Kofi Annan

Most of us are taught by our parents, teachers,

and other authority figures how to both survive and suffer the least.

The common saying of the middle class is: study well; find a good job;

Get married, have kids, and be grateful for what you have.

Not bad advice but I’m not saying this helps us achieve success, don’t you think?

The rich are proof of why a few people own most of the wealth.

They teach their children from a very young age

so that their children can be clearly aware of this fact

and draw lessons for themselves.

They teach their children that being rich doesn’t make them better,

it just gives them opportunities that others don’t have.

The rich know that even top private schools are limited in teaching students about money,

which is why they challenge themselves.

Wealthy parents often teach their children about earning, saving, investing,

and the difference in thinking between rich and poor.

When I mentioned this in my lecture,

many students came up to me later and called these parents ‘snobs.’

They said that the rich teach their children to despise the majority for the sake of the majority poor.

This is not correct.

They teach their children to see the world through the lens of objective reality; about social reality.

It is a true mindset to say that everyone, regardless of financial status,

has access to the good things in life.

This is also naive and unrealistic.

Right or wrong, being rich is privileged, and the sooner your kids know it, the better for them.

“As a parent, the best way to teach your children about finances

is to set an example for them.”– Edward Powell

Act : Using this book as a guide,

teach your kids this information little by little to help keep them

from being imbued with middle-class mentality that will be spread through school,

from the environment.

We remind our son rich mindset daily, limit poor mindset impact him.

Chapter 84 : The middle class teaches their children about money through good examples… The rich also teach their children the same

History is written by the rich,

and so the poor get blamed for everything. — Jeffrey D. Sachs

Every parent knows that the best way to teach their children is through the example of their predecessors.

Children who grow up in poverty will struggle to survive

and believe that this is the life they have to accept.

Money is said to be hard to earn and even harder to keep.

After all, they believe this is the reality of life.

Their parents were always in poverty, so were they.

On the contrary, great people succeed and set an example for their children to follow.

Their children later became rich on their own, developing a strong belief because they saw their parents earn huge amounts of money with their own eyes.

No one can convince them that becoming rich is difficult

because they already have parents to show them the way.

Even parents who have failed to achieve their millionaire dreams can still set an example for their children by continuing

to work hard and teaching them about failure and success.

Even when negative thoughts affect children,

parents can still put that fear and lack of village aside.

Think of the things your parents told you years ago,

both the good and the bad that you can remember.

That is the power of your parents.

The problem is that most kids remember they accidentally overheard their parents talking without thinking about its long-term effects.

The rich know that they are the ones who create their children’s belief systems,

and they deliberately sharpen their children’s beliefs one by one,

especially about money.

They know they can make or break their children’s financial future with beliefs that can change their lives.

Their actions and the results of their actions are imprinted in their children’s hearts

until they are old enough to do the same.

“Money is used to make things happen.”– Richard Branson

Act : Decide to ask for wealth yourself (if you haven’t already)

and get your kids involved.

Let them feel the sacrifice and discipline it takes to build a fortune.

We always ask our son about what we want to invest real estate.

Chapter 85 : The middle class teaches their children how to save every penny… The rich teach their children how to invest every penny

 You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money. — P.J. O’Rourke

Saving money is not wrong, but the conscious cause of saving is dangerous.

Ordinary parents work out of fear and need, so their strategy for building a fortune is to save every penny

and hope that they can save enough to live on for the rest of their lives.

Rich people teach their children the most effective way to make money is to make money work for them.

They teach their kids how to invest so they can make more money

while they sleep than most people make while awake.

They teach their children how to make the most of money by working with applicable tax laws and using legal waste.

They teach their children that fairies are instruments of exchange for goods and services, which circulate and grow.

Millionaire parents work on a sense of love and abundance.

This consciousness says there’s always enough money to do

whatever you want if you’re creative enough to find

what you want and mentally strong enough to stick with it when it fails.

Rich people see making money as a game and they pass that idea on to their children.

They teach them it’s something to look forward to,

not something to be hated or feared.

Rich kids love to fight for themselves and make an impression from what they’re taught.

And they are taught that one of the most enjoyable games in life is to build a fortune.

Self-made millionaires teach their children to read books about success,

money, business, investing, and any other topic that makes them rich.

So while most people are taught that life is tough and all you can hope for is enough money to retire,

the rich are taught to always aim for the game of abundance.

Is that the secret why there are so many second generation self-made millionaires these days?

“I was once rich and once I was poor: Richer is better.”– Sophie Tucker

Act : Teach your kids to be thrifty while encouraging them towards their wildest dreams.

Our son do well with budget, save his money is very well

Chapter 86 : The middle class encourages their children to be kind and make friends with everyone… The rich encourage their children to be smart and build a wide network of connections.

It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living. ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

The middle class has never taught their children the importance of building relationships.

They hope their kids are popular and make friends so they can have fun at school.

The rich believe that building relationships, even from high school,

can make the difference between a life of ordinary success and extraordinary opportunity.

This is especially important for kids who attend private schools funded by influential families.

Rich people teach their children to build networks of classmates, teachers, professors and others who can help them later.

While most parents hope their children will become the most famous football midfielder or football fan,

the rich are more interested in building a future social foundation for their children.

The majority want to win at the commonplace jobs,

and the great people want to win mainly to be successful.

Every great self-made fortune has been built with the help and support of many people.

The rich know you need someone else to get something done,

but while most people write Christmas cards asking for help,

the rich have access to databases of thousands of people’s information

that they have gathered over many past year.

When they want to find matchmaking jobs,

they don’t need to advertise or find any information sources online,

they just need to share in their network of relationships.

When you need to raise capital, find a joint venture partner or need investment advice,

it’s all at their fingertips.

The reason is that their parents taught them from a young age

that one of the key factors that help children get rich is: building a network.

“Money is man’s greatest invention.

Money does not discriminate.

Money doesn’t care if the person is poor,

he comes from a good family or what color he is.

Anyone can make money.”– Takafumi Horie

Act : Sit down with your children and show them how to network.

Ask your child to set a goal of having at least 1,000 friends by the time they graduate from college.

Let our son feel free about his friends

Chapter 87 : The middle class teaches their children to be happy with what they have… Rich people teach their children how to achieve their dreams

Too many people spend money they earned..

to buy things they don’t want..

to impress people that they don’t like. -Will Rogers

Most children are taught by their parents to be happy with

what they have and that their life is not too harsh.

Although this attitude is not harmful,

it makes children satisfied with what life has to offer.

Big-thinking parents teach their kids to dream big

and prepare them for the job of helping make those dreams come true.

They help children identify their natural talents and interests,

and help them build the confidence that they can build their own future by doing what they love.

While most parents try to direct their children

to a conventional way of living,

wealthy parents leave their children free to choose

and are willing to break the norm if it serves their children’s interests.

They know the majority measure their children’s success

by their performance in school,

when in truth, the most successful are students who don’t like school.

Parents of these children always believe

that anything is possible and they pass that belief on to their children.

While most people are content to work in their comfort zone,

seek comfort and avoid pain,

great people live big and also teach the great river.

For them life is a game to be played boldly

and bravely, and they set an example for their children every step of the way.

“Wealth is the product of energy multiplied by intelligence.”– Buckminster Fuller

Act : Talk to your kids about the importance of taking risks.

Yes, We let our son attend our project

Chapter 88 : The middle class downplays the importance of money to their children… Rich people teach their children the importance of money

When a fellow says it ain’t the money

but the principle of the thing, it’s the money. — Artemus Ward

Most kids in ordinary families are taught that money doesn’t make them happy.

This makes you wonder how they can claim when only a few people have money.

The main reason this idea has been passed down from generation to generation

and repeated over and over is that parents believe that being rich is wrong,

and that it is their duty to protect their children

from becoming a living person, selfishness is too materialistic.

Rich parents understand that ‘without abundant financial resources,

their children will also live like the majority,

worrying and fighting all day for money.

They take the time to teach their children about topics

that are among the most talked about and misunderstood.

There are many limiting beliefs that belong to the poor.

For some reason this topic is almost exclusively approached by feeling,

not by logical and critical thinking.

Talk to a limited thinker on the subject and you’ll find some data or evidence of their beliefs.

The best test is to take an opposing point of view.

If it’s a limited thinker, be careful,

because when someone who works on emotions is challenged,

they will attack you for having the opposite opinion.

Wealthy parents prepare their children

so that when they encounter this situation

they will understand it is due to a limited mindset.

While the majority still underestimate the value of money,

the rich educate and prepare their children how to think about money,

who to listen to and most importantly, who to ignore.

This is one of the common little secrets of rich parents.

Can you imagine what benefit these children get?

If you grew up and educated this way, how rich would you be?

“I don’t award the word ‘cheap’.

Because that word is not encouraging.”- William McKinley

Act : Teach your children that it is possible

that the majority will attack them when they express a desire to get rich.

We talk our son daily about finance and investment knowledge

Our biggest asset is our head.

Chapter 89 : The middle class teaches their children the game of the middle class… The rich teach their children the game of the rich

The money you have gives you freedom;

the money you pursue enslaves you. — Jean Jacques Rousseau

The most popular sports in the US are football, baseball, basketball and football.

While most people play sports and games to relax,

the rich enjoy golf, tennis, horse racing and chess.

This is one of the reasons why parents teach their children to play the sports of the rich.

If they enjoy the game, they have something in common with a powerful group of people that can help them succeed later on.

Normal parents have never thought of this and they are annoyed with

what I am sharing.

This reaction stems from the belief that life is a playground

and that if you do the right things and play by the rules,

you will succeed. Good idea.

The only problem is that it’s not true.

People who have had great success use all the strategies they have at their disposal.

The outside world only sees the rich floating termites.

What they don’t see is years of planning success and failure countless times.

Smart parents bring any convenience to their children,

including letting them participate in the games that the rich like to play.

If the kids don’t like it, they don’t force it.

No parent wants their child to play a game

they don’t enjoy just for the sake of the future it can bring,

but they direct their children to a game they know will help them grow up.

We all hear more deals being done on the golf course than in the boardroom.

I also found this to be true.

So why not direct your children to these sports and games?

Of course they’re just kids now, but soon they’ll be adults looking for success.

The more powerful people they know, the richer they become.

It’s a combination of what you know and who you know.

If it sounds cold like a set strategy for success, it is.

Life is not fair and success is not free.

“The only way not to think about money is to have a lot of money.”- Edith Wharton

Act : Get your kids involved in one of the rich man’s sports or games

and see if they like it. If they like it, let them learn as much as you can.

Build soccer team

Chapter 90 :The middle class doesn’t believe in personal growth or self-effort… Rich people believe that mindset is the key to becoming rich

As an investment banker,

I’m in the cross flow of information and the changes

that are taking place in capital markets. ― Euvin Naidoo 

If you want to be an accountant or an engineer, go to college.

If you want to become a millionaire then learn from a millionaire.

The personal development industry is filled with rich speakers, authors,

and business professionals with a lot of real-world experience.

They can teach you how to be successful.

While some scholars disapprove of the industry,

it is a multi-billion dollar business

that helps millions of people become more successful, fulfilled, and live happier lives.

As a speaker, trainer, and consultant for the Fortune 500 business group,

I ask thousands of people every year what they need to do to make more money.

The most common answer is “get a master’s degree”.

This is a prime example of most people’s limited understanding of monetization.

I used to attend seminars organized

by early dropouts and then my income doubled.

If professors could teach like that,

they would be millionaires, not university professors!

The best business advice I get comes from professional speakers, trainers, and coaches.

They are entrepreneurs with a lot of practical experience.

These people coach based on their own experiences of failure and success.

You don’t have a graduate certificate

and only a few businesses will accept you when you apply for a job,

so you’re missing out on the opportunity

to take advantage of life-changing information.

The rich don’t need the government,

academia or any outside agency to attend a seminar or hire a coach.

They were looking for only one thing: results.

Here’s an example: The highest paying skill in the business is public speaking.

The heads of business, politics, and religion are all speakers.

One of the most successful speaking programs in history,

measured by the success of students over the past 60 years,

is the Bill Gove Speech Skills Workshop.

This seminar is not academically documented

and you will not find it in the Harvard University curriculum.

It’s just that this conference has produced the most million-dollar speakers.

If you want a degree in public speaking then join this program.

If you want to use your public speaking skills to become a millionaire, attend these seminars.

Only 5% of the population benefits from personal development programs like these,

and they are among the most successful people on the planet.

Many people admit that their fortune is due to the knowledge gained from self-taught geniuses.

“Today, the greatest and only source of wealth lies

between your ears.”– Brian Tracy

Act : The business skill that you MUST learn is public speaking.

This skill will help the businessman make a fortune.

Decide today to overcome your fear and develop this powerful skill.

We can speak in public well

Chapter 91 : The middle class doesn’t associate travel with wealth… Rich people know how to travel associating with the rich

It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control

what happens to that basket. ― Elon Musk 

Most people only access cultures through books, schools, and regional TV shows.

It’s not that they don’t like to travel,

it’s because they don’t have enough money to travel around the world and experience cultures.

The rich know that traveling a lot brings strategic benefits both in business and in life.

Rich people love to talk about the places they’ve visited,

the cultures they’ve experienced, and the amazing people they’ve met.

It is very difficult to associate with the rich without having had a similar experience.

Traveling a lot is a non-linear wealth-building strategy

that you never learn in school.

Most people travel for pleasure,

rich people travel to enhance the knowledge

that travel gives them by associating with people who can help them.

This is another tool that helps them negotiate

and build relationships faster and easier.

So while most people see travel as an expense,

the rich see it as an investment.

The more they learn about cultures,

the more they can negotiate intelligently in meetings,

gatherings, and charity events.

People often work with people they know, like, and trust.

Sharing trips and experiences of powerful world cultures with the rich.

After all, besides the rich, who can afford to visit all these places?

The bottom line is that if you want to be rich then do

what rich people do and one of the things

they do is educate themselves by experiencing as many aspects of life as possible.

Then they associate with other rich people and talk about those experiences.

If you want to be rich (or richer) then be one of the people rich people are willing to talk to.

“I would rather be a beggar and spend money like a king,

than a prince but spend money like a beggar.”– Robert Ingersoll

Act : Make a list of the 10 most famous places you’ve been to and add 10 other places you’d like to go.

The Genting highland in Malaysia

The Petronas Towers in Malaysia

The Kuaka Lumpur in Malaysia

The Mui Ne beach in Viet Nam

The Vung Tau beach in Viet Nam

The Da Lat city in Viet Nam

The Ho Chi Minh city in Viet Nam

The Can Tho Province in Viet Nam

The Tien Giang Province in Viet Nam

The Dong Nai Province in Viet Nam

Chapter 92 : The middle class has access to the social skills of the majority… The rich have access to the social skills of the most elite.

Money is always eager and ready to work for anyone

who is ready to employ it. ― Idowu Koyenik

Normal people are trained to socialize and interact with normal people,

in school we are taught manners

and learn most social skills through socializing with people and observing their behavior.

Most people don’t go beyond their trained social skills.

The rich speak their own language

and have implicit social norms that only a few outsiders understand.

Those who try to join their group will be quickly kicked out if they don’t follow these rules.

This is not an attitude that considers oneself to be one of the best as the majority say

and Hollywood often mocks,

but only involves wanting to associate with people who understand your world.

It’s like traveling to a country where you don’t speak the native language.

It’s hard to deal with someone you can’t talk to.

Millionaires live in a different world than the middle class

and their mindset is different.

The majority try to survive and avoid getting hurt

while the great people follow their dreams and always create their own dreams.

One of the favorite topics of the middle class

when they get together is complaining about how little money and how expensive things are.

This content is taboo for the rich.

They never endorse any form of complaint.

When it comes to money, they only talk about charity activities,

art auctions or content related to giving money.

Only people who have just joined the wealthy group discuss money in group meetings,

and this is often overlooked

and never acknowledged by senior members of the group.

The best way to learn the social skills of the rich is

to interact with them as much as possible.

Move to the area where the rich live,

participate in charity events or play sports such as tennis or golf.

Join the coolest club in the city.

Go where the rich go and do what they do.

Learn their language and culture so you can join their community.

When you do, they will welcome you with open arms

and are more than happy to help you succeed.

“You never suffer for money,

but often for ideas.”– Robert Schuller

Act : Take a communication course held at the Palm Beach School of Protocol. www.etiquetteexpert.com


Chapter 93 : The middle class prefers entertainment to study… Rich people prefer learning to entertainment

Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth. ― Alfred Marshall

Since the majority believe only in formal education,

they stop studying after graduating from university.

The rich know college is just the tip of the iceberg of a lifelong learning journey.

That’s why you see great people attending seminars

and taking advantage of valuable educational resources.

The more financially successful people are,

the more they believe they will be successful.

This is the reason why millionaires quickly become millionaires and even billionaires.

Confidence in themselves

and their ability to get rich will motivate them to get to know people with higher thinking.

The rich know an idea that has the potential to boost business

and increase income and net worth at breakneck speed.

When you walk into the homes of the rich,

one of the first things you see is the library of books they used to educate themselves.

While the average person enjoys reading novels,

tabloids and entertainment magazines,

the rich enjoy reading books that can help them be more successful.

So the majority could not get better and the greats moved forward.

The more they learn, the more they earn,

the more they earn, the more they invest and the richer they become.

Most people prefer entertainment to study.

That’s why Oprah Winfrey became a billionaire.

Rich people also like entertainment, but they prefer to study.

They spend their entire lives looking up information

and using it to get richer every day.

Their commitment to lifelong learning is one of the main reasons they own most of the wealth in the world.

“You don’t have to be rich and famous, just be rich.”– Alan Alda

Act : Start building a library of books that can make you a millionaire.

We have 2 library for us: first is best favorite books,

second is our favorite quotes of success man

Chapter 94 : The middle class believes that the rich are greedy for work… The rich believe that millionaires have tons of fun

Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth. ― Alfred Marshall

Another way that most people use to justify not getting rich is to convince themselves

that the rich are busy working all the time.

They say this for two reasons:

first, they want to feel better without money,

and second, they just understand linear thinking.

People with a linear mindset often trade their time for money,

which means the only way to make money is to work overtime.

After interviewing dozens of rich people,

I can confirm that many of them don’t work that way at all.

Creating great wealth is a non-linear process, primarily using mental skills.

Rich people both make money through leverage and enjoy spending time exploring the world,

nurturing their passions,

spending time with the people they love,

and not having to worry about paying bills.

Rich people have more fun than anyone I know

because they have the means to do whatever they want.

Wealth gives them the freedom to dream.

They have the ability to take whatever they want.

Rich people have more enjoyable ways of entertaining themselves.

It looks like they’re working,

but they’re actually living life to the fullest with all the resources at hand.

Rich people are the best people in the world because they have so many choices.

“If you were born poor, it’s not your fault.

But if you die poor, it’s your fault.”– Bill Gates

Act : Take your time enjoying the journey to wealth.

When you are rich, the best memories are the sacrifices

and hours of fighting.

Don’t expect the journey to be fun. Enjoy the fun now!

We are enjoying to the journey make wealth,

we earn customer tips as same play best games as daily.

We meet together 3 times per year, we don’t care price what we need to want

Chapter 95 : The middle class only focuses on money when needed… Rich people always focus on money

Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity,

no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it. ― Rick Bragg

Unless they have to worry about money,

the average person rarely cares about making money,

because deep down in their hearts they think it’s the wrong thing to do.

Rich people always have a sense of progress

and always look for opportunities to make more money

because they think it is the right thing to do.

It is the sense of making money

that keeps them on high alert for potential deals

that increase their assets and improve their lives.

When given the opportunity,

they scramble to earn enough money to meet the needs of themselves and their families.

Rich people always think about making money every day,

so it is not difficult for them to raise an urgent amount of cash.

Due to their daily practice, they are very flexible in earning money

and are always ready to take on the most difficult financial challenges.

While most people focus on salaried jobs,

the rich focus on making the most of their business activities.

Most rich people love what they do.

If someone thinks they have to choose

between passion and wealth, they are wrong.

The secret of the rich is to follow their passion

and always find the best way to make money while enjoying the pleasure that work brings.

“Take all you can without hurting others.

Save all you can, cut all unnecessary spending

and give it all away.”- John Wesley

Act : Ask yourself every day: How can I make more money with the least amount of time and effort?

We are spend 80 % to find best ways to make more money every day

We can make more money with the least amount of time and effochi1nhlet our money serve them as possible

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