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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Halves of the world

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 50: Halves of the world

Love will help us overcome our fear to live

with what we truly love

and mean to our lives. – Noname


The most powerful force in this world is unconditional love. – Warren Buffett


Don’t hide your love and tenderness until you die.

Fill your life with sweetness.

Do not stop saying kind words

as long as your heart is still fluttering. – Henry Ward Beecher


I take these words to honor women

and the happiness and inspiration

you have brought to the world in general

and men in particular.

Women make the world and men’s lives.

There is an old saying:

Behind the success of a man, there is always a woman“.

Indeed, history records many cases

where the achievements of great men can be directly traced

to the influence of women.

Women are the inspiration to awaken the imagination

and creativity in men’s minds.

Napoleon Bonapart was one of those men.

When inspired by his first wife,


he became an invincible hero.

When “prudence” or reason prompted Bonapart to abandon Josephine,

he began to break down.

Soon after,

he lost the battle

and was exiled to the island of St. Helena.

Similarly, the success of Henry Ford,

President Andrew Johnson… is partly due to their spouses

who are always by their side.

Henry Ford’s wife was the original “investor”,

and President Andrew Johnson could read thanks to his wife.

The stature of a man can never be compared

with the greatness of the woman who lifted him up.

Obviously, without the contributions of women like Josephine,

wife Henry Ford,

wife of Sir Andrew Johnson…

perhaps human history would have been much different.

Known and honored or not,

all the contributions of women

to the success of men are worthy of our respect and admiration.

Every woman herself has an invisible power.

If they want their man to succeed

and know how to support him,

he will surely succeed.

For a man, there is no better encouragement

than the encouragement of the woman he loves.

In many cases,

the woman will either become the driving force for the husband

to firmly move forward,

or will turn him into a useless person.

Walk side by side with the man you love,

both at the peak of his career

and on the brink of failure.

I believe that with love,

people will overcome all the challenges of life

and find eternal happiness.

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