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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Habit

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 32: Habit

If you let your habits rule you,

cultivate good habits. — Elbert Hubbard


As the saying goes,

we make habits,

and habits make us

– whether it’s a good habit like reading a book every day,

exercising regularly or smoking a cigarette.

These habits have a huge impact on our lives.

Whether it is a negative or a positive habit,

it all stems from the choice of each person. — Don M. Green


First we create the habit,

and then the habit shapes us the way it wants to.

Conquer bad habits,

or one day they will rule you. — Rob Gilbert


People who think rambling never try to control their thoughts,

and they don’t know the difference

between positive and negative thoughts.

They allow their minds to be occupied

with whatever thoughts come to mind.

People with such a habit of wandering thoughts

are sure to wander in other areas as well.

A positive attitude is at the top of the list

of the 12 most valuable qualities.

Only those who use their time carefully

and have the habit of self-discipline can achieve that quality.

No matter how much time you spend on your work,

if you do not have a positive attitude and spirit,

your work efficiency will not be much. — Napoleon Hill


Habits are actions that are repeated over and over again.

From the blink of an unconscious eye

to every movement of the universe

is affected by the law of habit.

Life is a series of habits one after another.

Good habits will bring you practical benefits.

On the contrary,

bad habits will negatively affect your daily life,

and even cost you dearly.

Habits can help you make a career

but can also destroy your fortune,

as the French naturalist Jean Baptiste Lamarck said:

“Habits make a person second nature”.

Habits are formed

through the mechanism of “repetition of actions”

and there is no moral judgment on them.

Habits are either good or bad.

But it is worth noting

that the human brain works based on the law of habit,

so controlling habits is very important.

The difference between leaders

and those who are satisfied

with the position of an employee is the ability

to control thoughts.

While leaders seek to control their thoughts,

others often allow their minds

to wander from one thought to another.

Thoughts are the only thing you have complete control over

if you want to.

Your brain will register an action the first time you do it,

it will become a habit the second time,

and a trail will appear the third time.

Forming a habit is like saving money.

You can turn small coins today into a huge fortune tomorrow,

if you know how to save.

Similarly, even the smallest behaviors can become habits

if they are repeated over and over again.

When you act on positive criteria day by day,

the time will come,

it will become your habit and your way of life.

Take control of your thoughts to master your habits.

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