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Life changes when we change! Gratitude attitude

Chapter 7: Gratitude attitude

I remember as a child I was reminded to be grateful

for the good things that I have in life.

My mother told me to be gentle,

to pray and to thank me for being cared for by my parents,

having good food,

a warm bed,

having brothers and sisters,

good health and all that.

I also remember the time

when I went to bed and my mother stuffed a pencil

and a piece of paper in my hand

to write down all the things

that I felt happy to have!

(Then it’s always my rage

when I explain that I never get

what I want and the world sucks for me.)

I never wrote that list and don’t see any value in doing it.

If God really did exist,

there would be nothing more interested in him

than the pleasure of playing tennis with me.

A few years later

I learned to see “attitude of gratitude” in a completely different way.

I discovered that the mind can do a lot of things.

I understand that we will get what we think

or subconsciously expect.

Only by feeling good will we get good things.

We must not only be grateful for

what we have from a spiritual point of view

but also from a scientific point of view.

The spiritual masters have taught

that we should pray for blessings.

Wisdom lies in understanding that the mind is a magnet

that attracts towards you what you think about most.

If Fred continues to complain that everything is not right for him,

that the money is not enough,

there is no lover or the job is not good,

he will be like this forever.

If he is consciously,

he will downplay opportunities,

refuse help and get more and more bogged down.

His subconscious will cause him to miss opportunities,

and take all risks,

and his world will open up as he predicted.

He only has an image of loss and need

and his life will be as he believes it to be.

I have observed that the universe is very fair in forgiving you,

but if a person keeps focusing on what he does not have,

he will get less of what he wants.

I also learned that the people

with the best relationships are the ones

who rate themselves very highly.

Those who lead an active

and responsible life are those

who are always satisfied

with what life gives them.

It seems that in many cases we are socially bound

and often look at the dark side of life.

There are 10 good things and 10 bad things.

We tend to pay more attention to the wrong.

When Junior gets 11 points out of 20 on a math test,

we don’t pay attention to 11 points for the right part,

but only 9 points for the wrong part.

When we have a headache,

we don’t say “My boobs, stomach,

arms and legs are great!”

We just say, “My head hurts!”

We worry about stains on the collar

and don’t see that 99% of the shirt is still clean!

Many people believe that if it is realistic

and reasonable to pay attention to the flaws first!

Someone once said,

“If you are miserable about the things you want and don’t have,

think about the things you don’t want and don’t have!”

Everything has its good side!


An attitude of gratitude will ensure

that we pay attention to what we want.

When we think we are living a happy and fulfilling life,

we are satisfied with what we already have and attract all that is good to us.

More and more we find ourselves “at the right time and in the right place”.

It’s a real system.

What if the opposite is true,

the more we complain and lament,

the less we act,

the less we achieve.

The thought is that invisible clouds will bring light or rain to you.

Thoughts sow action,

actions reap results.

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