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Brian Tracy! Goals! Continually Visualizing

Brian Tracy! Goals!

Chapter 17: Continually Visualizing

Nurture your visions and dreams as if they were brain children;

is the plan that will lead you to the highest achievement. — Napoleon Hill

You possess almost limitless mental powers to use when needed.

However, many people are unaware of these powers

and do not know how to use them to achieve their goals.

That’s why they only get average results.

When you begin to unleash

and unleash the power of your unconscious and superconscious mind,

you will achieve more in a year

or two than most people can achieve in a whole year in life.

You will come fast your goals are more than you think.


Your Most Powerful Capacity

The ability to imagine is perhaps the most powerful power you have.

All improvement in your life

begins with an improvement in the images in your mind.

Your current state is largely guided by the pictures in your mind.

When you change the images in your mind,

your outer world will change accordingly.

Imagination activates the Law of Attraction,

attracting the people, opportunities,

and outside resources into your life that you need to achieve your goals.

Imagination also activates the Law of Similarity,

whose content is As it is inside, so it is outside“.

As you change the pictures inside your mind,

the world outside will also begin to change.

Since you will become what you always think of,

you will also become what you always imagined.

Wayne Dyer said, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”

Orator Jim Cathcart said, “Who you see is who you become.

Dennis Waitley, author of Seeds of Greatness,

says that the images in your mind are

“the first pictures of the exciting things coming into your life”.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than practice”.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Imagination will rule the world”.

Napoleon Hill also said:

“Whatever the human mind can perceive and believe, it can come true.”


Importance Of Vision

The most common quality of leaders at all levels, at any age, is vision.

This means that they can imagine

and envision an ideal future quite some time before it becomes a reality.

Just as Walt Disney clearly saw the image of a fun,

family-friendly amusement park years before Disneyland was built.

The truth is that your mind is always working to visualize something,

one way or another.

It’s when you think of a person or thing, remember a past event, imagine an upcoming event,

or even “dream in the middle of the day”.

It is important that you learn how

Work and control your imagination and focus on it,

like a laser directed entirely at the goals that matter most to you.


Forecast success

Successful people are those who envision and enjoy success in advance.

Before any experience,

successful people often visualize the experiences

they have had before, and see this time as well.

A successful salesperson will visualize and remember successful transactions.

A successful trial lawyer will visualize

and remember his or her ability to present in court during a successful trial.

A successful doctor often envisions

and remembers a successful treatment for a certain patient in the past.

On the contrary, unsuccessful people also use their imagination,

but in a way that is not beneficial.

Before a new experience, they often recall and visualize their previous failed experiences,

and so they always have the obsession to fail again in their mind.

It becomes a subconscious bias, leaning more toward failure than toward success.

Let me take an example, in specialized athletics

There is a training method called “mental rehearsal”.

Top athletes often picture their key success events in mind before they enter the competition.

They see themselves performing at their best before every event.

In the days and hours before a big competition,

they envision themselves succeeding, over and over again.

They regularly recall their “personal moments” from past competitions

and “play” these “mental videos” of these successful moments in their minds.

They see

Satisfied and happy,

satisfied when the peak capacity is shown.

They became excited and happy at the thought of having

to do just as well in the next competition.

And when the tournament started,

considering themselves with such positive thoughts, they were the winners.



Every time you borrow money,

you’re robbing your future self. — Nathan W. Morris

You have used the power of your imagination constantly in your life.

But the problem is that most people use their imagination randomly on impulse,

so sometimes it helps them and sometimes it hurts them.

Your goal should be to take full control of the visualization process and ensure that your mind

and mental pictures are constantly focused on what you want to be

and the kind of person you want to be.

Besides the fact that you can control the shaping of your personality

and qualities through the images in your mind,

changing the images in your mind also helps you to change the way you think, feel, and behave.

You can change how you treat others and how they respond to you.

You can change your work efficiency and end results.

You can really reinvent yourself to be the best kind of person you can imagine yourself to be.

These are all possibilities where you can use your imagination to the fullest advantage.



You must gain control over your money

or the lack of it will forever control you. — Dave Ramsey

Benjamin Franklin, America’s first millionaire, a brilliant statesman,

diplomat and inventor, started his life as a poor boy in Philadelphia,

apprenticed in a Small printing company.

He is a person

Straight-forward but likes to reason and reason,

so they often make enemies with many people

and later they prevent opportunities as well as inhibit development.

At one point in his young life,

as Franklin reveals in his autobiography,

he realized that his personality was a huge risk

that could destroy his chances of long-term success.

American society was in its infancy.

Therefore, he decided to form in his personality a series of important characteristics

such as sincerity, humility, prudence, discipline and honesty,

these are virtues that He felt it was essential

if he wanted to reach his full potential.

For years, week after week,

both Washington

and Franklin practiced the power of imagination.

They think of a trait or quality that

they want to represent.

They imagine and imagine that

they already have that quality.

In all their interactions with others,

they think of this “inner mirror” to see how they should behave

and then act in a way that is consistent with that ideal inner image.

Over time, these internal images have become deeply etched into their unconscious minds,

merging both the person and their individual style into one.



Money moves from those who do not manage it to those who do. -Dave Ramsey

Figure skaters who perform with their music often have moments of deep relaxation,

eyes closed, imagining themselves skating

with that music before performing.

One of the benefits of this is that

they see themselves performing the ice skate perfectly,

over and over again,

even when they haven’t actually stepped on the rink.

By that time, their unconscious mind has been trained

to help them perform their repertoire fluently and skillfully.

Your flesh-and-blood body doesn’t have a brain of its own.

The slightest movements of your fingers

or toes are controlled by the “central computer” that is your brain.

It is your brain that sends nerve impulses throughout your body,

all the way to the muscle groups that help coordinate your physical activities.

When you imagine,

you are actually running the program for t

hat central computer to direct your body to follow it.



The rich take great care managing their assets

and investments while the less well go into debt buying cars

and televisions they don’t really need.- Yuval Noah Harari

You can study and practice the four components of the visualization process to ensure that you have

You can make the most of it wherever you are in your life.

How often?

The first aspect of the visualization process is frequency,

which is the number of times you fantasize about a particular goal being accomplished,

or imagine yourself performing wonderfully in a particular event or situation.

The more often you repeat a clear mental picture of your best ability or outcome,

the quicker that goal will be recognized

by your unconscious mind

and the quicker it will become a reality in part of reality.

How much time?

The second element of visualization is

how long you store that mental image in your mind each time you think of it.

When you are deeply relaxed,

you can often maintain a mental image of your highest potential manifesting

for a few seconds or even minutes.

The time you only

The longer you maintain that mental picture,

the more deeply it will be etched into your unconscious mind

and the quicker it will manifest into reality in later situations.

How clear is it?

The third element of the visualization process is vivid clarity.

There is a direct relationship between the degree of clarity with

which you can see your goal

or desired outcome come to mind with the speed at

which it becomes a reality.

This factor is what explains the power of the Law of Attraction

and the Law of Reciprocity.

This is an interesting point.

When you set a new goal for yourself,

the image of this goal will often be blurred and vague.

Maybe you have no idea what the image of what you want.

But the more often you write it down,

review it, and keep it in your mind,

the clearer it will become to you.

At that point, the target will suddenly appear in your world,

exactly as you imagined.

How strong is the intensity?

The fourth element of the visualization process is the intensity,

the degree of emotion you attach to your visual image.

In fact, this is the most important

and powerful component of the visualization process.

Sometimes, if your emotions are strong enough

and the visual image is clear enough,

your goal will immediately become a reality.



Stop buying things you don’t need,

to impress people you don’t even like.— Suze Orman

Of course, the factors of frequency, time, vivid clarity,

and intensity can yield two results opposite result:

help you or harm you.

Just like a double-edged sword,

it can cut in any direction.

It can help you succeed or bring you failure.

For example, anxiety is a negative form of goal setting.

It’s the process of thinking, imagining,

and visualizing in your mind what you don’t want to happen.

When you’re nervous, you’re using your imagination in a negative way.

Exactly the problems that you don’t want to happen

will be sucked into your life.

Therefore, you must be very careful

with how you use this imaginative power.



The rich invest their money and spend what is left;

the poor spend their money and invest what is left.— Jim Rohn

When my wife and I got married,

we only had a small amount of money,

and after I opened my business,

that little money quickly ran out.

However, like all couples,

we always talk about our “dream home” in the future.

We imagine ourselves living in a perfect home of our own

and are constantly excited for the idea.

Although we were living in a rented house at the time

and were very tight on finances,

we signed up for subscriptions to beautiful home magazines

like Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest.

At the end of the day. week,

we come to visit the most beautiful houses in the area.

We strolled through the beautiful rooms of luxurious houses

and imagined ourselves living in such places.

Fully confident that the imagination process will eventually pay off,

we created spring books to stick pictures

and descriptions of these beautiful homes.

Over a long period of time,

we have come up with a list of 42 elements

that we would like to have in our ideal home.

At the same time,

I continued to focus on working,

building my own company,

increasing my income and saving money.

Within a year of starting the imagining process,

we had moved from a rented house

to a beautiful home we bought in an ideal land.

The home is ideal in many ways,

but we know in our hearts that it is not yet our “dream home”.

After another year and a half,

we moved again,

this time to San Diego.

After a month of searching through dozens of homes for sale in the city,

we came across a house that had just been put up for sale two days earlier

and realized right away that it was our dream home.

It took about 2 months to negotiate the purchase price

and 5 months to arrange the financing,

but according to the plan

We have owned our dream home and live in it to this day.

And it’s amazing that the house has 41 ideal elements in the list of 42 elements

that we have listed for our perfect home.



Wealth is not his that has it,

but his that enjoys it. — Benjamin Franklin

As with goal setting, the two best times

to imagine are late evening and early morning.

When you visualize that your goals are accomplished before you go to sleep,

your unconscious mind takes on it on a deeper level.

It then adjusts your words and actions throughout the next day,

so you’ll say and do what can help make your goals a reality.

Another time to imagine is early morning.

Having a clear mental picture of the goals

you want to accomplish for the day increases your chances of being successful, precise,

and on schedule as you imagined.



It’s not how much money you make,

but how much money you keep,

how hard it works for you,

and how many generations you keep it for. — Robert Kiyosaki

I want to repeat that all progress in your life begins

with an improvement in your self-image in your mind.

Let’s get started now from today with lots of pictures

of the kind of person you want to be,

the life you dream of, and the goals you want to accomplish.

Cut from magazines with images that

are consistent with your goals and aspirations.

Stick them all over the place and review them often.

Discuss them often and keep imagining them.

Make your life a non-stop active process of visualization,

visualizing and dreaming of your ideal goals and perfect future.

This can help you more in reaching your full potential than any other practice you learn.



The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. ― Leo Tolstoy

1. Imagine the future and imagine that your life is perfect in every respect.

So what was that life like?

Whatever your answer, visualize the picture on a regular basis.

We own at least 3 small booth and 1 market for rent in countryside

and we also own 4 Grocery store in Bangladesh city or capital;

Our son own 2 the notary office in the big city.

2. Crop pictures of the objects you want to have

and the kind of people you want to be in the future.

Take a look at these photos

and think about what you can do to make them a reality.

A wonderful mom and  a amazing wife of the richest man in Bangladesh.

3. Use flashbacks before all important events.

Use your mind to “see” yourself at your best in everything you are doing or striving for.

We can leave assets for life.

This confirm that we had ever stay in life.

4. Constantly bring to mind clear,


emotional images of what you want.

Remember that your imagination is

a preview of the fascinating things in your future life.

We are finance freedom,

we can do what we like,

with whom we like,

anywhere, any time and we do together.

5. Design your dream home, dream company or dream career.

Write down all the necessary ingredients

if you want these to be perfect in every respect.

Think of this as a daily reality.

Small house with flowers in front of yard and vegetable in garden.

It also have book room.

6. Make visualization an integral part of your life.

Invest the time to regularly form interesting mental pictures of yourself

and your life exactly as you want it to be.

Then have full confidence that these pictures will be realized as soon as you are ready.

Couple as friend, love, take care and be with me.

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