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Brian Tracy! Goal! Unlock Personal Potential

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 1: Unlock Personal Potential

Human potential is like an unexplored ocean,

a pristine new continent,

a world of possibilities waiting to be untied for greatness. ― Brian Tracy

Success is the goal to aim for,

and everything else is just to fuel the journey.

All successful people have a tendency to focus on their goals.

They know what they want

and put all their energy into it,

every minute and every hour to achieve it.

In this process,

the ability to set goals can be considered the most important skill.

Goals untie a positive attitude,

freeing up ideas and energy that will help you reach your goal quickly.

Without a goal,

your future will only be left to chance.

Opposite to a definite target,

you will rush like an arrow towards the destination.

There is always a lot of potential in you that has not been awakened

and the truth is that you have only used a very small part of them.

It doesn’t matter where you come from,

the most important thing is where you are going.

Your own desires and thoughts will motivate you

to confidently develop your abilities

and stimulate your level of inspiration

to move quickly towards the finish line.



Goals are like magnets.

They’ll attract the things that make them come true. ― Tony Robbins

Perhaps the greatest discovery in human history is

that a person’s mental power has the power

to create almost every aspect of their life.

Everything created by human hands in this world

is born from a thought

or an idea of ​​someone before being transformed into reality.

Do you realize that all your actions

and deeds are rooted in a thought,

wish, hope, dream of yourself or someone else?

Human thinking is always creative.

It shapes one’s own world and influences everything

that happens to that person.

The outside world is a mirror that reflects the world in you,

creating a valuable philosophy:

You will become what you think about most often.

When asked about the things they often think about,

successful people say they often think about

what they want to have,

and how to get there.


less successful and unhappy people often think

and talk about things they don’t want to experience.

They are busy with their own troubles

or with the shortcomings of others.

Living aimlessly is like driving in a dense fog.

No matter how convenient and modern your car is,

you still have to drive slowly

and cautiously even on the flattest roads.

A clear goal allows you to accelerate,

move quickly forward to achieve what you really want.



It is never too late to be what you might have been. ― George Eliot

You take a pigeon that instinctively finds its way home

and put it in a cage.

Cover the cage with a cloth and place it in a crate.

Seal the box and put it in the cab of a truck.

Then you drive that truck to a very far from the original location.

When you open the crate

and release the pigeon from the cage,

it will rise into the air,

circle a few times,

and then fly back to the exact place we took it,

even though it’s thousands of kilometers away.

You have the same goal-directing abilities as the pigeons,

but there’s an even more magical edge to you.

When you know your goal,

you don’t care how far away that goal is

or how to achieve it,

you just need to decide what you really want

and go from there,

straight to what you want.

It is a miracle that the target will also move towards you correctly,

and at a specific time in the future,

in a specific place,

you and your target will meet.

These are instinctive actions,

so you can absolutely achieve your goals,

whether it’s something

as simple as watching tonight’s TV show

or creating a fulfilling life.

Like a pre-programmed machine,

your targeting mechanism works automatically

and continuously to fulfill all your desires that are already “set“.

The size of your goal depends on how you feel about your inherent abilities.

If you put

Set yourself small goals,

automatic goal finding mechanism will help you fulfill your wishes.

If you set great goals,

your natural energy will push you to achieve them.

In short,

it’s up to you to decide the size,


and details of your goal.



Do what you have to do

until you can do what you want to do. ― Oprah Winfrey

Here’s an interesting question:

If goal-finding is automatic,

why are there so few people who know how to set clear,


and methodical goals?

This is truly one of man’s greatest mysteries.

In my opinion,

there are four main reasons for this:

Most people think that goals don’t really important.

Most people don’t realize the importance of goal setting.

If you live in an environment where family or friends never discuss

or evaluate the meaning of goals,

chances are you will grow up not knowing that the ability to set

and Accomplishing your goals has a huge impact on your life later in life.

Try looking around you see!

How many of your friends

or loved ones clearly understand

and stick to their own goals?

Most people don’t know how to set goals

Humans have absolutely no concept of setting goals for themselves.

Some people even confuse goals with wishes

and dreams such as “earning a lot of money”,

“always happy”,

“a warm family”.

The goal must be something completely different from the desire,

it must be clear,

specific and listed.

As a goal setter,

you can easily

and quickly present your plans to others.

At the same time,

you can define,


and plan to accomplish your goals.

Most people have a fear of failure

Failure often causes people to feel depressed, tired,

hurt and damage both physically and mentally.

And in life,

there is no one

who does not experience a few failures.

After each time,

each of them told themselves to be more careful

and not to fall into the same stain again.

But the shadow of the mistakes is still too great

and they cannot overcome,

simply because they do not know

how to stand back to set goals for themselves in such circumstances.

As a result,

their lives pass below their means.

Most people have a fear of rejection

Fourth, many people don’t set goals

because of their obsession with rejection.

They fear that

when they set goals that are later not achieved,

others will criticize and ridicule them.

To prevent this from happening as a hindrance and frustration,

we should keep our goals secret

when setting our goals.

Just let everyone see the result

when you’re done with it.

That way no one can hurt you.



Don’t call it a dream call it a plan. — Zig Ziglar

In What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School,

Mark McCormack mentions a Harvard study

that was conducted over 10 years,

from 1979 to 1989.

In 1979, the question posed to graduates of the HBS MBA(*) program was:

“Have you set clear goals for your future on paper

and a plan to accomplish them? ?”.

The results were surprising:

only about 3% of graduates ever did.

13% have goals but haven’t written them down.

The remaining 84% have no specific goals at all,

other than wanting to get out of school quickly.

Ten years later, in 1989,

the researchers reunited and interviewed the members of that course.

They found that in the group 13% are earning twice

as much on average as those in the 84% quintile.

But the most surprising thing is that in the 3% group,

the average income is now 10 times higher than

that of the remaining 97%.

The only difference between these groups was the clarity

of their goals after graduation.

No directional signs

Clarity and specificity in goal setting are extremely important.

Imagine you need to find a house on the outskirts of a big city

where there is no signpost

and you don’t have a map of that city in your hand.

All you get is a general description of the location of the house.

In this case,

how long do you think it will take you to find that house?

It may take you a lifetime!

Or if you do find that house,

it’s mostly luck.

But sadly, this is also how most people are treating their own lives.

Many people start life as starting a wandering journey aimlessly in a world

with no direction,

no clear map.

It’s like starting a business

without a goal and execution plan.

They simply explore things in the usual sequence of events.

Even 10 or 20 years later,

they still feel unsatisfied with their work,

unhappy with their marriage,

and unable to develop themselves.

Their life is still going home every night,

turning on the TV,

and then hoping

and dreaming that tomorrow will be better.

But that wish rarely comes true.

Simply because they themselves refuse

to participate in the planning process for their future.



The distance between your dreams

and reality is call action. ― Ben Francia

Aristotle, the Greek sage,

once gave the very important teaching

that man is a living creature with a purpose.

He argued that all human actions have a purpose.

They are only happy

when their wishes are fulfilled.

And Earl Nightingale,

a famous American speaker,


“Happiness is the gradual realization of a satisfactory idea or goal.”

Indeed, happiness only comes

when we know how to continuously strive towards something important

to ourselves.

Victor Frankl,

founder of the psychology school of realist analysis

of the meaning of life

believes that the need:

The greatest human need is to find the meaning and purpose of life.

When setting goals,

you will form an idea of ​​​​meaning,


and direction in your life.

At that time,

you will feel stronger,

more enthusiastic and more productive.

You will also feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.

Each step towards your goals will be a stepping stone for you

to increase your confidence in yourself

to accomplish bigger goals in the future.

It seems that more people are afraid of change

and confused about the future than

at any other time in history.

And one of the biggest benefits of goal setting is

that you can control the direction of change in your life.

That means you are completely self-directed

and self-directed most of the changes in your life.

The most important thing is to have a clear goal

Human potential has extraordinary power.

You already have the ability to achieve most of the goals you set

for yourself in the person you are right now.

Your greatest responsibility is to take the time necessary to clearly

and precisely define what you want,

and to realize what is the best way to get it.

The more you look at a clear definition of your goals,

the more you can unleash your potential

to achieve good things in life.

However, most people do not realize and use their full potential.

According to a study by Stanford University,

the average person only uses about 2% of his intellectual capacity.

The rest of the energy just lies in reserve for later time.

It’s like your parents give you a $100,000 budget,

but you only take out and spend $2,000.

The remaining money remains in the account

and you never use it for the rest of your life.



If you don’t know where you want to go,

then it doesn’t matter which path you take. — Steve Jobs

Desire is the leaven that helps us to reach every success in life.

Only when the desire becomes intense will you have enough energy

and motivation to overcome all obstacles on your way.

And it is a fact that most of what you want,

if you have enough perseverance and intensity,

you will definitely achieve them.

H. L. Hunt,

a billionaire in the oil industry,

when asked about the secret of success,

replied that to be successful requires two conditions

and only two conditions.

Firstly, you must know exactly what you want.

Almost everyone has no definitive answer to this question.

Second, you must know the price you will have to pay for achieving them,

and then focus on solving it.



You should learn from your competitor,

but never copy.

Copy and you die. – Jack Ma

At a restaurant,

we have a meal and then pay the bill.

But in the buffet, we serve ourselves

and have to pay before enjoying the food.

And life is more like a buffet than being served at a restaurant.

Many people make the mistake of thinking

that they only accept to pay after they are sure of success.

It’s like sitting in front of the “fire of life” and saying,

“give me some heat first

and I’ll put in the wood later”.

Zig Ziglar – American speaker,

author and businessman,

once said: “The elevator to success is broken.

But the stairs are always ready.”

And Aristotle once held

that the ultimate goal of all human activities

is the attainment of personal happiness.

According to him,

whatever you do,

aim to improve your own happiness in some way.

And whether

or not you may or may not be happy,

happiness should always be your highest goal.



I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become. — Carl Gustav Jung

Setting goals,

constantly striving

and finally achieving them is the key to happiness in everyone’s life.

Goal setting means so much

that just thinking about it can make us feel happy.

To unleash and maximize your potential,

you should make it a habit to set

and accomplish goals daily throughout your life.

You should focus your mind on always thinking

and talking about

what you want instead of thinking about

what you don’t want.

From now on,

you must be determined to aim for specific goals,

like a rocket or a dove orienting toward important goals.

Your life,

your future will be happier

when you constantly strive to identify

and persistently achieve more

and more of what you really want.

The clearer your goals are,

the more you can maximize your potential

for success in your life and career.



If you set goals and go after them

with all the determination you can muster,

your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. — Les Brown

Think that you always have the ability to achieve any of your goals.


What do you really want to be?

A kind child,

a wonderful mom and a amazing wife.

what do you want to achieve,

Leave assets for husband and son.

and what do you want to do?

Motivate husband and son.

What gives you the greatest sense of meaning and purpose in life?

A value person.

Reflect on your personal and professional life.

Imagine your ability to change the world around you?

What should, or can, change?

Teach people around me change their life.

Do you often think and talk about what you want or don’t want?


What is the price you will have to pay

when you reach your most important goal?

Buy apartment in Bien Hoa city.

After answering the above questions,

what do you need to do right now?

Focus on our goals

Time management is really personal management,

life management and management of yourself. — Brian Tracy

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