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Jim Rohn is happy and healthy! Goal: Make them work for you

Chapter 4. Goal: Make them work for you

“I didn’t come from money,

I started from zero

and I have massive appreciation for anyone

who can accumulate wealth.”– Grant Cardone

Without dreams and vision,

we would be ruined.”

That’s true,

but you know what,

the opposite is also true.

If we have dreams,

we can do extraordinary things.

In previous chapters,

I showed you how to choose goals

and get started on achieving them.

Now you will learn how to make dreams fit your life.

First, you need to understand

that once you have set goals that are really important to you,

you are no longer the person you used to be.

Real goals will impact almost everything you do during the day.

They are always with you no matter where you go.

Your handshake,

the way you dress,

the tone of your voice,

the way you feel

– it all changes once you have a goal.

That’s because when your goals are important,

everything you do becomes related

to the accomplishment of these goals.

But for goals to really motivate you,

affect your life,

they have to be worthwhile.

I once asked a man,

“What are your goals for the month?”

He replied,

“I need to find a way

to earn enough money to pay all these bills…”

That was his goal!

I’m not saying paying the bills shouldn’t be a goal

– it could be.

But that is a trivial goal.

I certainly wouldn’t put it on my list of life’s

most inspirational motivators.

You can’t jump out of bed on Monday morning and say,

“Oh my gosh, you’re out there again

and struggling to make enough money

to pay these bills.”

For goals to transform you,

you must aim high.

Set them far enough to force you

to grow and put forth more effort;

Set them high enough

to ignite your imagination

and drive you to action.

However, it is also important

to avoid setting them so far out of reach

that you lose enthusiasm before you even begin.

“Do not go to work to work,

go to work to prosper.”– Grant Cardone


The true purpose of the goal

Let me share with you an interesting idea.

The real value of setting goals is not in achieving them.

Getting what you want is really second only.

The real reason for setting goals is

to attract you to be someone

who has the necessary qualities

to accomplish them.

Let me explain:

What do you think is the most valuable thing about being a millionaire?

Is that millions of dollars?

I do not think so.


the greatest value lies in the skills,



and leadership qualities you will develop

as you rise to high status.

That is the experience you will gain in planning

and developing strategies.

It is the inner strength you will develop

to have the courage,


and determination

to make a million dollars.

If you give a million dollars to someone

who doesn’t have the attitude of a millionaire,

that person will most likely lose it.

However, when you take all the wealth

from a real millionaire,

very quickly that person will create a new fortune.


Because people

who have achieved millionaire status have developed the skills,


and experience

to duplicate this process over and over again.

As you can see,

when someone has become a millionaire,

the least meaningful thing is

what they have.

The most important thing is

what they have become.

Here’s a question you should spend some time thinking about:

What kind of person do you want

to be to get all the things you want?

In fact, why not write some thoughts on the matter

in a notebook or workbook.

Write down the types of skills you need

to develop and the knowledge you need to have.

The answer will give you some new goals

for personal growth.

Keep this rule in mind:

Income rarely outstrips personal growth.

That’s why we have to examine ourselves.

I often look at my life and ask,

“Well, this is what I want,

but do I want to be that kind of person?”

If I’m too lazy,

if I don’t want to learn,


research and grow to be

what I’m supposed to be,

I can’t expect to attract what I need.

Now, when faced with a choice,

I must decide to either change myself

or change the things I want.

“Your problem isn’t the problem.

Your reaction to the problem is your problem.”– Grant Cardone


Don’t get overloaded

When setting goals,

especially for the first time,

it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process.

My advice is to relax.

If you feel you are not equipped enough

to achieve what you want,

remember this:

Your ability will grow to fulfill your dreams.

This is the magic of goal setting.

The more you work towards your goals,

the more new opportunities will open up for you.

And in every new opportunity

there will be the seed of a solution

to a previously seemingly unsolvable problem.

So don’t be afraid to get started.

This journey will take you far beyond your wildest imaginations.

I know.

The person I was 25 years ago

when I met Mr. Shoaff is now a stranger to me

I am no longer that person.

I changed.

You too.

Many people are afraid to move on

because of past failures and pain.

They carry burdens in their souls,

burdens that,

if you don’t let go,

will forever make you miserable.

Friend, there’s nothing you

and I can do to change the past.

It has passed and is buried.

However, you can do a lot for your future.

You don’t have to be yesterday’s friend.

You can make changes in your life

– amazing changes in a relatively short time.

You can make changes that you may not be immediately aware of,

if you only give yourself half a chance.

Your abilities will grow.

You can tap into potentials you never knew existed.

And over time,

you’ll tap into new reserves hidden deep

within your creativity.

Before you know it,

you will be able to accomplish goals

that currently seem unattainable.

You can solve problems

that you never thought you could solve.

Your mind will generate fresh

and creative ideas.

Why is the target so powerful?

How can they make this happen?

I do not know.

I guess this question belongs in a particular category

that I call “the mysteries of life”.

All I can tell you is that it really works.

Discover yourself.

Give yourself a chance to be all you can be

and accomplish all you can be.

“There are three steps to wealth:

First you have to make money,

then you have to keep it,

then you have to multiply it.” – Grant Cardone



There is a commandment in the Bible

that teaches all you need

to know to get what you want.

That is: “Request”.

That’s all – ask.

Make sure you learn this.

What does “request” mean?

Ask means:

Ask for what you need.

And its full formula is amazing.

That is:

“Ask, and you will receive”.

I think we should consider this…

The request first kicks off the receiving process.

Asking is like pressing a button

to activate an incredible machine,

both intellectually and emotionally.

Like I said, I don’t know how or why it works,

but I know for sure it does.

There are many things

that work well whether we understand

how they work or not.

Just operate them!

Some people never get started

because they are too busy researching to the root.

And there will be others who choose

to pick the fruit while researching the roots.

It all depends on where you want to start.

I recommend starting with the request.

Second, get, the rest of the formula above,

is not the problem.

You don’t have to work with the receiving part.

It’s automatic.

So if it’s not difficult to receive,

where is the problem?

It was a failure to request.

One man said:

“Try working in my position,

it’s already late when you get home.

He ate too much,

watched TV

for a while to relax and then went to sleep.

You can’t sit there until midnight asking,



And this guy is always late to pay his bills.

He is a good worker,

a hard worker,

a true worker.

But you have to do better than working hard

and honestly all your life

if you don’t want to end up broke and poor.

You must become better than the good worker.

You must be a good requester.

“Now I understand,” he said.

“For the past year I have woken up every day

and tried my best.

But nowhere in my house is

there a list of the things I demand of life.”

How about you… how’s your list?

Third, what you can get is like the ocean

– there are many.

Success is never lacking.

It’s not so finite that by the time

it’s your turn everything is already distributed.

No no!

If that’s true then what’s the problem?

The problem is that most people come to this ocean

of opportunity with a tablespoon.

Can you imagine this image?

A tablespoon!

Given the size of the ocean,

should I suggest replacing the tablespoon with something larger?

How about a bucket?

It might not be the best thing you can do,

but at least it won’t make the kids laugh at you…

There are two more things about the request…

First, ask intelligently.

Don’t mumble in your mouth.

You won’t get anything by mumbling.

Must be clear… must be specific.

Smart inquiry also includes answering questions

about the characteristics

of what you are asking for,

such as:







color .

Please describe what you need.

Define it.


a well-defined goal is like a magnet.

The better you trim,

the stronger they suck.


ask with confidence.

Trust is the childish part of you.

This means you believe in getting what you want.

Believe like a child.

Believe without pessimism,

cynicism of the adult part of you.

You see, most of us become too pessimistic.

We have lost that wonderful innocence,

our childhood faith and hope.

Don’t let this stop you.

Believe and have faith in yourself and your goals.

Get excited – just like a kid.

Be as enthusiastic as a child

– nothing goes viral faster.

Children think they can do anything.

They want to know everything.

That’s so great!

They hate going to bed at night

and jumping out of bed in the morning.

Children can ask a thousand questions.

And just when you think you can pull away and do your thing,

they’ll ask a thousand more questions.

But, of course,

their curiosity is a noble trait.

When you activate your own childlike sense of curiosity,

it becomes easier to become a more mature requester.

“Cash flow is not bragging rights.

It’s financial freedom.”– Grant Cardone


Goal setting and time management

Time management is a popular topic in this day and age.

There are many books,

tapes and seminars on this topic

and many people are hungry for information on

how to use their time more effectively.

How about you?

Would you like to be a better time manager?

Then you need to understand this:

If you don’t have goals,

you can’t manage your time effectively.

Productivity is the result of clearly defined goals.

Time allocation is not essential

if the goals are not firmly defined

and vivid in mind.

It’s that simple.

This is one of the many reasons why it’s so important

to have your goals written down on paper.

“There’s no shortage of money,

only of people thinking big enough.”– Grant Cardone



One of the difficulties we face in the age of industrialization is the loss

of the sense of seasons.

Unlike the farmer whose priorities change with the seasons,

we become unaffected by the rhythms of life.

As a result,

we don’t balance our priorities.

I will illustrate what was said:

For a farmer,

spring is the most active season.

It was a time when he had to work all day,

wake up in front of the sun and still work hard

when the clock struck midnight.

Farmers have to keep equipment running at full capacity

because there is only a short time to plant their crops.

Then when winter came,

he had little work left to keep himself busy.

Here is a lesson.

Learn to use the seasons of life.

You need to decide when to go all out

and when to take it easy,

when to take advantage

and when to let things progress.

You can easily maintain office hours from year to year

and lose your natural sense of priorities and cycles.

Don’t let one year get mixed up with another

in a seemingly endless series of duties and responsibilities.

Mind your own season,

to ensure that you remain conscious of the value and essence of things.

“The goal is not comfort, it is freedom!”– Grant Cardone


Main and Secondary

An important part of setting priorities is learning

how to separate the minor things in life from the main ones.

This is a good question to ask yourself

whenever you have to make a decision.

Is that the main point or the secondary point?

By asking this question,

with the goal in mind,

you reduce the risk of spending your prime time on side projects.

There’s one more thing you also need to remember:

Don’t spend extra time on the main things.

It is easy to mix up these values.

Parents spend three hours watching TV

and only ten minutes playing with their children.

A manager spends most of the day filling out forms

and spending very little time motivating employees.

These people have lost the ability to discern

what is important and what is trivial.

The same concept also applies to money.

Don’t spend important money on unimportant things

and vice versa don’t spend extra money on main things.

Some people spend a lot of money on food

to nourish the body

and spend very little on spiritual food.

Wouldn’t it be foolish to spend more money on candy than on books

and tapes to inspire your soul?

The best way to use your time and money is

to put the maximum value into it.

It’s called prudent investment for maximum results.

“Starting at the bottom isn’t a deficit.

It’s a gift.”– Grant Cardone



Any professional athlete can tell you about the terrible price

to pay for lack of focus.

Just one moment of distraction

and you will lose the number one position

as well as the big money.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Concentrate on everything you do.

When you write a letter

– focus.

Trying to solve a problem?

“Money comes when you do what

you’re good at and work hard at it.”– Grant Cardone



Having a conversation?

That’s right, focus.

It may be hard for you to believe the impact this has had on your life.

Of course, it takes time for your mind to wander.

But you should only do it for the amount of time you have dedicated to this.

And when you’re wandering,

don’t do anything else.

Take a walk on the beach or drive up the mountain

away from the pressures of life.

Let the breeze blow through your hair

and let your mind soar.


That’s good for you.

But only do it when you have set aside as “dream time”.

All the other time, focus.

“If you don’t confront the tough stuff

it will always have control over you.”– Grant Cardone


Actual dosage

One last point to consider…

Even with the most carefully thought out plan of action,

you may still not get what you want. I know.

How can I say that after spending so much time showing you

how to get what you want?

Am I a double-talker?

Why can’t you get what you want?

Because that’s life.

Sometimes it rains hail on your crops and destroys everything.

Occasionally, termites of life gnaw at your foundation.

That’s not fair, you say?

Maybe not.

But because that’s life, we accept it as it is.

However, the good news is that there is also a lot of good news.

If you follow the system

I have shared with you,

you will achieve much more than much

You will have more chances to get what you want.

And this is the best you can do for yourself.

“Never lower your target;

increase your actions.”– Grant Cardone



No one can tell you what to do when inspired by them.

No one can tell you what you can do by believing in them.

No one can tell what will happen to you when you act on them.

Just try following this system for 90 days.

Just try it! It can work for you even better than for me.

I pray that for you.

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