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Brian Tracy! Goal! Determine Your Values

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 4: Determine Your Values

The universe is made up of all that exists, including one God,

one principle of existence,

one law shared by all thinking beings,

and one truth. ― Marcus Aurelius

One of the most important qualities of leaders

and successful people in every field

is that they always define their self-worth,

they know who they are,

what they believe in,

and what they stand for.

With a strategic vision,

with the ability to clearly define their goals,

values ​​and ideals,

they always achieve remarkable achievements in

whatever work they strive for.

On the contrary, people who do not understand their self-worth,

they also try to manage,

busy with their work

but often do not achieve everything as expected.

Life is about experiencing yourself inside and out.

It is the core values ​​within you that

have built the image you are today.

All your actions and behavior on the outside are controlled

and determined by your inner values.

Therefore, the more clearly you define your inner values,

the more accurate and effective your outward actions will be.



Goals are dreams brought to life. ― Amy Leigh Mercree

Imagine your personality is made up of 5 concentric circles,

representing 5 different levels of personality.

The center of the circle is your values.

From this value center it determines your beliefs,

also the next circle.

If you carry within yourself positive values,

such as love, benevolence,

and generosity,

then believe that you

and those around you deserve

to receive and give such things.

In turn, your beliefs will determine your expectations the third circle.

When you form positive values ​​and beliefs,

you will become a good person.

At that time, you will expect good things to come to you

as well as to those around you.

You will always have a positive,

cheerful attitude and good direction for your future.

The next circle represents the fourth level of personality

which is your attitude.

Attitude is the outward expression

or reflection of your values,

beliefs, and expectations.

When you form values ​​about a good world,

belief in success in life,

and hope for new things to come to you,

you will become happier and more optimistic

when you know other people are also spending your time,

similar feelings towards you.

This also explains the fact that anyone

with a positive attitude always achieves great results in life.

Finally, the fifth circle,

or life level,

is your action.

The actions you show on the outside are a reflection of your values

​​and beliefs from deep within.

Therefore, what you achieve in life will be largely

determined by what is going on inside rather than by external factors.



Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. — Brian Tracy

No matter how wise a person is,

it is difficult to hide all of their thoughts

if we take the time to consider their outward manifestations.

Almost always, if someone’s soul holds values,

if they are positive, optimistic, have clear goals

and future orientation, they will certainly enjoy a happy,

successful and prosperous life in real life.

Aristotle once said that the ultimate goal of man is the desire

to achieve his own personal happiness.

You will be a happy person

if what you show in your outer life is in harmony

with your inner values.

Indeed, when you live according to

what you think is good and right,

you will feel happier and more positive.

In it, your goals and values ​​must be compatible.

When you have clearly defined your own values,

you must think carefully about truly meaningful goals in your life

because this is the launching pad for you to rise

to high achievements,

outstanding achievements.

Conversely, when your goals and values ​​are not compatible,

no matter how hard you try,

you will cause stress,




and frustration.

Therefore, your main responsibility to yourself

in order to create a perfect life is to define

as clearly as possible your values ​​in everything.



A good archer is known not

by his arrows but by his aim. ― Thomas Fuller

Stephen Covey said:

Make sure that when you’re on the ladder of success,

it’s leaning against the right wall.

In life, there are many people who have worked hard

to achieve their goals,

but then they do not feel satisfied

or satisfied with their achievements.

Simply because their outward achievements are not compatible

with their inner values.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Socrates once said:

Life is meaningless if it is not tested“.

As with your values ​​or any other area of ​​your life,

you need to clearly define your true values ​​on a “forward-looking” basis.

Please stop often and ask yourself:

What is my value in this area?

In the Bible it is written:

What profit will a man gain when he gains the whole world,

but loses his own soul?”.

What do you think when you know that

the happiest people in the world are those who live in harmony

with the beliefs and values deep in their souls;

And the most unhappy people are those

who are trying to live against their values and beliefs?



A goal is a dream with a deadline. ― Napoleon Hill

Belief in yourself is the foundation to greatness.

It originates from listening to one’s own intuition,

listening to the quiet sound in each person’s soul.

People become great when they listen to the inner voices

and fully believe that they are being guided

by an extraordinary power from within.

Living in harmony with your true values ​​

is the glorious path to confidence,

self-respect, and pride.

In fact, almost all human problems can be solved by returning to values.

Whenever you encounter a problem,

look at yourself and ask yourself, “

In this case, how should I compromise my inner values?”



You should set goals beyond your reach

so you always have something to live for. —Ted Turner

How do you know what your true values ​​are?

The answer is very simple.

Because you always show true values ​​through actions,

especially actions when under pressure.

Whenever you find yourself forced to choose one behavior or another,

you will always choose the behavior that

you consider most important and valuable to you at that moment.

In fact, values ​​are organized on a scale from strong

and important to weak and unimportant.

To clearly define your true values ​​and expectations,

you need to prioritize your values.

Once you have a clear understanding of the importance of values,

you can adjust your life to fit them.



You have to believe it before you see it. ― Aysa Angel

Learning about your past is also a very scientific method

for you to determine your true values.

For example, how did you behave when under pressure?

Think positive future

How did you choose with your time or money when forced?

Define what can be impact to goal. 

Through questions like these,

you will better understand your outstanding values ​​

when falling into that situation.

Dale Carnegie once said,

“Tell me what creates the strongest feelings about a person’s importance,

and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life.”

What makes you feel important?

What increases your self-esteem and pride?

What achievements in life give you a sense of pride and fulfillment?

After answering, with these questions,

you will perceive to some extent the signs of your true worth.



The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach. — Benjamin E. Mays

Emmet Fox, an expert in the field of self-improvement,

when referring to the importance of “aspiration in the heart”,

raised a number of questions:

Where is the desire in your heart?

What is the deepest thing in your heart that

makes you want to achieve more than anything else?

Or as a friend of mine once asked,

“What do you want to be famous for?”

To better understand this,

try answering the following questions:

What would you like others

to say about you when you’re not there?

What would you like people

to say about you at your funeral?

How do you want your family,

friends and children to remember you?

How is your reputation now?

How would you like your reputation to be in the future?

From today, what do you need to do to build the reputation you desire?



The only goals you don’t achieve in life are the goals you don’t set. ― Matt Fox

There are many people because of misconceptions

and misconceptions that they have to pay dearly in life.

When they fall into difficult circumstances,

they have made friends with inappropriate objects

and have committed illegal or socially unacceptable behavior.

Worse, some were even convicted and jailed.

But at some point,

they want to change their own life,

by changing the values ​​they believe in themselves.

This decision helps them change their lives,

leaving the past behind to look to the future.

How about you?


It doesn’t matter where you come from;

Most importantly, where are you going?



The great glorious masterpiece of man is

to know how to live with purpose. — Michel de Montaigne

According to psychologists,

the level of self-evaluation of each person will determine the level

of happiness of that person.

How you rate yourself is determined by your subjective image.

This is how you see and think about yourself

in your everyday interactions with people.

Your subjective image is shaped by your subjective ideal.

It’s the subjective ideal that is drawn from your virtues,





and aspirations.

Here’s what psychologists have discovered:

the more consistent your actual behavior is with your ideal behavior,

the more you will like and respect yourself

and because of that, you will feel happier.

On the contrary,

when actual behavior is not consistent with ideal behavior,

then you will not realize your true worth,

and at the same time will feel that

your capacity is not being maximized,

and your happiness level also decreases as a result.



The comfort zone is the great enemy of courage and confidence. — Brian Tracy

The time when you show your ability at the highest level is

when your subjective image is improved,

your self-worth is enhanced,

you will feel happier about yourself and the world around you.

For example, every time you are praised

or celebrated for an achievement,

your self-esteem will increase,

sometimes very high.

You will feel good about yourself and your ideals and successes in life.

Therefore, you should systematically set goals

to enhance your self-worth in everything you do.

You should present yourself

as an excellent person

as you have always expected.



 There are only two rules for being successful.

One, figure out exactly what you want to do,

and two, do it. — Mario Cuomo

In terms of work and career, what are your values?

Do you think you also have values ​​such as integrity, hard work,

trustworthiness, creativity, cooperation, dynamism,

progress, and getting along with people?

By embodying these values ​​at work,

you will achieve more success and gain more respect than if you show nothing at all.

As a family, what are your values?

Do you believe in the importance of true love,

constant encouragement and reinforcement,

patience, forgiveness, generosity,

friendliness and consideration for those

who have great influence in your life?

your life? These values ​​will help you live a much happier life.

In the financial sector,

where do your values ​​manifest?

Do you believe in the importance of honesty,

hard work, frugality, perseverance,

education, great performance?

These values ​​will enable you to develop your ability

to lead you faster to financial success.

What about health?

Values ​​such as discipline, self-improvement,

and self-control are related to the regime,

if eating, exercising

and resting are applied thoroughly,

you will surely have an ideal body

and great health as you always desire.



If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal,

not to people or things. — Albert Einstein

Perhaps the most important human value is integrity.

Through real life, many people have concluded:

“Integrity is not only a value but it also guarantees all other values”.

This is a very useful lesson for us.

Because when we live consistent with a certain value,

integrity will determine whether we will pursue our goals to the end or not.

The higher the degree of integrity,

the stronger we feel in everything.

Truly great people have always been judged

to have a very high degree of integrity.

They themselves always show consistency

between their actions and their highest values ​​

even when no one is watching.

In contrast, mediocre people always work in vain

and always compromise their integrity,

especially when no one is watching.



Every adversity contains, at the same time,

a seed of equivalent opportunity! — Napoleon Hill

Define yourself today to be a respected person,

someone who is true to himself and to those around him.

At the same time, you should also clearly show your values

​​in every aspect of your life.

Then, write down behaviors that are consistent with those values,

and be prepared to refuse to compromise for any reason.

Once you have fully taken responsibility for your life,

defined your values,

and set your sights on a perfect future,

you can begin to set clear, specific goals for yourself.

Be ready to reach for the good things in life.



Don’t worry about what others think;

care about what you think of yourself. ― Debasish Mridha

1. Write down a list of 3 to 5 values ​​that you consider the most important in life.

What will you really believe and aim for?

Wonderful couple

Successful son

Finance freedom

Stay long time

Open angel shop system

2. What qualities and values ​​will people see in you?

We are honesty, hard work, frugality, perseverance,

education, great performance.

3. What values ​​do you consider the most important

to strengthen relationships

with those around you?

Love and believe together

4. What are your values ​​in the financial sector?

Do you express those values ​​every day?

Simple couple

5. Describe a portrait of a person you think is ideal,

and who you would like to be if there were no limitations.

Wife of the best rich man in Bangladesh

6. Try writing a list of things you want your friends,

family, and people around you to say about you in your absence.

Kind person

7. What would you like to change in your behavior

to live more consistent with your values?

All time positive mindset

What you think, so you will become. — Napoleon Hill

Do one thing at a time.

Start the day with a list of things you have to do,

and do the most important things first. — Brian Tracy

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