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Brian Tracy! Goal! Design your life

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 3: Design your life

You will become as small as your desire to control

and as great as your great desire. — James Allen

Through my research,

I’ve found that there’s one important trait

that all great leaders have: vision.

If you are a leader,

you must have a vision,

otherwise you will not be a true leader.

As I said, the most important discovery in human history is

that we will become what we think about most often.

The question is: what do most leaders think about most of the time?

It’s the future and where they’re headed,

and what they can do to get there.

In contrast to them are people

who only think about the present,

the joys and problems in front of them.

They often think and worry about the past,

they believe that what has happened cannot be changed.



Don’t pray for an easy life,

pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. — Bruce Lee

An important quality of leaders is to know “future-oriented”, that is,

they always look towards what they want to achieve,

the goal they want to achieve at some point in the future.

Once you start thinking about your future,

you also start thinking like a leader,

and you will soon get the results you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Edward Banfield at Harvard University,

after more than 50 years of research on this issue,

has concluded that “strategic vision” is the most important factor determining

the success or failure of a person’s personal and financial life all of us.

According to Banfield, strategic vision is

the ability to think a few years into the future

when making decisions in the present”.

Indeed, the more you think about the future,

the more you do in the present will be a solid premise

for your plans to come true.



Don’t let what you cannot do interfere

with what you can do. — John Wooden 

For example, if you set aside $100 each month from age 20 to age 65

and deposit it to earn an average rate of 10% per year,

you’ll have more than $1 million in retirement.

For many people, the amount of $100 a month is not the problem,

it is whether they have a strategic vision for the future.

From this example,

we can see that we can become millionaires in the future

if we start saving money regularly

and stick to our strategic vision of financial independence right now.



No one can make you jealous, angry, vengeful or greedy.

Unless you let him. — Napoleon Hill

In the process of personal strategic planning,

you should also start with a strategic vision of your life

by idealizing all the things you do.

In the process, you should build an impressive image in 5 years for yourself

and start thinking about your future life in the next 5 years

if all goes according to plan.



Don’t let others define your self worth! ― Aysa Angel

The biggest obstacle in item setting goal.

The goal is “self-limiting beliefs”.

This often involves areas where you think your abilities are limited.

You think you are not suitable for a certain field

or are weak in intelligence,



creativity or a certain quality.

As a result, you may not be able to reach your full potential.

When you underestimate yourself,

you often fail to set goals

or set goals that are not within reach of your true abilities.

You can break down these obstacles

by combining idealization and future orientation.

Think there are no limits to yourself.

You feel completely comfortable in terms of time,

believing in your ability to demonstrate your ability

to achieve any goal you set.

In short, imagine that you don’t have any limitations

that might prevent you from pursuing the goals

that are truly important to you.



Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating,

and be consistent. — Venus Williams

In the process of researching “top talent”,

Charles Garfield made a very interesting discovery

that although a person over the years only achieves average results in life and work,

after that can still make any and achieve great results.

They did it because at the “takeoff point”

they were doing what he calls “thinking high.”

According to this method of thinking,

you imagine that everything is within your reach,

as simple as looking up at the clear blue sky,

with no limits at all.

Think of a perfect life in the future.

Then you go back to the present moment and ask yourself:

what do I need to do right now to create such a perfect future?

The answer will tell you where your future lies.



Someone is sitting in the shade today

because someone planted a tree a long time ago. ― Warren Buffet

When idealizing and future-oriented,

you shouldn’t make it easy to compromise your dreams

and vision in exchange for smaller goals or half the success.

Instead, “dream big dreams

and think of the future as if you were one of the most powerful people on the planet.

Decide what you really want to create a future

who is perfect for yourself.

Right now, start building and investing in your work,

so that in 5 years you will have a solid career as expected.

Let’s start answering the following questions:

1. What will your career look like?

We own the 4 Aysa Angel supermarkets in Bangladesh

2. What will you do?

We save expenditure,

We deposit 90% income,

We associate with our young brother buy and sell lands more,

We learn from success men by reading their books daily.

3. Where will you do it?

We will open the 4 Aysa Angel supermarkets in big city and capital of Bangladesh

4. Who will you collaborate with? 

I am collaborate with my husband.

At what level do you place your responsibilities?

We are 100% responsibilities

5. What skills or competencies do you need?

Finance, invest and sell

6. What kind of goals will you have to accomplish?

Ringgits 50.000 in end 2022, Ringgits 100.000 in end 2023

7. What position will you rise to in your field?




Set your goals high,

and don’t stop till you get there. — Bo Jackson

Before answering these questions,

remove all limitations and barriers in your thinking

and believe that all possibilities are possible.

Peter Drucker once said,

“We often overestimate what we can achieve in a year,

and underestimate what we can achieve in 5 years.”

Now, to build a vision of your future financial situation,

you need to answer the following questions:

1. In the next 5 years, what is your income?

40% gross profit margin(Revenue minus Cost of sold)/Revenue=40%

2. What’s your lifestyle like?

Simple and finance freedom(without depend on other’s money)

3. What kind of house would you live in?

Small house

4. What car will you drive?

Ford car

5. To what extent can you ensure the quality of life for your family?

Happy and comfortable

6. How much money will you have in the bank?

10.000*12 months*5 years= Ringgits 600.000

7. How much money will you save and invest each month and year?

Ringgits 10.000 per month and Ringgits 100.000 per year

8. How much money do you want to have in retirement?

Ringgits 10.000.000

Imagine you have a Magic Board.

On it, you can write down anything you want,

or erase anything that happened in the past.

Just like that, you will create a picture of your own life in the future.



Discipline is the bridge

between goals and accomplishment. — Jim Rohn

Take a close look at your family and relationships over the next 5 years

and answer the following questions:

1. If your family life is perfect in the next 5 years, what will it be like?

I can do what I like

2. Who will you live with? And who are you no longer with?

My husband and my son

3. Where and how will you live?

Dhaka, Bangladesh

4. How is your quality of life?

Finance freedom, happy and healthy

5. What will your relationship with the most important people in your life

look like in the next 5 years,

if everything is perfect?


When you think of a perfect scenario,

you need to ask questions like:




Where and How?.

They will stimulate creativity

and ideas to help you accomplish your life goals.



You are not rich until you have a rich heart. ― Roy T. Bennett

Please check your health status by answering the following questions:

1. If you tried to train to have a perfect body in the next 5 years,

what would you look like and how would you feel then?

Fit body

2. What is your ideal weight?


3. How much time do you spend exercising in a week?

15 minutes *6 days = 90 minutes

4. What will your general health be like?


5. How do you need to change in the mode, eating,

exercising and unhealthy habits to ensure future health?

Less sugar, meat and eat more vegetables+ drink juice

(no smoking, drink wine, less bottled water)

Then put yourself in the shoes of an influential figure.

If your participation in social activities is at an ideal level then:

1. What will you do then?

Business consultancy and Motivation speaker

2. How are you working or contributing to the community?

10% total incomes and motivate others

3. What plans do you strongly believe in and support?

How can you get more involved in those areas?

Open 4  supermarket (Grocery stores)



Never give up.

Today is hard,

tomorrow will be worse,

but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. ― Jack Ma

The basic difference between those who achieve their goals in life

and those who fail is “action orientation“.

People who achieve a lot in life often have a very strong orientation to action.

When an idea pops into their heads,

they immediately take action.

People with poor performance are also full of intentions,

but they always have excuses for not taking action.

It is right to say that

the road to angel is paved with great intentions”.

Consider yourself in terms of skills,




and education.

If you have grown to the highest level possible,

answer the following questions:

1. What knowledge and skills do you need to improve over the next 5 years?

Sell, serve, finance, and invest real estate

2. In what areas will you be recognized for absolute excellence?

Communicate and listen

3. What will you have to do every day to hone the necessary knowledge

and skills to become one of the leading experts in your field in the future?

Read business, investment book 3 hours per day

4. How can you acquire the skills and expertise needed

to be number one in the industry in the next 5 years?

Open 1 mini supper market(Grocery stores) first.



There is no such thing as failure.

There are only results. — Tony Robbins

Decide how you want to create your ideal life

and design your schedule to be perfect:

1. What do you want to do on weekends and during vacations?

We can visit parents, visit schools in countryside

2. How do you want to reduce the amount of work by: week / month / year?

48 hours per week

3. Where do you want to go?

Islamic country

4. How would you like to organize your year schedule

if you were in complete control of your own time?

Count how much I sell daily, make sure all transaction

with 40% profit margin base on revenue

There is a saying that goes like this:

Without vision, man will perish“.

This means that if you lack a proper vision for your future,

your motivations and enthusiasm will also be “dead”.

On the contrary,

with the right vision of the future,

you will constantly push the motivation to turn your ideal vision into reality.



You are the sum total of your dominating

or most prominent thoughts. — Napoleon Hill

Remember this: happiness is the continual realization of an ideal”.

When you set clear and specific goals or ideals,

you will feel happier about yourself and the world around you.

You will notice each of your thoughts

and actions becoming more positive and optimistic.

You will also feel an inner drive to push you towards the things you want.

Regularly reflect on the bright future.

Remember that the best days,

the happiest moments of your life are ahead.

The future is still are waiting for you.

The more clearly you are aware of your future,

the faster you can attract all resources to you,

synergizing with you to make your desires come true.



Life is either a daring,

adventure or nothing at all. ― Helen Keller

1. Believe that there is always a solution to every problem,

there is no limit,

no obstacle to prevent you from accomplishing all the goals you have set.

So what will you do to uphold this belief?

We focus on our goal.

2. Practice the “thinking high” method.

Put yourself in the context of the next 5 years and look back to the present.

What do you need to do to make your world truly ideal?

Focus, Perseverance and Discipline.

3. Imagine your financial situation is excellent in every way, consider things like: 

What is your income level?

10.000 ringgits deposit in bank per month

(2.000 ringgits from other loan, 2.000 from salary, 6.000 from tips)

What is self-worth if quantified?

Make all customers is big customers,

I can make them happy,

laugh and comfortable,


From today, what steps do you need to take to turn these goals into reality?

Positive thinking

4. Imagine your personal and family life being perfect.

So what would life be like then?

We own 4 supper market, my son have the notary office in city

From now on, what should you start focusing on?

Focus on our goal daily, all time

and what should you minimize?

Don’t let any one make noise, nobody can impact us

5. Design a timetable for the perfect year.

Starting today, what will you change?

I can change mindset from poor boy to the richest man in Bangladesh

6. Think of the perfection of the state of health

and fitness that you can possess.

So from today,

what should you do to achieve that perfection?

I and my wife can stay to 100 years old.

Intense, burning desire is the motivational force that

enables you to overcome any obstacle

and achieve almost any goal. — Brian Tracy

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