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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Free

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 15: Free

After all, our only freedom is to discipline ourselves. — Bernard Baruch


Be true to me

Really day and night

Really will become familiar

Do not cheat anyone else. — William Shakespeare


The most important condition for success is self-discipline.

Self -discipline is the tool that we can use to control

and control our emotions at will. — Napoleon Hill


Faith is only true if it is used.

You can not have muscular arms if you do not often use them.

Similarly, how can you build trust with thoughts and words?

There are two words inseparable from faith:

steadfast and action.

If you have a specific,

clear goal

and embark on acting with consistency,

the belief will definitely come.

A consistent goal combined with a pure motivation

will dispel all doubts,

fear as well as other negative thoughts,

and make room for the belief in reigning.

However, it is necessary to act.

The belief that does not come

with action is just a dead belief. — Napoleon Hill


The foundation of success lies in self -discipline

and is expressed through autonomy.

Self -control is the courage to be used at the right time,

the ability to self -control

and control all of their emotional states.

If you compare people like a boat,

the autonomy is the steering wheel

to keep the boat in the right direction,

overcome the turbulence of life.

The happiest person is the one who can control himself.

Calm is one of the manifestations of autonomy.

The person who keeps calm is always hidden in his great power.

Calmly helps people retain wisdom

while others are no longer patient.

When someone is blamed,

when all criticisms are on you,

when you are constantly stumbling

or when your friends turn your back

that’s when you need autonomy and calmness.

Knowing yourself

and keeping your calm,

you will get peace and be willing to fight

for the noble goals of your life.

Try to keep your calm and calm,

wise mind in every situation, okay!

The autonomy is created by patience,

the ability to keep silent

and restrain yourself for a further goal.

People who cannot control themselves will never control others.

The autonomy is always the winner

because they always know

how to control themselves in every situation.

With their alertness,

they calmly analyze the problem

to offer the most effective solutions.

The autonomy of the leader is an example

for subordinates to follow.

Autonomy plays a very important role in the process

of forming the personality of each person.

It helps us balance our personality and life.

Everyone was born with the same qualities,

but only when we know

that I forge myself under the direction of autonomy can we form

the necessary and useful qualities for ourselves.

You can practice autonomy

by eliminating your confusing thoughts and fear.

Once you have formed autonomy,

you will have the necessary wisdom to understand the nature

of the problem and offer the most effective solution

for your work and life.

“People will forget what you said.

They will forget what you did.

But they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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