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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Focus on

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 10:  Focus on

Concentration means devoting all your attention,

interest and passion to the achievement of a definite goal. — Napoleon Hill


Concentration is defined

as “the habit of setting a specific goal and contemplating it

until you find your direction and how to get there”.

The principle of focus is not to procrastinate;

Its basic foundation is confidence

and a sense of self-discipline.

The principle of focus and habit are inseparable.

Habits can be rooted in concentration,

and vice versa. — Napoleon Hill


Our lives are getting busier and busier

and each one is constantly striving for his or her own goals.

All these tasks and goals surround us like spokes

around the hub of a wheel.

For smooth operation,

each part of the vehicle must work together in a synchronized

and coherent manner.

Likewise, to be successful in work

as well as in life,

each of us needs to know how to combine all three elements:


planning and acting.

Concentration means devoting all your attention,


and passion to the achievement of a previously set goal.

Concentration means

that you give your best to the task at hand

without being dominated by any other actions.

Concentration helps people stay consistent on the path

to pursuing the ultimate goal.

“You always have to focus in life on what you want to achieve.”— Michael Jordan

Focus on your work,

then success will come to you exactly as you want.

Concentration is not only a quality required

when you embark on a task,

but it also proves useful in each person.

Realize your own ability and focus on action

to make your dreams come true is the basic condition

for building a happy

and fulfilling life.

Plan your life and focus on it.

Take action so that every moment of your life is spent in a useful way.

Surely when you complete the work,

you will experience a wonderful,

meaningful feeling.

“Focus on the solution, not the problem.”— Walter Anderson

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