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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich! The Fourth Step To Wealth: Finance Knowledge

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich!



Education – it’s your own image created by yourself.

Man will seek for himself the knowledge he needs.

Follow a simple plan,

and you’ll start from scratch.

The only difference between a rich person and poor person

is how they use their time. – Robert Kiyosaki




“We must learn to apply all that we know

so that we can attract all that we want.” — Jim Rohn

There are two types of knowledge:

basic knowledge and special knowledge.

Basic knowledge,

that is, general knowledge,

no matter how deep and diverse,

will not be needed for you to make money.

The great universities have almost all kinds

of basic knowledge known to human civilization.

Yet most professors are not among the richest people in the world.

They specialize in the teaching of knowledge,

but no one can claim that they specialize in the use of knowledge.

Knowledge cannot attract money

until it is organized intelligently

and without a detailed plan of action

to achieve a certain goal accumulating wealth.

The reason for this simple mention is

because millions of people continue

to believe in the common misconception

that it seems that knowledge is power.

Completely wrong!

Knowledge – just potential power.

It becomes real power only

when it is processed into a clear action plan

and focused on the end result.

This flaw in the education system is especially evident

when different training institutions try

to teach their students to organize

and use their existing knowledge

in every possible way.

People mistakenly think that Henry Ford is an uneducated person,

because he rarely spends time in school.

Those who think like that do not understand the true meaning

of the word education at all.

It comes from the image of that is,

developing human abilities

and aptitudes,

giving us the basis to say that man is an image,

an image of God.

Educated people do not need to be filled

with all kinds of knowledge,

basic and special.

Educated person! that is a person

who has developed his intellectual abilities,

who can absorb all that he wants,

all that he considers necessary,

and does not infringe on the rights of others.

The philosophy of the rich

and the poor is this:

the rich invest their money

and spend what is left.

The poor spend their money

and invest what is left. – Robert Kiyosaki


Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks,

I like buying quality merchandise

when it is marked down. — Warren Buffett



During World War I,

a Chicago newspaper ran an article

on its front page calling Sir Henry Ford an ignorant pacifist.

Mr. Ford objected to such offensive writing

and filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for slander.

In court, the newspaper’s defense attorneys had Mr. Ford answer as a witness

for the purpose of proving to the court his ignorance.

They asked him many different questions,

with the intention of showing that

: since Mr. Ford knew only one area of ​​automobile production,

in other major and major areas,

of course, he was very stupid.

Questions like this:

Who is Benedict Arnold?

Or how many soldiers did England send to America

to suppress the uprising of 1776?

The last question Mr. Ford answered:

I don’t know how many soldiers I sent,

I just know that the number of people coming home is much less.

Finally, Mr. Ford felt tired.

At a particularly insulting question, he leaned forward,

pointed a finger at the lawyer,

and said:

“If I really want to answer your stupid questions,

then let me tell you,

just At the push of a button in my office,

there will be a range of experts capable

of answering all the questions

I need regarding the business

on which I spend most of my efforts.

So tell me,

why should I stuff my head with nonsense just

to prove that I can answer any question,

when I have enough people to guarantee me any knowledge?

Which formula do I need?

In this answer there is a really great logic.

And it confused the lawyer.

All those present at the trial could see

through Mr. Ford’s wonderful response

that they were not at all an ignorant man,

but, on the contrary,

a very educated man.

You must also agree that if a person knows

where to get the necessary knowledge,

and how to translate it into a concrete action plan,

then he or she can be considered educated.

Thanks to the experts in his Brain Center,

Sir Henry Ford has the unique knowledge

that has made him one of the most dignified men in America.

It doesn’t really matter which head this knowledge resides in.

It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses.

It’s more important to grow your spirit

that cut your dreams. – Robert Kiyosaki


The best thing that happens to us is

when a great company gets into temporary trouble…

We want to buy them

when they’re on the operating table. — Warren Buffett



Before you want to be sure of your ability

to turn desires into money.

it is necessary to acquire some special knowledge in your chosen field

But let’s assume that special knowledge is more than you can absorb,

or that you are not inclined to learn.

Don’t go to work to work, go to work to prosper. — Grant Cardone

In that case, the BrainCenter will help you fix this small defect.

Want to have great wealth requires a great deal of energy,

which cannot arise without a particular system of knowledge,

well organized and cleverly used.

However, it is not necessary for those

who want to build great wealth to have all these knowledge.

The above will give hope to those

who have dreams of becoming rich,

but do not lack the education

to acquire the necessary special knowledge.

People often suffer

because they think they are worthless because of this lack of education.

But a person who is able

to organize the Brain Center and control the group,

able to use that group to serve his goals,

is as educated as any member of the group.

“The secret is not in the mechanics of money,

but in the way of thinking that makes money.

Once you know how to think,

you will have endless possibilities for making money.”

Thomas A. Edison sat in the school chair

for no more than three months.

But he is not a fool.

And when he died, he was not poor at all.

Henry Ford hasn’t finished sixth grade yet,

but his financial business is perfect!

Special knowledge is the most refined kind of knowledge,

and it can’t be cheaper!

Don’t you believe?

Look at the pay slips of any university!

And then, let’s talk.

Big thinkers understand the importance of saving and investing,

so they focus on getting rich by serving people and solving problems.

An asset is something

that puts money in my pocket.

A liability is something

that takes money out of my pocket. – Robert Kiyosaki


The investor of today does not profit

from yesterday’s growth. — Warren Buffett



First determine what kind of special knowledge you need and for what.

If your intention is serious, the plan is long-term,

then the goal you are working towards will help you define.

Next, pay attention to reliable sources of knowledge.

The most important of them are:

Your own life experience and your own education.

Knowledge and experience gained

through contact with other intelligent people

(intellectual association).

Colleges and Universities.

Public libraries

(books and periodicals in which all the knowledge accumulated

by human civilization is concentrated).

Special courses (afternoon schools and especially home training).

Knowledge by itself has no value.

Once knowledge is acquired,

it should be systematized

and used to achieve specific goals.

And to do this,

as you remember,

requires a realistic plan of action.

If you’re thinking of further study,

first determine what you need it for,

and then figure out where to do it.

Successful people in any field

of activity are always interested in special documents,

related to their business or profession.

It’s a common mistake among unsuccessful,

childish people to assume they’ve learned everything

they’ve learned in high school.

In fact, this education system only points

to a way that people can acquire the necessary knowledge,

including practical knowledge.

The requirement of the times is specialization!

The story of Mr. Robert P.Moor

(formerly head of the organization department of Columbo University)

published in the newspaper confirmed this truth.

the rich invest wisely,

knowing that a mountain of money will fall into their pockets

from the service they provide.

Most people are more interested in the return on their savings

and investments rather than

using that money to create a fortune.

Money is not the goal.

Money has no value.

The value comes

from the dreams money helps achieve.— Robert Kiyosaki



Predicting rain doesn’t count,

building the ark does. — Warren Buffett

When recruiting people to the company,

the most advantageous are still those

who have graduated from business schools,

have the habit of working in the right reporting and statistics regime,

engineers of different professions,


architects professors,


and gifted school leaders

or simply the active guy in his senior year.

Among the students

with good academic results,

the most dominant ones are still those

who excel in positivity in the dormitory,

outperform everyone in most indicators

and get more suitable jobs with their level.

Many of them later received several job offers at once,

particularly gifted people,

sometimes as many as six.

One of the great industrial firms invited Mr. Moor as follows:

We are looking for people with a talent

for production management.

We therefore place special importance on the qualities of personality,


and intelligence,

and value them much higher than academics.

Even in times of economic crisis,

the rich don’t agree with most people’s idea of ​​frugal spending.

Rich are masters at directing their energies to the right place:

Where the money is?

How about you?

Are you focused on saving every penny or building an empire?

Academic qualifications are important

and so is financial education.

They’re both important

and schools are forgetting one of them. — Robert Kiyosaki


The best chance to deploy capital is

when things are going down. — Warren Buffett



Getting rich begins with the right mindset,

the right words and the right plan. 

When he suggested that practice in offices,

shops or factories be included in the student training program.

during the summer holidays,

Mr. Moor started from the following:

after two or three years of study in graduate school,

Every student must choose

for himself a future specialization,

and if he is passive or agitated,

he must take a break from school.

The graduate schools

and universities have encountered the need to teach students

the habit of practicing the professions they have chosen,

he asserted the direct responsibility of the school.

One of the reliable,


and easily accessible sources of specialized knowledge are dimensional schools,

which exist in all major cities.

Reciprocal schools provide specialized learning

by means of reinforcement throughout the United States.

The main advantage of homeschooling in the flexibility of the curriculum,

allowing learning at a pace that works for you.

Another advantage of this type of training

(if you choose the right school, of course) is:

in addition to the main course

there are many valuable training sessions,

which are essential for special knowledge.

Better yet, it doesn’t matter where you live.

And in addition,

If you have money,

you can study two or three people that’s OK.

Rich people think that to make a lot of money,

it must be considered a breakthrough process.

They are masters at monetizing ideas.

They realize that the ideas are endless,

so the money is endless.

Winners are not afraid of losing.

But losers are.

Failure is part of the process of success.

People who avoid failure also avoid success.— Robert Kiyosaki


I always knew I was going to be rich.

I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute. — Warren Buffett



If there is something in life

that is given for free or without much effort,

it is often not appreciated and not trusted.

Maybe that’s why we get little benefit in high school.

But what a wonderful ability this is!

When going through a certain specialized training program,

the self-control of the person will partially compensate

for the omissions in the free training.

I recommend you to study business function schools.

Tuition is low, so they have to pay from the start.

When they have to spend their guts,

like it or not,

students continue to study,

good or bad grades,

even though in other situations they are long gone.

Contribution schools are not too inclined to this,

but the financial conditions

they set have educated people in the ability to make decisions,

to pay on time,

not to mention the habit of getting the job done to the end.

This I draw from my own experience.

The incident took place almost twenty-five years ago.

After reading a certain announcement,

I signed up for a functional course

and did eight or ten assignments.

Then I got bored and dropped out of school.

But the school still regularly sends me payment notices.

Worse, they demanded that I pay

whether I continued my studies or not.

I immediately decided

that I had to finish the course to make up for the money spent.

I fixed myself and got the job done.

Is it because I got paid?

Because most people are misguided,

they never put in the extra effort to come up

with a high-impact solution.

In other words,

everyone has the potential to become rich,

as long as they change their perspective

and way of thinking.

This is why the rich get richer

and the poor get poorer.

You’re only poor if you give up.

The most important thing is that you did something.

Most people only talk

and dream of getting rich.

You’ve done something. — Robert Kiyosaki


Honesty is a very expensive gift.

Don’t expect it from cheap people. — Warren Buffett



America has the best free school system in the world.

But one of the strangest properties of the human psyche:

only what is paid for is precious.

Free schools

and libraries don’t make an impression on people,

the cheap ones are mine!

That is the main reason

why many people after graduating from high school

and preparing to work again need

to continue studying.

That’s also the main reason

why many entrepreneurs appreciate employees

who have passed the training course.

They learn from their own experience.

Those who are so ambitious

that they spend their spare time

on formal education have already acquired

the necessary qualities to manage production.

There is one human weakness

for which nature has no cure: no ambition!

People, especially the salaried type,

who spend their spare time on formal education,

rarely sink to the bottom,

or if ever not for long.

Positivity will pave the way for them.

They will rise, overcome all obstacles in their way,

and will attract those

who are able to create opportunities for them.

The passive training method seems

to be especially reserved for employees

who need extra special knowledge,

but don’t have the time to go back to school.

Stuart Ostin Wirer was a civil engineer

and continued on his chosen path until the recession,

when demand for this service dropped dramatically.

At that time, evaluating all his possibilities,

he decided to become a lawyer,

and returned to graduate school to take more special courses.

After completing the exam,

Mr. Wirer organized a lawyer’s office specializing in protecting the rights

and interests of companies, working very profitably.

Feeling before people are very apologetic,

blaming difficulties of all kinds,

(some say they are busy raising families,

others – that they are too old to study anymore),

I added that Mr. Wirer, recently married,

and when he took back his textbook,

he was 40 years old.

And since this was the best course

from a point of view of teaching the necessary subjects,

in just two years he was able to do a load of work

that would take other law students four years.

Should pay to know where the best knowledge to get!

The rich put in their best efforts in areas

that can bring them profits

while constantly increasing their contacts,


and resources to maximize their results.

Intelligence solves problems and produces money.

Money without financial intelligence

is money soon gone. — Robert Kiyosaki


Someone’s sitting in the shade today

because someone planted a tree a long time ago. — Warren Buffett



Let’s consider a specific case.

One fine day,

the grocer realized that he was unemployed.

Having some experience in accounting,

he passed a special course on office work,

became familiar with new forms of accounting reports,

and studied more about businesses.

Experienced in selling food,

our character contracts

with more than 100 small shops

to do their bookkeeping

for them at very affordable prices.

The idea was so consistent that a short time later,

he moved the office into a small postal van

and equipped it with modern financial equipment.

Today, he is the owner of a fleet

of such talented cars,

and working for him is a team

of employees and helpers.

He served small shops,


and calculated how to make money.

And in the last year,

Mr. Thanh himself paid ten times more taxes

than when he was just the owner of the shop.

And the elements that make up this unique business

are exceptional knowledge plus imagination.

Things still go on starting that thought!

Because I am the one

who has the honor to donate.

This idea is for an unemployed trader,

so I am entitled to include other ideas

that have the potential to generate even greater returns.

I once talked to a wholesale trader.

When I offered to solve his problems,

he reacted immediately:

great idea,

but I don’t know how to get the money out of here!

In other words, he complained

that he didn’t know

how to present his new insights in accounting.

From here, another problem arises.

Thanks to a young typist who put together the materials,

a new book about the superiority

of the new accounting system mobile accounting was born.

Carefully typed pages make up a complete booklet

that serves as a non-verbal advisor.

The book tells about a business so good

that its owner earns more than before.

Rich people also work hard,

but not in the usual sense.

To them,

working hard means outsmarting the competition

and leveraging the wisdom of consultants.

The middle class sees hard work as a badge of honor.

For the rich,

it’s success.

While one group was physically

and mentally exhausted at the end of the day,

There are those who make things happen,

there are those who watch things happen

and there are those who say ‘what happened?’ — Robert Kiyosaki


What you get by achieving your goals is not as important

as what you become

by achieving your goals. — Zig Ziglar



Thousands of people in the country will be grateful to experts

who can write a sensible textbook on the topic of

how to make their services the most expensive.

The mindset outlined below was born out of the urgency

to overcome unforeseen situations,

but anyone can use it.

The woman who is the author of this idea has a very rich imagination.

She foresaw that this nascent idea could grow into a profession

serving thousands of people in need of practical guidance.

Emboldened to action by her first work and concrete plan:

how to sell her services,

this nimble woman set out to solve her son’s problem.

The young man graduated

from high school

but could not find a place to apply his abilities.

The plan she prepared specifically

for her son was the best of all models of its kind.

The plan includes nearly 50 beautifully printed pages of essential information.

It was information about the boy’s inherent talents,

achievements in high school,

personal experience,

social status he wanted to achieve,

and many other information

that I could not list them all.

The main thing, this is a precise plan

of action to achieve the goal.

To create this book, for several weeks,

she made her son go to the public library

almost every day to get the necessary information.

She told her children to go

to their potential boss’s potential competitors

to gather important information about their business methods.

This information is valuable for planning.

As a result,

there are some very good offers in this plan

for the potential boss,

let him use it!

Everyone can tell you the risk.

An entrepreneur can see the reward. — Robert Kiyosaki


Most people fail to realize that in life,

it’s not how much money you make,

it’s how much money you keep. — Warren Buffett



Someone might object:

Oh, why be so busy with work like that?

I replied: Oh, it’s very necessary

it’s not exhausting!

The plan the woman made

for her child helped him get the job he had always wanted,

with the salary he had set for himself.

Moreover, the main thing is the position he received,

which enabled him not to have to start from scratch.

He became immediately a young leader.

Oh, why do you have to describe it like that?

That being said, such careful planning

and thinking had saved the young man at least the ten years

it would have taken him to get to that position.

Is it necessary to start from zero

and then crawl up, up, up? eh or not?

One might think this is normal,

but it could also object: too many people

who start at the bottom don’t raise their heads

for a chance to recognize him,

and they stay at the bottom.

And the bottom-up outlook is not very broad

and encouraging either.

This can cause many people to lose all ambition forever.

Falling into the rut,

we have to accept our fate,

get used to daily affairs,

because habit is the second instinct of man – gradually,

every attempt to change something in life will lost.

That’s also another reason

why it’s better not to start from zero,

but one or two orders of magnitude higher.

By doing so,

form the habit of seeing the prospects,

observing how others grow,

waiting for the right opportunity,

and using it right away,

without a doubt,

without wavering.

Rich people think that money comes from ideas.

They know that the more value they create in the market,

the richer they become.

Great people are masters

at turning life’s most complex problems into simple recipes

that anyone can do.

To get rich in a free market economy

just exchange the solution for money.

The bigger the solution,

the more money.

Just that simple.

I keep hearing ‘I’d rather be happy than be rich.’

Why not be both? — Robert Kiyosaki


The difference between successful people

and really successful people is that really successful people say no

to almost everything. — Warren Buffett



The bigger the solution, the bigger the paycheck.

An example of this type of person is Den Galpin.

While in graduate school,

he was the captain of the football team at Notre Dame Cathedral,

the championship team in 1930.

He graduated at the right time of the adverse recession,

without a job.

At first he tried banking,

then film,

and in the end he found nothing better

than selling electric hearing aids

to the deaf for a commission.

Anyone can start this job – Galpin knows it.

And this knowledge was enough for opportunity

to knock on its own door.

For nearly two years he continued to do his job,

which he didn’t like,

and would probably never have gotten any higher if he had just resigned

and didn’t try anything else.

At first, he tried to be an assistant

to the business manager business.

And he can do it.

This first level is relatively high enough

for him to take advantage of the opportunity.

He is so successful on this front that A.M. Andrews,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dictograph Product,

which competes with the company he works for,

wants to learn more about this Den Galpin guy.

Learn about the person who controls the revenue

that once belonged to the famous

and thriving Dictograph Product company.

Andrews for invitees.

By the end of the talk,

Galpin had become the new sales manager

in the company’s audio division.

To test the young man,

Mr. Andrews went to Florida for three months,

giving the new manager the ability to rise or fall.

And that person stood out!

The mental strength he received from Mr. Knut Rock,

the soccer team’s coach,

helped the young man.

K.Rock said: Oh Winners are never reprimanded,

and losers are never bothered!

And D.Galpin, always remembering that,

set to work so ardent

that it was almost impossible soon was elected

as Deputy Director of the company.

To reach such heights,

many people have to spend decades working

without making mistakes.

Galpin took only six months.

One of the most basic foundations of my philosophy lies here:

whether we stay at the top

or stay at the bottom depends on whether

we have control over the situation we want

to control or not.

The rich know that most of their fortunes are built through ambition,


and vision.

Rich people buy luxuries last,

while the poor and middle class tend to buy luxuries first. — Robert Kiyosaki


In the world of business,

the people who are most successful are those

who are doing what they love. — Warren Buffett



When money realizes that it is in good hands,

it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.

Another thought I want to convey to you is this:

both success and luck are to a considerable extent the result of habit!

I have no doubt that Galpin’s close alliance

with the famous football coach created in his consciousness

the fiery passion for victory

that turned the football team into the German Church.

She became a world famous team

there is something like admiration for heroic characters,

especially the victorious hero.

The working alliance is an extremely important factor

in every success or failure.

I had to demonstrate this when my son, Blaer,

negotiated with Den Galpin about his position in the company.

Mr. Galpin only paid him half of what my son could get

from another company.

I had to use all the paternal influence

I had to convince my son to accept Mr. Galpin’s proposal.

I convinced him that in itself,

cooperating with people

who would not give in to conditions unfavorable

to them was a precious and incomparable thing.

At the bottom, human existence is boring,

monotonous, without any joy.

Therefore, I try by all means

to point out the remedy for the adverse situations

that arise when the start is not very successful.

The ambition of self-made billionaires comes from confidence,

the ability to use thinking and patience

to get what they want.

Most people fail to realize that in life,

it’s not how much money you make,

it’s how much money you keep. — Robert Kiyosaki


You know… you keep doing the same things

and you keep getting the same result over and over again. — Warren Buffett



The ability to sell is the number one skill in business.

If you cannot sell,

don’t bother thinking about becoming a business owner. 

The woman planning to sell her child’s services

is now receiving a lot of cooperation offers

from all over the country.

People who want to sell their services more expensive want to work

with her to build similar plans.

Don’t think that your plan is full of trifles

and that you have helped

those people sell their services more profitably

than they did in the past.

The point is that she takes into account the interests of both the seller

and the buyer, and the buyer will later make up for all the extra money

he spent to buy this service.

If you have a good imagination

and are looking to market your services in the most profitable way,

this advice will be an encouragement

that you lacked before.

An idea that can bring in far more income than a mid-level doctor,

lawyer or engineer,

who wants to get an education that takes a few years.

If you have a great idea,

no one will bargain with you!

What is equally appreciated is special knowledge.

It is easier to have this knowledge than to think.

And there is always a need.

For those who can help others sell their services,

the possibilities for meeting this need in their favor are endless.

One of the human abilities is imagination,

the only quality needed to combine special knowledge

with thought into a profitable scheme.

If you have imagination,

the thought in this chapter will provide enough material to get started

and you will achieve the wealth you desire.

Remember that thought!

that is the main thing.

Special knowledge can be found if you know the place.

Successful people make money.

It is not the people who make a lot of money that will succeed,

but the successful people who attract a lot of money.

It is they who bring success to what they do.

In the real world,

the smartest people are people who make mistakes and learn.

In school,

the smartest people don’t make mistakes. — Robert Kiyosaki


Investors should remember that excitement

and expenses are their enemies. — Warren Buffett



Knowledge – that’s just potential power.

You need to organize your knowledge

so that there is a clear plan of action,

directed towards a specific goal.

Do not underestimate the learning gained from personal experience

or from contact with other intelligent people.

Henry Ford was ignorant enough to be rich.

Use the five sources of knowledge outlined in this chapter.

Want knowledge – very simple.

If you don’t know how to sell,

sell your service or idea at a high price.

The most successful people in this problem is people over sixty years old.

A simple plan can do great advertising

to thousands of disciplined young people.

The replication scheme discussed in this chapter has the potential

to save you decades of life.

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire;

the size of your dream;

and how you handle disappointment along the way. — Robert Kiyosaki



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