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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Fearful

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 26: Fearful

Life is inherently formed from a series of difficulties.

Do you just sit there in fear and lament

or boldly find a solution to overcome that difficulty? — M. Scott Peck

Don’t wrap your life in glass of fear. — Noname


A true life is when you define for yourself a meaningful goal

and persistently pursue it to the end. — Herbert Casson


Nature has given humans absolute control over only one thing,

which is their thoughts.

If we combine this truth with the other fact

that all human creation is rooted in the form of ideas,

we can almost master our fears.

If the view that all thoughts tend to disguise themselves

under the guise of material equivalents is true,

then it is clear that the currents of fear

and poverty can never change

to turned into courage and material wealth.

Some people think it’s easiest

to avoid the work that has to be done.

In fact, the job will become easier

if you face it frankly.

Only lazy people try to find every excuse

to avoid what they should be doing.

Unfortunately, we often learn expensive lessons too late;

but the main reason is that we are cowardly,

refusing to face difficulties when we see it.

Many people avoid problems

that they should have been able to solve easily from their youth,

but then they go around twirling

until they can’t avoid it anymore.

So in the end,

they were forced to face it with pity,

grief and regret.

“Focus on your strengths,

not your weaknesses.”— Gary Vaynerchuk

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