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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Faith

You can! Nothing is impossible! 

Chapter 7: Faith

If you have faith,

there is no need to explain anything.

Otherwise, any explanation becomes meaningless. — Saint Thomas Aquinas


Just have faith in yourself and a will to strive tirelessly,

all your dreams will come true. — Frank Lloyd Wright


To be successful, in addition to constant efforts,

you need to have a clear goal

and a specific plan to lead to that goal.

You won’t achieve any results

if you don’t consistently follow a detailed plan day by day. — Napoleon Hill


Believing in yourself is seen as a necessary leap on the road to success.

In order to achieve good results,

it is essential that you have faith.

The saying “Seeing is to believe” should be changed to

“Believe then see”.

Believing in what you do is extremely important. — Don M. Green,


If it is true that ideas can be turned into reality (which they do),

in the case that you always carry fear in your head

and think you will always fail,

then you will never have the courage to work anything

and it’s hard to become successful.

Anything man imagines

and believes will be achieved has the potential to become a reality.

Trust is the foundation of all success.

Just have faith,

you will definitely win.

The stories of successful examples

from time immemorial convey the message of the power of faith.

To build trust, you must first believe in yourself.

When you do this,

you will feel more confident in the path you have chosen,

as well as the results you will achieve later.

Only when faith is lost do people fall into failure.

From the pitcher,

the soldier on the battlefield,

or the politician,

the business manager to the worker…,

all can only look forward

and do their best

when they have faith.

You must first have faith,

and then that faith will spread to the people around you,

your close friends and subordinates,

and they will put their trust in you.

Faith is always an integral part of anyone’s success.

The distance between an ordinary worker

and the position of a foreman is nothing if he has faith

and knows how to surpass himself with that belief.

Cultivate faith.

Repeating an affirmation is like giving commands to your subconscious mind.

This is an effective method

that can help people develop trust in an active way.

Once your dream is big enough,

all other problems are not worth worrying about. – Aysa Angel

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