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Tony Robbins! waken the extraordinary person in you! Emotional Fate The Only True Success

Part Three: Seven Days To orient your destiny

Chapter 19: Emotional Late – The Only True Success

Day one

* Your target.

Take control of your regular emotions

and begin to consciously and decisively shape

your daily life experiences.

No success is truly success without emotional success.

However, out of the three thousand emotions we have words to describe,

the average person experiences

only about a dozen different emotions in a week.

This does not mean that our emotional capacity is only that,

but it does suggest that we are limited in our

focus on emotions and in our physiological functioning.

From the beginning of the book to now,

we’ve been learning about managing emotions

and you’ve developed a fairly wide range of tools

to quickly and powerfully change any emotion you desire would like.

You now clearly understand that changing the way you feel

is the driving force behind most of your behavior.

So now is the time to develop a dynamic program

for dealing with the negative emotional patterns you often experience.

It is equally important that you give yourself the ability to grow in quantity

and quality of the time you spend in emotional states including:

* Physiological function

* Focus

* Questions

* Sub-templates

* Use conversion words

* Metaphors

* Science controlled by association

* Beliefs

* Future urges

* Values

* Rules

* Experiences to compare

* Personalities

The purpose of today’s exercise is simple:

to make you aware of your existing emotional patterns

and to help you make the most of the above skills

as needed to ensure the formation of your emotional destiny you every day.

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