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Brian Tracy! Goal! Define big and specific purpose

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 6: Define big and specific purpose

To succeed, everyone needs a burning desire

and a clear definition of purpose, knowledge,

and what they want.- Napoleon Hill

A big and specific purpose will give you focus on every passing moment in your life.

Peter Drucker the father of the art of business administration,

said: “Whenever you see something done,

you will find a unique person with a mission.”

The more you think about your specific great purpose

and how to achieve it,

the more likely you are to activate the Law of Attraction in your life.

When you start attracting all the resources, opportunities,

and ideas and people to help you move fast toward your goals,

and your goals move quickly toward you, too.

According to the Law of Correspondence,

your outer experiences will meet and harmonize

with the goals of your inner world.

When you establish and consistently work towards a big

and specific purpose,

your outward manifestations will mirror that purpose.

In addition, a great and specific purpose will also activate the subconscious in you.

Any thought, plan,

or goal that you can clearly define in your awareness is ultimately,

with all your abilities,


it will be transformed into reality.



Keep challenging yourself to think better,

do better,

and be better. — Robin S. Sharma

Inside our brain there is a special organ called the “cortical grid”.

The part of your brain works similar

to the telephone network in a large building.

When there is an external phone call,

the central switchboard will receive and then forward it to the internal line.

Similarly, the cortical reticulum receives all the information

from the outside, processes it,

and sends it to the appropriate parts of the brain

or other conscious parts of the body.

The cortical reticulum plays a role in activating organs in the body.

When receiving a target message from you,

it will strongly activate your awareness

and help you achieve your goal.



You are your greatest asset in the business of your life. ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Do you really want a red sports car?

Make this a goal on paper.

Starting from here, in your head you will picture

and always think of an image of a sports car like that.

The cortical grid takes in this information

and reflects that the red sports car is very important to you now.

The image of this car always appears in your mind.

Not only that, you also keep an eye out for all

the red cars circulating on the road

or anywhere you see.

Similarly, if you intend to buy a motorcycle,

you also start to notice this type of bike everywhere.

Or if you want to travel to Hawaii,

you will also start to notice leaflets, advertisements

or television news reports about Hawaii.

Any goal messages you send to your cortical grid activates your network

of attention to possible ways to make that happen.



The key of success is for you to set one big,

challenging goal and then to pay any price, overcome any obstacle

and persist through any difficulty until you finally achieve it. — Brian Tracy

If you want to be financially independent,

immediately think of all the opportunities

and possibilities

that can help you achieve this.

You will notice the pages of newspapers,

books related to the issue you are interested in wherever you go.

You find it interesting to participate in income

and investment talks.

You seem to be surrounded by ideas

and information

that you think could be helpful in achieving your financial goals.

On the other hand,

if you give unclear instructions to your cortical grid

and your subconscious mind,

you will live a life without direction.

At that time, you are barely aware of all the opportunities

and possibilities that can happen to you.

Someone once said, “The key to life is attention“.

Wherever your attention turns, your life will change in that direction.

When you identify a big and specific purpose,

you increase your focus on whatever is likely to help you achieve that goal faster.



The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. — Walt Disney

At this point, your big and specific purpose can be seen

as the most important goal to you.

It has the potential to help you achieve many more goals.

A large and specific purpose must have the following characteristics:

1. It must be something that you yourself really want.

Your desire for this goal must be very strong.

Once you accomplish a big and specific goal,

you will feel truly excited and happy.

2. It should be clear. You have to define it in words.

Write it down on paper

and know exactly what you want

and how you can achieve it.

3. It must be measurable and estimable.

Instead of saying in general terms,

“I want to make a lot of money,” it is better to say,

“I want a monthly income of $10,000 next year.”

4. It must be feasible.

Your goal cannot be too far-fetched,

but must have a realistic basis and be achievable.

5. It should have a reasonable probability of success, maybe 50 – 50.

If you have never achieved a goal before,

then start by setting a goal that has a probability of success up to 80%.

When guessing, if you are sure of success,

you will have the confidence to move forward.

The confidence from early successes will give you the courage later

to set great goals with a very low probability of success.

6. It must be compatible with other goals or rather,

It should be compatible with your smaller goals

and consistent with your values.



 Turn a perceived risk into an asset. — Aaron Patzer

One woman, after attending one of my seminars,

announced her big and specific goal of becoming a millionaire next year.

But when asked,

she found out that she had just been insolvent, and worse,

was fired because she was incompetent at work.

And when asked why

she set a goal of making 1 million dollars under such conditions,

she turned to me that according to what I just said,

anyone can set any goal.

Great goal in life, as long as they are clear about it,

she believes it will help her succeed.

I had to explain to her and

found her goal to be completely unrealistic

and unattainable under current conditions.

A goal that is too big and unfeasible will only make you more depressed

and frustrated had no effect on her morale in the years to come.

In another seminar, a man confided to me

that his specific great purpose was to bring “peace to the world”.

I had to explain to him that

unless he became the head of a superpower,

he couldn’t do anything impactful enough to bring about world peace.

When he heard those words,

he got annoyed and left.

In both cases, they used the goal setting method “against” themselves.

They set themselves up for failure

before acting on goals that are completely unattainable

and incompatible with their current circumstances.

That approach is a real danger

when you start setting goals for yourself.

It could be a “dead end” that brings you frustration

and boredom instead of excitement and enthusiasm.



It is always the start that requires the greatest effort. — James Cash Penney

In a seminar,

I was really honored to have the opportunity to interact with

a professor of chemistry at a prestigious university,

who won the award.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry two years ago in collaboration with two other scientists.

He told me that when

he started teaching at the university at the age of 20,

he was determined to make an important contribution

to the field of chemistry.

That was his particular great purpose.

And since then, he has focused on his profession

for more than 25 years and finally he succeeded.

“From the very beginning, I made my goals clear.

I never doubted the way forward.

I believe I will eventually do something meaningful for chemistry.

I was very happy when I won the Nobel Prize but I am not too surprised by it.”



The difference between successful people

and really successful people is that

really successful people say no

to almost everything. — Warren Buffett

Now give this exercise a try.

Take out a blank sheet of paper

and write down a list of 10 goals that you want

to accomplish in an upcoming limited time.

Use the present tense as if you already have them.

For example, you could write “I weigh … kg” or “My monthly income is …”.

Once you’ve listed your goals,

go back to each item on the list and answer this question yourself:

If I could accomplish it now,

which goal will have the greatest positive impact on your life?

In most cases,

the goal that you define first is your specific big purpose.

This goal is likely to have the greatest impact on your life

and on the accomplishment of most of the rest.

If there are any goals, write them down.

Then, write down every possibility that will help you accomplish this goal.

Carry it with you and review it often.

Keep this goal in mind at all times.

And constantly seek to achieve that goal.

And use a single question: “How?” to orient yourself.



1. If you are sure of success, what do you think you will do?

We will open shop system in Bangladesh as soon as possible

2. Write down a list of 10 goals that

you want to achieve in the near future.

Then choose one of those goals that

you think will have the most positive impact on your life.

1. Good child, sweet wife and wonderful mom

2. Motivate my husband understand business,

sale and investment knowledge from reading books, discuss daily. 

3. My husband can receive big tips daily,

he can deposit Ringgit 5.000 in Public bank account monthly

4. I can pay my family expense,

I can save a bit money and increase passive incomes

5. I can gain great profit from buy and sell lands in Viet Nam

6. We will open shop system in Bangladesh as soon as possible

7. We can buy big lands in Bangladesh 

8.  Son graduated and he can work in Government

9. Buy one land in Viet Nam for son open the notary office

10. Buy on house in Malaysia around 600.000 Ringgits

3. Quantify the level of success and progress toward that goal.

Write it down on paper.

Ringgits 50.000 end 2022, Ringgits 100.000 end 2023

4. Write down all the possibilities that will help you accomplish your goal.

Choose one thing and act immediately.

Love my husband and son

5. Identify the possible costs you may have to pay in trying to achieve your goal,

then focus on paying that price.

Just buy what we really need, can not lack them

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