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Brian Tracy! Art of Marketing! Deception and Intervention Tactics in Marketing

Art of Marketing

Chapter 14. Deception and Intervention Tactics in Marketing

The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectation. ― Roy H. Williams

How do you take advantage of the power

to become the “dominant” in the market?

If you own a quality product and service,

and see an opportunity to sell a lot of goods

at a high price and profit,

you need to make sure your competitors don’t know

what you are doing

and rush to compete gain market share.

The fact that wherever

there is “profit above market standards”,

competitors will rush into

that market to offer their products

and services has become a norm in the market.

For example, when the real estate market booms,

entrepreneurs will not cooperate with each other

but rush to build and supply more homes and properties.

Soon after,

the market is saturated and the high prices

that attract competitors will be lowered forcing competitors

to quickly withdraw from the market.

No trade will be made unless they want the thing more

than they want their money. ― Roy H. Williams


Don’t make your competitors “craving”

Your competitors will enter any market

if they sniff out there is a source of higher-than-average profits.

Everything you can do is distract them from the real

and potential benefits that can give you a long

and solid position in the market.

If a competitor or someone you don’t trust

asks you about your current business,

always say it’s “really a constant battle”.

“The market is getting tougher and tougher.

We struggled.”

Every company’s greatest assets are its customers,

because without customers there is no company. —  Michael LeBoeu


Silently appeared

The first strategy when you enter a potentially profitable market

is to appear empty-handed.

Show up quietly and make people believe

that you’re just entering a very small market segment.

I don’t know if this is Apple’s strategy for the iPhone.

But it’s possible that Apple’s competitors ignored the iPhone

and ignored Apple’s marketing efforts until it was too late.

The next course of action is

when the profits are high,

don’t publicize your success

until you’re so far ahead of your competitors

that they can’t keep up with you.

Don’t wave a red cloth

in front of an aggressive bull bearing the names of competitors.

Many companies use a firm positioning strategy in the market,

only to later announce

that they are now strong enough to knock competitors out of the market.

Strategies don’t always work,

but discovering

that a certain product or service suddenly dominates

the market will cause your competitors

to “fall back” and be forced to find a way back.

Approach each customer

with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal,

not of selling a product or service. ― Les Brown


Keep your plans a secret

Keep it a secret,

especially for new products

or potential market opportunities.

Keep it a secret for as long as possible

until you’re ready to release the product,

like Apple does with the iPod,


and iPad.

When these products were launched,

their sales reached millions of products in just a few months.

Apple has a reputation for tightening internal controls

and security before introducing new products.

Another military strategy used is not

to let the opponents see you

“laying troops, setting up a battle”.

That was the strategy Napoleon often used.

By rallying his forces in secret,

he was able to win one great victory

after another in the greatest and longest military career in history.

Napoleon deliberately divided his army into many places

over a large geographical area

until he was about to wage a major battle.

At that time, he gathered all his forces

in a single place ready for battle.

He can often muster his army in a short period of time,

from 24 to 48 hours,

taking the enemy completely by surprise.

In combat,

he always had the upper hand in communication.

He was able to overwhelm nearly any army in Europe

because he kept them in the dark

until he was ready to unleash his full army.

You too.

Keep product and service development activities private.

Act as if you were in business as usual.

Put a veil of secrecy on your new products

so your competitors don’t know what you’re about to do.

In combat,

surprise is an important strategy to win a glorious victory.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. ―Les Brown


Divert their attention

Find ways to divert your competitors’ attention away

from your core products,


and markets.

If you have both a high-margin product

and a low-margin product,

when asked about your business,

turn their attention to the mass-produced,

low-margin product to make your competitors feel better.

Your competitors think

that’s the market they should try.

Encourage your competitors to enter markets

that offer you very little return.

Keeping your most profitable product areas secret

is an important marketing strategy.

Often, many businesses have a tendency

to brag about their successes in the marketplace.

They publicize the areas that make them big.

They waved the red cloth

in front of the ferocious bulls aggressive

and invite competitors to bring their own products

or services into the market

even if the competitive quality is not good.

Their sales,

profits and market share will of course decline.

That will be your end

if you encourage other competitors

to enter your market.

A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions. ― Marcus Aurelius

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