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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Dare to face

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 29: Dare to face

When faced with a challenge,

find a way to overcome it,

not a way out. — David L. Weatherford


Make the impossible possible.

Apply the advice

that Henry Ford gave his engineers:

“Keep working.” — Napoleon Hill


Imagine you have an unshakable power with positive thoughts.

A positive spirit

and a strong belief will help you find comfort

and confidence,

thereby working towards your goals. — Napoleon Hill


It’s a good idea to sit down calmly every night

and make a to-do list for tomorrow.

That list should be sorted

in order of importance

to know what to do first,

what to do later.

That way, you can get more done without wasting time.

For example, you have ten things to do

and have ranked them

in order of importance from one to ten.

If you’ve only done eight things

and those are the first eight,

you’ve certainly done them in the best possible way.

Try to apply this method, you will be satisfied

with the results achieved. — Don M. Green


In the previous section,

we discussed the harmful effects of fear.

Fear not only affects our spiritual life

but is also a big obstacle on the way

to success for each of us.

But Franklin Roosevelt said:

Apart from being afraid of himself,

man knows nothing to fear“.

Failure is an inevitable part of life,

but not everyone has the ability to accept it calmly

and consider it an important experience in their life.

Facing and overcoming failure

is one of the most difficult things humans have to do.

Because of fear, many people seek to avoid reality

and accept to give up their previous efforts.

They forgot that the fastest way

to overcome a challenge is to face it.

No one grows up without falling once.

Have the courage to look at the mistakes of the past

to make the present and future better.

Life always gives people many valuable lessons,

but unfortunately we often realize these lessons too late.

Instead of solving the problem thoroughly,

many people deliberately try to avoid and wait.

That is why some people think

that we humans need more courage to make decisions than to act.

Do you have any hard work to do today?

If so, face it with courage.

Do you have enemies?

Have the courage to face them and make them your friends.

Do you feel capable of doing more important things

than what you are doing right now?

Face a new job and be determined to do it to the end.

No matter what difficulties you face,

face them with courage and calm,

then resolve to overcome them

according to the call of your conscience.

Move forward with determination

and courage to face all the problems

that come up in your life.

Never avoid anything.

Have a frank conversation

with yourself

and calmly analyze the problem

that you are worried about.

Above all,

set yourself a specific goal and take action.

Then you will have the courage to face

and solve all the obstacles of life.

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