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Brian Tracy! Art of Marketing! Customer-focused marketing

Art of Marketing

Chapter 05. Customer-focused marketing

Always remember that the most important thing is whether

you are determined to succeed or not. – Abraham Lincoln

Successful marketing puts the customer at the center

of all planning and decision-making.

Everyone in the company is always focused on the customer.

The company always appreciates customer service.

Employees communicate,

interact and stay close to their customers.

Regular communication with customers

and market research are essential to their satisfaction.

When Buck Rodgers was the chief executive officer

of IBM in the US,

he emphasized that each individual

in the group should consider themselves

as a customer service representative.

Your company will be so successful

that every person in the company,

including the janitors,

truck drivers or agents,

is always thinking about customers at all times,


Vision is the art of seeing what others do not see. — Jonathan Swift


Master the problem

One of my favorite examples of this point of view was

when I was hosting symposiums for IBM

and couldn’t figure out where to hold the next day’s conference.

I called from the West Coast to the East Coast

after office hours to ask.

When a male employee at the IBM office answered the phone,

I explained my dilemma,

he told me he would call back to get back to me

as soon as possible 15 minutes later he called back and told me

that he had reached out to the conference organizer

and had the name and address of the hotel where

I needed to go the next day.

I thanked him and said,

“I know I’m calling you after work.

Are you late for work today?”

He replied,

“Of course, I am on duty today.

I’m the gatekeeper after all.”

I told him how much I appreciated his help

and asked how he could provide me with that information.

He replied in wonderful words:

“At IBM, whoever answered the phone had to find a way

to solve the problem.”

To get more money,

you have to contribute more. — Brian Tracy


Think of your customers

There is a metaphysical law of concentration that says,

No matter what you focus on, it grows.

This means that whatever you think and focus on continuously,

it grows and grows in reality.

When you focus on customer satisfaction,

on keeping your customers happy by all means,

you will continue to discover new and better ways to achieve this.

What is your company philosophy?

Are you determined to please your customers in the best possible way?

When you always think about your customers,

they will think about you too.

When you put your customers at the center of your attention,

you’ll discover easier,



cheaper ways to keep them happy,

and they’ll return you by becoming a customer,

too your loyalty.

Success always follows success. — Brian Tracy


Restaurant service

One of my favorite seafood restaurants is the nationwide chain

of restaurants called Truluck.

From the first time I went to a Truluck branch

(and I’ve been to many of the chain’s other branches

in various parts of the country),

I observed a feature that

I don’t normally experience at other restaurants,

it’s the service here that’s really great.

Everyone in the restaurant,

from the operator who took my reservation to the waiter

who cleared the dishes and filled the water,

had excellent customer service.

When I asked the manager of one of the Truluck restaurants what

I had observed,

he smiled politely and told me that service is the focus

and obsession of everyone at the restaurants,

From the director to the cleaners in the kitchen.

The restaurant’s owners soon came to the conclusion

that there are plenty of other seafood restaurants out there,

even ones with expensive seafood dishes,

so they’re not just competing based on food eat.

They have to compete on what can connect with customers emotionally

and that is warm and emotional customer service.


Your Quality Service Strategy

In chapter 1,

I talked about developing a quality service strategy

for your business.

How can you make your company’s customer service faster,

more efficient,

more welcoming,

and more customer-focused than your competitors’?

Often, this can be a factor in helping

you achieve a competitive leading position

in your active market segment.

Once you identify your target market and your ideal customer

or the one you most want to have,

you must reposition to attract exactly that type of customer.

In what ways are your best customers different from others,

and how can you develop your image

in front of the customers

you most want to attract and retain?

People will not create anything

if they do not first have an idea,

a breakthrough thinking. — Napoleon Hill

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