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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Confidence

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 6: Confidence

Doubt always betrays us,

and it makes us afraid to miss golden opportunities. — William Shakespeare


Doubts often do nothing!

If Columbus lacked confidence and did not trust his judgment,

we would never have known the richest,

most radiant land on this earth.

If George Washington

and his comrades in the famous historical event of 1776 had not had any confidence,

Cornwallis’s army would have conquered this country,

and today,

America is still under an small island located 3,000 nautical miles east of it ruled. — Napoleon Hill


If self-confidence is like the spine of a person,

then there are two types of people in this world:

one type of person who never stands upright

because there is no spine

and the second type of person who always stands on his own.

It’s great when you have a smart mind

with a rich imagination and big thoughts.

But it will be even better

if you combine all those factors with confidence

to create a meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself.

Indeed, without self-confidence,

people will not do anything.

If Columbus was not confident in his judgment,

it would probably be a long time

before humanity discovered America.

If George Washington

and his comrades were not confident,

perhaps America today would still be

under the rule of a small island.

Mistletoe is a type of vines that live on other large trees.

They suck the sap of the host tree to live

and gradually kill the host plant.

People who lack confidence are just like mistletoe.

They become a burden to their families

and people around them

when they are not able to make their own decisions

and take care of their lives.

Confidence is the foundation of success.

It helps me to forge my bravery,

personality and timely grasp the opportunities that life brings.

Therefore, act with all your confidence.

Use that confidence to strengthen your inner strength

as well as those of those around you.

No matter who you are,

where you are or whatever you do,

success will only come when you have confidence.

Starting today, stand up confidently

and change your life by changing your attitude.

Don’t go to work to work, go to work to prosper. — Grant Cardone

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