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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 8

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 8

Likewise, if you think money is not important,

you simply won’t have any. – T. Harv Eker

1st scroll

Today I cleanse my barren body of the dry flakes of failure

and the wretched wounds of discouragement.

Today I was born again and the place where

I was born is a vineyard full of sweet fruit.

Today I will pick bunches of sweet grapes from tall luxuriant vines.

The vines were planted by the wisest of my profession,

who came here before me, generation after generation.

Today I will taste the sweetness of the grapes of these trees and will,

indeed, swallow the seeds of success in each grape

and a new life will sprout in me.

The career I have chosen is very heavy,

full of failures and heartaches.

The corpses of those who failed were piled high like a mountain,

and the shadow of this mountain could

cover all the pyramids in the world.

Now I will not fail again,

unlike the others, for now my spirit will be a boat

that will carry me across stormy seas

and reach shores that were only yesterday.

Totally a dream come true for me.

Failure will no longer be my payment for my efforts.

Just as nature did not prepare my body for unbearable pain,

nor did it prepare my life for discouraging failures.

Failure, as well as pain,

will be strangers to my life.

In the past I have accepted failure as well as pain.

Now I reject them

and I am prepared for the wisdom

and principles that will lead me out of the darkness

into the sun of wealth, position,

and happiness.

A light so far beyond my wildest dreams,

that even the golden apple trees in the garden

of the Hesperides would be no more than I am rewarded.

Time will only teach those who live forever,

but I don’t have that luxury of eternity.

Now, with my limited time,

I must practice the art of patience

until my natural behavior is never rushed.

It takes hundreds of years for an olive tree,

king of the trees,

but for an onion bush it only takes nine weeks for it to grow old.

I used to live like an onion bush.

And that did not satisfy me.

Now I am an olive tree,

the biggest olive tree and will truly be the greatest salesman.

And how to get this done?

I don’t have the knowledge

or experience to accomplish great things,

I’m completely bewildered by ignorance and self-pity?

The answer is simple.

I will begin my work without bothering

with unnecessary knowledge or crippling meaningless experiences.

Nature has given me a much greater understanding

and instincts than the wild beasts of the jungle.

As for the value of experience is immeasurable,

experience is what is often invoked by old people

who are no longer lucid and speechless.

In fact,

experience often swallows a person’s years,

and so the lessons learned

from it are often diminished by the time

it takes to learn wisdom from it.

And moreover,

experience is similar to taste,

an action that has proven successful

today will be completely useless tomorrow.

Only principles exist and these I possess

—the laws that will lead me to the greatness contained in these scrolls.

What these scrolls teach us is to avoid failure rather

than to achieve success,

and only spiritual success counts.

And failure is defined here as:

“Failure is the human inability to achieve goals in life,

whatever those goals may be.”

The truth is, the only difference between those

who fail and those who succeed is their behavior habits.

Good habits are the key to all success.

Bad habits are the unlocked door to all failures.

So, the first rule I followed was:

“I will form good habits and become a slave to them.”

As a child I was a slave to excitement,

now I am a slave of my habits,

like every adult.

I have yielded to my unbridled desires

and let them form bad habits,

the actions of which I have done in the past constitute a danger

that threatens to imprison my whole future.

My behavior has been driven by desire, passion,







and the worst of these is habit.

From here on,

if I must be a slave of habit,

please make me a slave of good habits.

My bad habits must be destroyed

and I must be ready for the seeds,

the green sprouts.

I will form good habits and become a slave to them.

How can I accomplish this arduous work?

With scrolls skin, it will be done,

in every scroll there is a life principle

to eliminate bad habits from my life

and replace it with a good habit that will bring me closer,

closer to successful.

This is another law of nature,

only a habit can replace a habit.

And according to what is written here,

to represent a selected task,

I must follow the first of my new habits, which is:

– I will read each of these scrolls over the course of 30 days

as instructed before continuing with the next one.

To begin with, I will read the first scroll in silence

as soon as I wake up in the morning.

Then I would read, still in silence, after lunch.

After all, I will read at the end of the day

when I am about to take a break,

and it is important

that I read it out loud this time.

The next day I repeat the same sequence

and I will continue in that way for thirty days.

Then came the second scroll, and so on for the next thirty days.

I will continue in this way

until reading becomes a part of my daily routine.

And what will be accomplished with this routine?

Here lie the hidden secrets of every human being’s fulfillment,

as I repeat these words daily,

they gradually become part of my active spirit,

and more importantly,

they also ingrained in my other psyche,

an ever-present source of magic that creates dreams

and often causes me to act in ways

that I cannot fathom or comprehend.

Once these words have been absorbed by my magical spirit,

I will begin to wake up each morning with a vital force

that I have never known before.

My vitality will increase,

my euphoria will rise,

my desire to face the world will dispel any fear

I once had when the sun rises

and I will feel unbelievably happy being able to exist in this jealous

and competitive world that I have always feared.

I will react to every emotion

I confront in such a way that these scrolls require me to react,

and then my actions and reactions will become increasingly easier

with regular practice often.

And from there a new good habit takes shape

as it is repeated over and over

until I am always satisfied every time I act,

and if it is a satisfaction it becomes natural to repeat it,

this more and more.

When I act like this all the time,

this will become a habit

and I will be a slave to it because it is a good habit.

Today, I start a new life.

I promised myself that nothing would slow the growth

of new life within me.

I will not go a day without reading these scrolls,

nor will I replace them with another time.

I can’t,

I won’t break the habit of reading them every day and really,

a few moments each day spent in this habit is just too small a price

for the success and happiness that will be mine later.

As I read and reread the contents of these scrolls,

I never let their brevity or simplicity make me take them lightly.

Thousands of new grapes are pressed to make a jar of wine

and the remaining pulp is thrown away to the birds.

And so it is with the grapes of wisdom from the years.

All are carefully filtered

and what remains will be sent to the wind.

Only pure truth remains in every word.

I will drink as directed and not waste a single drop.

And the seed of success,

I will swallow.

Today my old body has changed,

I hold my head high among people they don’t recognize

-today I am a new person with a new life.

Rich know they have the right to become rich if they create great value for others.

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