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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 15

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 15

 “Wealth flows from energy and ideas.” — William Feather

8th scroll

Today I will multiply my worth a hundredfold.

Mulberry leaves plus human genius made silk.

A land of clay plus human genius formed a castle.

The papyrus plus human genius created a holy land.

Fleece plus human genius created the costume for kings.

If leaves,



and feathers could be multiplied by a hundred times,

even thousands of times by humans.

So why can’t I do the same with my rock?

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

I am like a grain of wheat facing one of three fates.

Can be stored away

and eventually become food for livestock.

It can also be ground into flour

and turned into bread.

Or it can be planted and then grown into thousands

or thousands of other rice grains.

I am similar to a grain of wheat but with only one difference.

The grain of wheat cannot choose for itself a future at will,

be planted and multiply in value,

or become bread or fodder.

I have a choice

and I won’t let myself become fodder

or be sown in the barren,

rocky lands of failure and boredom

and then broken apart

and devoured by the will of others.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

To grow and multiply,

the grain must be sown in fertile soils and my failures,


ignorance and impossibility will be fertile soil

to plant and reap.

Now, like a grain of wheat will only rise

and bloom when nourished by rain,

sun and warm wind.

Me too, my body

and mind must also be nourished to fulfill my dreams.

In order to grow to its right size,

the grain of wheat must obey the will of nature.

I don’t have to conform like a grain of rice

because I have the power to choose my destiny.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

How will I accomplish this?

First I will set goals for each day, each week,

each month,

each year,

and for my whole life.

Just as rain must fall

before a grain of rice can crack and sprout,

so I must have goals for my life

to grow and then shine.

To set goals in front of me,

I had to review my past best performances

and multiply them by a hundred.

These will be the standards

that I will live by in the future.

I never cared about my goals being out of reach

and then lived my life

by aiming my arrows at the moon

and only hitting one bird,

or aiming for a bird and then hitting

only one bird a stone!

Today I will multiply my worth

by a hundred.

The heights of my goals will not frighten me,

although I may stumble a lot

before I reach them.

If I fall, I will get up.

Those falls did not make me hesitate because as a person,

everyone has to fall many times to be able to stand.

Only worms are not afraid of tripping.

I am not worm.

I’m not an onion either.

I’m not a sheep either.

I am a person.

Let others build their houses with their land.

I will build my castle with my land.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

Just like the sun will warm the ground

so that the rice seeds can germinate and grow.

So, the laws in these scrolls will also warm my life

and make my dreams come true.

Today I will strive to exceed the actions

I showed yesterday.

I will climb the mountain of today

to the best of my ability and tomorrow

I will climb even higher,

and higher with the days that follow.

It is not important to surpass the achievements of others,

it is worth mentioning to surpass your own achievements.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

I will bear the accursed sin of aiming my aim too low.

I will do what unsuccessful people don’t do.

I will always reach for what is out of reach.

I will never be satisfied with my display in the wholesale.

I will always raise my aim as soon as I reach it.

I will always do my best

to make the next hour always better than the last.

I will always announce my goals to the world.

I will never flaunt my achievements.

Instead let the world consider

and come to me with blessings

and give me the wisdom to accept those compliments with humility.

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

A single grain of rice

that is multiplied will produce hundreds of rice plants.

Multiply them by hundreds

and the whole world has enough food.

Am I no more than a grain of rice?

Today I will multiply my worth by a hundred.

And when my decisions have been completed,

I will do it again,

do it again and be amazed

and amazed at the greatness

with which the knowledge

from these scrolls will bring to me.

I want a million dollars in my happy account

and a million in my bank account. — Jim Rohn

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