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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 13

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 13

6th scroll

Today I will perfect my feelings.

The tide goes up and then the tide goes down.

Winter goes and summer comes.

Summer is over and the cold is coming.

The sun rises and then the sun sets.

The moon is full and then waning.

The birds come and then the birds fly away.

Flowers bloom and then wither.

Seeds are sown and crops are reaped.

All of nature is a circle of states

and I am part of nature so,

like the tides,

my emotions rise and fall.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

It’s one of nature’s puzzling jokes.

Every day I wake up with emotions

that have been adapted from yesterday’s emotions.

Yesterday’s joy will become today’s sadness

and today’s sadness will grow

and become tomorrow’s joy.

Inside me is a wheel that is constantly moving,

from joy to sadness, from boredom to excitement

, from happiness to suffering.

Like petals that bloom today in joy

and wither tomorrow in hopelessness.

From now on I will always remember

that the dead petals of today

contain the seeds of tomorrow’s blooming,


my sadness today contains the seeds

of tomorrow’s blooming joy.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

So how will I perfect these feelings to make each day richer?

I will fail if my feelings for the day don’t match.

Plants and flowers depend on the climate to bloom,

but I will create my own climate

and it will always work for me.

If I bring rain,



and pessimism to my customers

– they will respond with storms,



and discouragement so that no sale can take place.

If I bring joy,


hope and laughter to my customers

– they will also respond with joy, desire,

expectation and cheer for me

– and my climate will bring a bountiful seasons and excess money.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

And how do I perfect my emotions so that every day is a happy, fruitful day?

I will learn to understand this secret of all time:

People who let their emotions control their actions are weak;

A person who promotes action and controls his

or her emotions is a strong person.

Every day when I wake up

I will pursue this fighting intention

before my body is bound by the power of sadness,

autism, and failure.

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel sick I will work.

If I feel fear I will move forward.

If I feel inferior I will change into new clothes.

If I feel uncertain I raise my voice.

If I feel miserable I will think of the wealth in front of me.

If I feel incompetent I think of past successes.

If I feel unclear I will recall the goals.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

From here I know that those who are incompetent always do their best

and that I am not a weak person.

Ahead will be the days

when I make endless efforts to fight against the forces

that want to overcome me.

Simple things like discouragement or sadness are easy

to spot but other bad things will approach me with smiles

and friendly hands and they can also destroy me.

Against them too, indeed, I will never let my guard down.

If I trust too much I will remember the failures.

If I am too satisfied I will remember the times when I was hungry.

If I am too satisfied I will recall the competitive forces.

If I am happy with the times of pride

I will remember the times of shame.

If I get rich I will remember the hungry.

If I persevere I will remember the times

when I was weak.

If I feel my skills are inferior I will look up at the stars.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

And with this new understanding

I will also understand

and recognize the feelings of those around me.

I will tolerate others being angry and shaken

because they don’t know how to control their emotions.

I will bear their arrows and insults

because I know tomorrow

they will understand and come to me happily.

I will no longer judge people by one meeting,

I will no longer fail to meet people

who still hated me yesterday.

Today he won’t even buy my gold cart for a penny,

but tomorrow he will trade even his house

for just a pot of ornamental plants.

My understanding of this secret will be the key

to opening the door to wealth.

Today I will perfect my feelings.

From now on I will recognize

and define the magic of human emotions and of myself.

From now on I will be ready to control whatever emotions arise

within me each day.

I will perfect my feelings through positive actions

and when I am done

By my emotions,

I will control my destiny.

Today I control my destiny and my destiny

is to be the greatest salesman in the world.

I will complete.

I will become great.

“When you serve the customer better,

they always return on your investment.” – Kara Parlin

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