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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 12

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 12

13 scroll

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

And what am I going to do with this precious day of mine?

First I will seal the cap of this jar of life

so that not a single drop will be wasted;

I will not waste a single moment of yesterday’s lamentation,

failure and anguish

and so I will not waste any good fortune.

Can sand flow backwards in a clock?

Is it possible that the sun sets when it is rising

or rises again when it is setting?

Is it possible to revive yesterday’s mistakes

to change them for the better?

Is it possible to make past wounds unscathed?

Is it possible to return to the bygone days?

Is it possible to take back the wrong words spoken,

the blows hit, the pain caused?

Impossible, yesterday must be buried forever,

I will never mind them again.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

This day is all I own and the hours therein are my eternal hours.

I greeted the dawn

with explosive joy like a death row inmate escaping his predestined death.

I am grateful for the priceless gift of a new day.


I will beat my heart

as I judge those who greet the dawn.

I am indeed a lucky man and today’s hours are my reward.

Why was I approved for an extra day of rest when others,

much better than me,

had already departed.

Was this unique opportunity for me to be

who I knew I would be?

Is this a day for me to perfect?

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

I have only one life and that life is only a period of time.

When I waste one I destroy another.

If I waste today,

I will ruin the last page of my life.

From now on I will cherish every hour of this day

because it will never come back.

It can’t be stowed away today and thrown away tomorrow,

who can trap time?

I will squeeze every minute of this day with both hands

and caress them with love because they are priceless.

Could a dying man buy another life

with all the silver and gold he had?

How much do I dare to bid for the hours ahead?

No! I will make every hour priceless.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

I will angrily deny the killers

who are killing time.

I will destroy obnoxious delay with action.

I will bury doubts with courage,

will separate fear with a belief.

Where there are lazy words

I will not listen to nor take lazy hands.

And even where there are lazy people,

I will not visit.

From now on,

I know,

to encourage laziness is to steal the food,


and warmth of those I love.

I am not a thief.

I am a man of love

and today is my last chance to prove my love and kindness.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

Today’s duties I will fulfill on the day of flight.

Today I should pet my children while they are young

and still by my side, tomorrow they will grow up and be gone

– I can no longer caress them.

Today I will support a friend when this person is in need,

tomorrow my friend will no longer need help.

Today I will dedicate myself to sacrifice and work,

tomorrow I will have nothing left to give and nothing to receive.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

And if this is the last day,

it will be the biggest monument of my life.

I will make today the best day of my life.

Today I will drink every drop of that overflow.

I will taste the sweetness and give thanks.

I’ll work harder than ever and push my muscles

until they scream for relief and then I’ll keep going.

I will be more exposed than ever.

I will win more gold and silver

than ever before.

Will sell more merchandise than ever.

Every minute of today will bear more fruit

than every hour of yesterday.

My last effort should always be for the best.

I will live this day as the last day of my life.

And so I will kneel down

and say thank you to nature.

“Choose to deliver amazing service to your customers.

You’ll stand out because they don’t get it anywhere else.” – Kevin Stirtz

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