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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 11

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 11

A dollar worth of work pays for a dollar. – T. Harv Eker

4th scroll

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Since the dawn of mankind

until now there has not been a person

who has my mind,




hands, hair or lips.

No one has ever come,

no one is alive,

no one will come that can speak,

walk, or think like I do.

Everyone is my brother

but I am different from everyone one by one,

I am a unique me.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Although I belong to the kingdom of animals,

the rewards of animals are not enough

to satisfy my consciousness.

In me smolders a fire that has burned

for many generations

and its heat is always stirring incessantly in my mind,

demanding that I be more perfect,

and I will improve more.

I will extinguish the flames of dissatisfaction

and declare to the world my one and only self.

No one can imitate my brushstrokes,

my touches, my handwriting,

give birth to my children,

and in fact no one has the same selling abilities

as me.

From now on I will focus on this difference

because it is precious to me

to advance and reach full fullness.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I won’t try to be stereotyped with other people anymore.

Instead, I will show off my uniqueness in places of sale.

I will publish this, indeed,

and I will sell my distinction.

I’ll start from here on,

emphasizing my differences;

forget what’s the same with people;


I will apply this principle to the goods I will be selling.

Vendors and goods are different from everyone else

and I am proud of this distinction.

I am a unique creation of nature.

I am a rarity and rare hunches are always valuable;

so I’m worth it.

I am the end product of thousands of years of evolution.

Therefore I am more perfect in mind

and body than any king or wise man

who has come into this world before me,

and I also believe that those

who come after me will be even more perfect.

My skills, my mind, my heart,

and my body will eventually stop growing,

wither and die to become fertilizer for what’s good to come.

I have limitless potential.

Only a part of my mind has been used,

a tiny bit of my strength has been used.

My accomplishment yesterday can be increased

by a hundred times

and I will show this, starting today.

Never will I accept to be satisfied

with my past successes

and never will I accept to indulge in pride

for the small results compared to human understanding

that I will achieve.

I can accomplish even more

than I have ever accomplished,

I will, for won’t this miracle stop

when I am born again?

Can I not prolong this miracle for the fruits of today and tomorrow?

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I don’t exist on this earth by luck.

I exist for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain,

not to shrink into a grain of sand.

From here on I will use all my efforts

to become the highest mountain of all

and I will stretch all my potential

until all must cry out for mercy.

I will expand my understanding of the people,

myself and the goods that I sell

and from my selling power I will prosper.

I will practice, improve and polish the words

I use to sell because that is the basis for greatness

with just one perfectly polished wholesale conversation.

I will also constantly improve my craft

and my style because they are the honey to attract the people around me.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I will focus all the energy

I have on times of challenge

and my actions will help me forget about everything else.

The problems of my family,

I left at home.

I won’t think about my family

when I’m in the business

because this would distract my mind.

And also, the matters of the trade will be left in the place of the trade,

I will not care when I am at home

because the matters of the trade will

still tarnish my love for my family.

There is no place for my family in the shop,

nor for the business in my house.

I’ll keep these two separate from each other

and so I’ll take care of both.

Separate so you both can grow up.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I was given eyes to see and a mind to think.

And now I know the great secret of life

because I realize that all my problems like loss of courage,

heartache are really just great opportunities disguised to cover my eyes.

I will no longer be confused by their appearance,

my eyes are open.

I will see through everyone’s disguise

and will never again be mistaken.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Not a birth,

no animal,




mountain or lake can have a beginning like me

because I am known by love

and raised with a purpose.

In the past I was not aware of this fact but from now on

– I will shape and guide my life from this knowledge.

I am nature’s greatest miracle.

And nature never knows defeat.

Nature is only interested in achievements,

so will I,

and each victory achieved will make the challenges ahead easier.

I will win,

I will become a great salesman

because I am unique.

I am nature’s greatest miracle like all,

each person is nature’s greatest mystery

– each in his own way.

Approach each customer

with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal,

not of selling a product or service. ― Les Brown

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