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The Greatest Salesman in the World! Chapter 10

The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Chapter 10

Almost all rich people are professional great promotion. โ€“ T. Harv Eker

3rd scroll

I will persevere until I succeed.

In the East,

young bulls are all tested for the arena in some way.

Each was brought into the ring

and allowed to freely attack a bullfighter

with a spear in hand.

The bravery of each animal is carefully judged

by its desire to attack and its endurance of daggers.

And from there I realized,

every day I am tested by life in the same way.

If I persist,

if I keep trying,

keep going,

I will succeed.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I was not brought into this world to lose

and not a blood of defeat ran through me.

I am not a sheep standing

still waiting for the shepherd’s whips.

I am a lion and refuse to speak,


or sleep with the sheep.

I will not listen to those who mourn or complain

because I will be infected by them,

let them stay with the sheep.

Slaughterhouse or failure is not my destiny.

I will persevere until I succeed.

The reward of life is only at the end of the journey,

not at the beginning or in the middle.

They are given not to know how many steps need to be passed

before a goal is reached.

Failure can still happen at the thousandth step

and success is hiding right at the bend in front of you.

I’ll never know if I’m close to success

until I cross the crossroads.

I will always move on,

even if it doesn’t feel right,

I will. The truth is,

there’s nothing difficult about taking one step at a time.

I will persevere until I succeed.

From now on I will treat my daily efforts

as a stab to an old oak tree.

The first stab may not do any damage to it,

nor can the second and third.

Every single stab seemed to have no results.

But then the oak will fall

because of those seemingly gentle rakes.

It will fall because of my efforts today.

I will be like raindrops flowing down the mountains;

like an ant devouring a tiger;

like a star that illuminates the earth;

like a slave building a pyramid.

I will build my castle brick by brick at a time,

it’s just small efforts

but repeated will accomplish the unimaginable.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will never think of failure

and I will remove from my vocabulary words such as abandonment,



inoperable, inappropriate,


hopeless or runaway;

because they are foolish words.

I deny discouragement

but if this disease of the mind takes effect,

I will continue to act even in depression.

I will strive to act and will survive.

I will ignore the obstacles

under my feet and always aim

for good purposes above

because I know when the desert is over,

there will be green pastures.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will remember the ancient laws

and will bend them in the right direction for me.

I will persevere and always understand

that each failure is an additional hope

for success in the next attempt.

Every no I hear brings me closer to the sound of yes.

Each frown just prepares to make me smile.

Every unhappiness

I encounter carries with it

the seeds of good fortune in the future.

I must welcome the darkness

so that I can celebrate the light.

I have to fail often to have one success.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will try, try and try again.

Each obstacle

I will see as a response of purpose

and a challenge to the profession.

I will persevere and develop my skills like a sailor honing his skills

through every storm.

I will persevere until I succeed.

From here I will learn and apply other secrets of those

who are good at their work.

As each day closes,

no matter if it’s a success or failure,

I’ll try to complete one more sale.

When my thoughts want to return because of physical fatigue,

I will resist the temptation.

I will try again.

I will try again to get closer to glory,

and if I fail I will do it again.

I will never accept a day that ends in failure.

So I will sow the seeds of future success

and achieve more than those who have stopped working at a set hour.

When others stop trying,

I will start and my crops will be abundant.

I will persevere until I succeed.

I will also never let yesterday’s successes push me

into today’s slowness

because that is the seed of failure.

I will forget the past,

be it success or failure,

and always congratulate a new day

with the belief that

it will be the best day of my life.

As long as I’m breathing,

I’m persevering.

For I have known the greatest principles to success

โ€“ if I persevere enough

I will succeed.

I persevere.

I will be successful.

Life is for service. โ€• Fred Rogers

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