Law of Attraction! The Trap Of Lust

Chapter 6: The Trap Of Lust In Buddhism, desire is considered the main cause of all suffering and sorrow. Lust and craving act as an obstacle to your unconscious being able to recognize your basic inclinations. A mind filled with lust cannot be at peace. It will always feel lacking and incomplete. It worries. It […]

Law of Attraction! Believe with traps and possibilities

Chapter 5: Believe with traps and possibilities “Light yourself up. Find refuge within yourself. Take away all your outer hiding places. Hold on to the truth like a lamp illuminating the way. Hold the truth as a refuge. Don’t rely on anyone but yourself. -Buddha The Buddha taught us not to believe anything until we […]

Law of Attraction! The Power of the Unconscious

Chapter 4: The Power of the Unconscious We think constantly, even dreams are filled with thoughts. If we don’t know how to organize these unnecessary thoughts that have already been piled up, our minds will be like a warehouse full of documents that have been scattered indiscriminately. Moreover, this “storehouse” is constantly being replenished, and […]

Law of Attraction! Thoughts and Emotions! The waterfalls of Reality

Chapter 2: Thoughts and Emotions! The waterfalls of Reality Spectacular waterfalls, a spectacular display of nature made up of small geysers flowing from the tops of mountains or plateaus. These geysers join together to form streams, through the mountains, into rivers. The river crosses the cliffs and accumulates a static energy source until a certain […]

Law of Attraction! The Road To Success

Chapter 2: The Road To Success All of the world’s most successful people, regardless of nationality or culture, share one thing in common: the unwavering belief that success is inevitable. Law of Attraction! Make dream come true Self-doubt or questions like, “Can I do this?” not their psychotherapy; “I know I can do it” is […]

Law of Attraction! Make dream come true

Chapter 1: Make dream come true The Secret teaches you that if you want something, you must follow the three step Creation Process of asking, believing, and receiving. You need to ask for the universe to know what you want. Then you need to trust that your request has been conveyed, and the last and […]