36 humanity art! How to say it all without hurting other people’s feelings?

When communicating with people who must be good at listening to ideas in languages and look at body language, and knowing how to convey ideas outside of words, it is the most wonderful art of correcting social relations. Elderly people who teach everyday life specialize in saying a sentence with two meanings. The elite don’t […]

36 humanity art! Plan to use an excuse

How to solve the mystery in the relationship? People do everything they need to have a righteous name, have an argument to present, find a way to explain as if there is a reason, everything will go smoothly. Some people are so superstitious about reasons, they don’t even need to know anything else. The so-called […]

36 humanity art! Play with difficult people

How to play with difficult people? Those who go far in front of the mountains and high rocks must find a way around or think of a way to avoid it. This action in communication is to go around to reach the goal, in other words, not to go in a straight line, but to […]

36 humanity art! support others pleasure

How to support others with pleasure? In your communication daily with people, when you saw an opportunity to help people, you immediately rushed over like a hungry squirrel, grabbing the last chestnut on the ground. Because human love is wealth, the most basic purpose of communication is to make human friendships and have predestined relationships. […]