Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Successful Negotiator

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation Chapter 21. Successful Negotiator Getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words and the right plan. — Robert Kiyosaki What are the signs of a successful negotiator, and what can you do to assert yourself as one? If you observe those negotiators, you will see that they have similar […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! No negotiation is final

Art of Negotiation Chapter 20. No negotiation is final The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi Negotiation should be seen as an ongoing process. No negotiation is final. If you learn new information that changes your mind about the situation, go back and offer […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! The method of retreat

Art of Negotiation Chapter 19. The method of retreat Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. ― Paulo Coelho This is one of the most powerful tools in negotiation. In fact, you should not enter into a serious negotiation if you are not prepared […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Price Negotiation Tactics

Art of Negotiation Chapter 18. Price Negotiation Tactics When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands. ― Idowu Koyenikan In chapter 3, we talked about two types of negotiation: short negotiation term, one-time and long-term negotiation. In short-term negotiation, your task is to get the […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Social Proof Persuasion

Art of Negotiation Chapter 17. Social Proof Persuasion I prefer dreams of the future to the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson One of the factors that have the strongest influence on your child’s thinking people is what people “like me” do in similar situations. We are often unduly influenced by the behavior of […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Persuasion by reciprocal reciprocity

Art of Negotiation Chapter 16. Persuasion by reciprocal reciprocity Before you can become a millionaire, you must learn to think like one. ― Thomas J. Stanleyt  In his book Influence(3), Robert Cialdini lists the factors that have the most influence on how people think and react to you. According to Cialdini’s conjecture, it’s reciprocal. Extensive […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! The Power of Hints in Negotiation

Art of Negotiation Chapter 15. The Power of Hints in Negotiation People are greatly influenced by their environment and the power of suggestion implicit in the people and situations around them. Up to 95% of your thoughts, feelings, and decision-making activities are influenced or controlled by your environment. Your task is to be aware of […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Rule No 4

Art of Negotiation Chapter 14. Rule No 4 Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. — Tony Robbins When we examine thousands of negotiations, from the simple to the complex, we find that it often revolves around four key issues. Sometimes, in negotiations, more issues can arise, but as […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Clearly define your position and the opponent

Art of Negotiation Chapter 13. Clearly define your position and the opponent Always remember that the most important thing is whether you are determined to succeed or not. – Abraham Lincoln Let’s start with where you are? – where do you start? where you are now? and to what extent you would agree. They are […]

Brian Tracy! Art of Negotiation! Preparation is the key

Art of Negotiation Chapter 12. Preparation is the key I will prepare and somedays my chance will come. — Abraham Lincoln Preparation is the true expression of a professional. 80% of negotiation success, if not more, is determined by your preparation before the first conversation takes place. Let’s start by considering the topic of the […]