Rich people are always learning and growing. The poor think they know it all.

Chapter 16: Always learn and grow If you want to be rich, simply serve more people. — Robert Kiyosaki To start my discussions, I often introduce people to what I call the “three most dangerous words”. Those words were: “I know it“ So how do you know that you know something? Just simple. If you have experienced […]

Rich people focus on total assets. The poor focus on income from employment.

Chapter 13: Focus on total assets Never depend on single income, make investment to create a second source. ― Warren Buffet When it comes to money, everyone in our society often has the same question: “How much money do you make?”. Very rarely do you hear the phrase, “What is your total net worth?”. Very […]

How to do business succeed? Where is your capital? First understand your investors

3.Where is your capital? First understand your investors Now, let’s talk about money. For those looking to start a business, there’s nothing more difficult than figuring out how to raise capital. I always hear people talking about this. A lot of future entrepreneurs have good business ideas, they have researched and tested, but no matter […]

How to do business succeed? Take care your cashflow

How to do business succeed 1. Take care your cashflow I began my career in business consulting and teaching on a cold January night in 1992. My wife, Elaine, and I went out to dinner at a restaurant with friends Bobby and Helene Stone. It’s an affordable restaurant chosen by two of our friends. When […]