Brian Tracy! Time Management! Authorization to others

Time Management  Chapter 11. Authorization to others One of the most effective time management tools is finding someone who can take over the task for you. The ability to delegate lower-value tasks to capable people with lower hourly wages is one of the essential skills in modern management. Delegate all delegating tasks to people who […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Defining the main duty

Time Management Chapter 10. Defining the Main Duty To be highly productive at work, you need to focus on the most valuable and important things throughout the day. Understanding mission-critical tasks is essential for high operational efficiency and productivity. They are the things you were hired to do, accomplish, or achieve. They are your top […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Staying on track

Time Management  Chapter 09. Staying on track “Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” — Serena Williams “What is the best use of my time right now?” Since this is the most important question in the field of time management, keep asking it until it automatically becomes your […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Setting clear priorities

Time Management Chapter 08. Setting clear priorities Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. ― Dallin H. Oaks I have studied time management for over 30 years, read hundreds of books and articles on the subject, listened to countless audio programs, and attended seminars. With my accumulated knowledge, I […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Make a daily to-do list

Time Management  Chapter 07. Make a daily to-do list “Remember, to create wealth, you can’t just score once, you must be able to repeat it.”– Grant Cardone Perhaps the most effective time management tool is the to-do list that you create to execute the detailed plans for the day. All successful time managers put their […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Charting Your Plans

Time Management Chapter 06. Charting Your Plans Design is intelligence made visible. ― Alina Wheeler Most things in the business world are a series of projects. The ability to complete projects is a key determinant of your career success. A project is considered a “multi-tasking job”. It requires the completion of a series of smaller […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Writing down plans

Time Management Chapter 05. Writing down plans Rich people plan for four generations. Poor people plan for Saturday night. — Gloria Steinem All successful time managers are good planners. They make lists big and small to accomplish different goals. Every time a new project arises, they take the time to consider what they want to […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Anticipating future and looking back

Time Management Chapter 04. Anticipating the future and looking back If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. ― Warren Buffett What is the most important and valuable thing you do in any career field? That is the mindset! Your ability to think clearly about […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Thinking about your vision and mission

Time Management  Chapter 03. Thinking about your vision and mission I prefer dreams of the future to the history of the past. – Thomas Jefferson One of the best and most insightful books written in the last few years is Thinking, Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman. He argues that we need to use two […]

Brian Tracy! Time Management! Identify the values you value

Time Management Chapter 02. Identify the values you value Remember, your mind is your greatest asset, so be careful what you put into it. — Robert Kiyosaki Because time management is essentially life management, improving personal performance starts with looking at the values you value. One of Murphy’s Laws says that before you do anything, […]