PR your life! Personal PR

PERSONAL PR We can summarize the content of the book that PR practitioners need to know: 1. What is PR? 2. Basic human needs 3. PR level 4. Basic situation of PR 5. NCNS Principle – No customers – No success labour” 6. CAR, 3S, and 3PR principles 7. 10 basic elements of PR – […]

PR your life! PR is stars

CHAPTER III: PR IS STARS Have you ever thought about how many sparkling, colorful and beautiful Stars there are in the sky? How long will it take for one or more of them to disappear? Have you ever thought about how many people do the same job or do business with your organization? How many […]

PR your life! PR is angel

CHAPTER II PR IS ANGEL Do you think there are gods? Have you ever thought that you were helped by an invisible person? Have you ever communicated with them? What are they like? Have you ever felt that it was your brand that made your organization grow? Is it like a god helping you? Who […]

PR your life! Who are you?

CHAPTER I: SITUATIONS, LEVELS AND RULES OF PR SITUATION Basic situation of PR “Who are you?” is often a common question that customers ask Your target thinks about you, your product or service or your organization. Whether your business has just started or is already growing, your target relationship may not reflect the results you […]

PR your life!

PR your life! PEOPLE TALK ABOUT PR From ancient times until now, humans have known how to communicate with each other in many ways such as symbols, images, body movements, sounds or words. Besides painting, carving, engraving, and drawing on walls; speaking in public, sending handwritten letters; written on leaves, animal skin, or on paper; […]