Brian Tracy! Goals! Promoting Innate Creativity

Brian Tracy! Goals! Chapter 19: Promoting Innate Creativity Make every thought, every data come from your mind to benefit. Make them a reality and produce results for you. Think in terms of how they can happen, not how they appear. Don’t just dream, be creative. ― Robert Collier Tony Buzan is an expert on the […]

Brian Tracy! Goals! Always Flexible

Brian Tracy! Goals! Chapter 18: Always Flexible When I see a result that is really worth the effort, I jump right in and try everything until it happens. — Thomas Edison In life, we may find that some people are more successful and happier than others. Some people earn more money, live better lives, feel […]

Brian Tracy! Goals! Continually Visualizing

Brian Tracy! Goals! Chapter 17: Continually Visualizing Nurture your visions and dreams as if they were brain children; is the plan that will lead you to the highest achievement. — Napoleon Hill You possess almost limitless mental powers to use when needed. However, many people are unaware of these powers and do not know how […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Activating intellectual potential

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 16: Activating intellectual potential Subjective intelligence is completely dominated by objective intelligence. Regardless of how subjective intelligence affects objective intelligence, objective intelligence still governs the final result with the highest accuracy. ― Thomas Troward Imagine that you have a very strange computer. You can program any goal or question to the […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Daily Goal Review

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 15: Daily Goal Review The psychological law is that whatever we aspire to accomplish is inscribed in the unconscious mind or the subjective mind. ― Orison Swett Marden Sometimes, I ask the audience in the course of the talk: “Who here wants to double their income?”. No wonder everyone raised their […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Effective time management

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 14: Effective time management Time slips out of our hands like grains of sand, and never comes back. Those who use their time wisely will have a fulfilling, rich and good life. ― Robin Sharma To achieve all your goals and become the type of person you want to be, you […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Make an action plan

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 13: Make an action plan Diligence is a common trait of all successful people. Genius is the art of accepting endless pain. All great achievements have in common the utmost care, limitless endurance, attention to detail. — Elbert Hubbard The ability to set goals and plan to accomplish them is a […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Associating with right people

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 12: Associating with right people Your outlook on life, your self-worth is largely influenced by your surroundings. Your entire career can be tailored, shaped, and shaped by the characterization of the people with whom you come in contact every day. — Orison Swett Marden Everything in life and work is related […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Become an expert in your field

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 11: Become an expert in your field Extraordinary people are simply ordinary people but know how to think, dream and choose fields that bring success. – Melvin Powers One quality of successful people is that at some point in their career, they decide to “dedicate themselves to perfection“. They are determined […]

Brian Tracy! Goal! Remove Obstacles

Brian Tracy! Goal! Chapter 10: Remove Obstacles Anyone interested in success must learn to see failure as an inevitable and positive part of the process of reaching the top. — Joyce Brothers How many times do you think each person needs to try to achieve their goals before giving up? On average less than 1 […]