How to do business succeed? Take time to make decision

No matter how long you’ve been in business, no matter how much you’ve learned, you can never know everything. Trading is an adventure with no end and a never-ending training. I have had countless teachers in my career. Some of them have acted as guides and mentors. Some are people I met, some are experiences […]

How to do business succeed? Build a great team for sale

Of course, hiring is one of the main tasks of a company builder, and everyone can make mistakes in this regard, especially when recruiting salespeople. I estimate I’ve hired over three hundred salespeople in my career and made all the mistakes in the book. What I’ve learned, for myself at least, is that there are […]

How to do business succeed? Multiply your business system

Most of every year, usually in December or January, business owners have to sit down with their computers and try to figure out where their business is going in the next few years, and how they can get there. It’s an important exercise, but it also gets a lot of people in trouble. They make […]

How to do business succeed? Listen and make money

Although I completely agree with the old adage “No business is inactive”, not all deals are of equal value. Some deals are much better than others, but salespeople often have a hard time receptive to this mindset. Partly because they are obsessed with revenue. They are used to thinking that every deal is good, and […]

How to do business succeed? Get successful negotiation

Before we dive deeper into some of the issues, I’d like to take the time to talk about negotiation. I’m sure you understand this is one of the basic business skills. In fact, most business is about negotiating issues. From the day you start thinking about your own company to the day you sell it, […]

How to do business succeed? A niche is the foundation for every new business

First-timers get so much bad advice that I sometimes wonder how startups survive. For example, you often hear that to be successful you need a unique product or service, something that no one else offers. Or you should choose a business with as few competitors as possible, and preferably have your own market. But my […]

How to do business succeed? Calculate gross profit margin by hand

Here’s the best advice I’d give anyone who wants to start a business: from day one, calculate your monthly sales and gross margin by hand. Do not use the computer. Write the numbers, segment by product or service and by customer group, and do the math yourself, using no modern tools other than a calculator. […]

How to do business succeed? Where is your capital? First understand your investors

Now, let’s talk about money. For those looking to start a business, there’s nothing more difficult than figuring out how to raise capital. I always hear people talking about this. A lot of future entrepreneurs have good business ideas, they have researched and tested, but no matter how hard they try, they still can’t find […]

How to do business succeed? Take your customers!

Years after I first mentored Bobby and Helene Stone in business, I’ve worked with a lot of people trying to start a business as well as a lot of people who already have a business career. They often ask me what makes a successful business, and I answer them that the most important quality is […]

How to do business succeed? Take care your cashflow?

I began my career in business consulting and teaching on a cold January night in 1992. My wife, Elaine, and I went out to dinner at a restaurant with friends Bobby and Helene Stone. It’s an affordable restaurant chosen by two of our friends. When we got there, we understood the reason for that choice. […]