Rich people are always learning and growing. The poor think they know it all.

To start my discussions, I often introduce people to what I call the “three most dangerous words”. Those words were: “I know it” So how do you know that you know something? Just simple. If you have experienced it, you know. Otherwise, you just hear about it, you just read it or even talk about […]

Rich people make money serve them. Poor people work hard to earn money.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably grown up with the programmed mindset that you “have to work hard to make money”. However, it is also very likely that you have grown up with a different way of programming, that you must know how to make your money “serve you”. Working hard is really important, […]

Rich people focus on total assets. The poor focus on income from employment.

When it comes to money, everyone in our society often has the same question: “How much money do you make?”. Very rarely do you hear the phrase, “What is your total net worth?”. Very few people ask this question, except perhaps in outdoor sports clubs. In those clubs, the financial discussion always revolved around total […]