The gold lender in the kingdom of Babylon

Much of a person’s happiness or unhappiness depends on their character, not on their circumstances.- Cherry Nguyen From the king’s castle, Rodan, the spear-smith of the Babylonian kingdom, joyfully steered his horse to fly home. The gold coins clashed with the sound of shovels and the heavy leather bag swinging back and forth at his […]

The richest man in Babylon

How does a book that came out in 1920 help today’s business people and their financial problems? “The Richest Man in Babylon” is a fascinating book, introducing the ways of saving, trading and getting rich among the ancient people of Babylon. These ways of getting rich are still useful for the business world today. By […]

Robert Kiyosaki! Become a professional investor

I know many people looking for freedom and happiness. The problem is that most people are not trained to function or survive in the company group and investor group. Because of this lack of equipment, because of being stereotypically taught to secure a job, and because of being in debt, most people limit their search […]

Robert Kiyosaki! Your mindset about money

“You can’t teach old dogs to do new circus tricks,” my highly biological father father used to say. I have sat and talked with biological father many times, trying to explain to biological father the diagram, which I hope can help him flash new directions in money matters. As he neared the age of 60, […]

Robert Kiyosaki! You don’t need to have money to make money

In 1985, my wife Kim and I had no home to live in. We were both unemployed and didn’t have a dime left in our savings accounts. Credit card has been exhausted. We had to spend the night in an old worn-out Toyota. As the last day of the week approached, we began to absorb […]

Robert Kiyosaki! The beginning

To answer the question: “How can I get started?” I usually give a way of thinking that I have experienced for a long time. It’s really easy to find great deals. I swear. It’s like learning to ride a bike. It’s like eating cake at first, but when it comes to money, the decision to […]

Robert Kiyosaki! Pass Obstacle

I have never met a lover who has never suffered. And I have never met a rich man who has never lost money. So for most people, the reason they don’t succeed financially is because the pain of losing money is far greater than the joy of being rich. In Texas there is another saying: […]

Robert Kiyosaki! Work to learn! Don’t work for money

In 1995, I was interviewed by a Singapore newspaper. The young female reporter arrived on time and the interview started immediately. We sat in the lobby of a luxury hotel, sipping coffee and discussing the purpose of my visit to Singapore. I stood on the podium with Zig Ziglar. He talked about motives, and I […]

Robert Kiyosaki! Rich people make money

In each of us is hidden great potential, innate talents. What holds us back, however, is our lack of confidence. By the time we leave school, most of us know that the real world outside of school requires more than grades. Words such as “brave”, “courageous”, “bold”, “skillful”‘, “bold”, “resolutely talented”… are the important words […]

Robert Kiyosaki! Business Association! The biggest secret of the rich

In the days of merchant ships, the rich knew how to form alliances as a way to limit the risk of wealth in each trade. The rich put their money into a consortium that sponsored the trip. The union will then hire a crew to steer the boat away. If the boat breaks down, the […]