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Brian Tracy! Art of Marketing! Use the “hit the spot they don’t expect” strategy

Art of Marketing

Chapter 16. Use the “hit the spot they don’t expect” strategy

Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live. — Criss Jami

This strategy is often referred to

as the “white space strategy”.

You look into your market

and identify a product or service

that no one currently offers,

which potentially fits the gap

between the existing product

or service and what you can offer market.

When Domino’s Pizza was born,

there were thousands of pizzerias offering standard pizzas

competing in the market

that Domino’s Pizza wanted to target.

The white space that Domino’s founder,

Tom Monaghan,

has identified is that

when customers order pizza,

speed is more important than quality.

When a customer orders pizza,

he is already hungry

and wants to eat as soon as possible.

Monaghan filled this void

by offering a 30-minute pizza delivery service,

then reengineered the entire pizza making process

to achieve this goal.


Domino’s Pizza has more than 8,000 stores around the world,

and Tom Monaghan is resting comfortably

with a fortune of nearly $2 billion.

That’s not a bad result for defining a space

that’s obvious to everyone

but Domino’s competitors.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you have imagined. — Henry David Thoreau


Provide a better, faster, cheaper product or service

Find a way to introduce a new set of products or service packs

into an existing market

where no one else offers

that particular product or service.

Be different and surprise in that market.

You can launch a clone and outperform your competitors.

By “creatively copying,”

imitate what your competitors are doing,

improving it to stay ahead of market perception.

Another example related to the central strategy

of this chapter is

when a toothpaste company in a crowded market

added an antibacterial formulation to the toothpaste

it was producing

and immediately overtake a competitor’s market leader.

Soon after,

Colgate introduced a whitening formula in toothpaste

that no one else offered,

and quickly beat the competition.

Let’s say,

you go into a department store

and buy toothpaste for you and your family,

you have a choice between regular toothpaste

with antibacterial and whitening toothpaste.

Which type will you choose?

And not long after,

another company launched an antibacterial toothpaste

and whiten teeth,

and now the race continues.

People with ambition don’t give a damn what other people think of them. — Diane Setterfield


Reposition your product

You can hit a point they didn’t expect

by perfecting and repositioning your product.

For years, 7Up carbonated drinks competed fiercely

with Coke and Pepsi.

Then the company completely changed their strategy

and positioned 7Up as a non-carbonated beverage.

Instead of competing with Coke and Pepsi,

they emphasize that 7Up

is a diet drink with a light taste,

as opposed to a bold cola drink.

By repositioning in this way,

they were able to increase their share

from 14% to 20% in the beverage market in just a few years,

bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars more in sales and profits.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt  


Offers more than the competition

Another well-known slogan based on repositioning is the advertisement

of the car rental company Avis,

competing with Hertz,

a giant in the world:

“We came in second;

We will try harder.”

This message connects with potential customers

who not only want to give the cynics a chance,

but who also realize that if Avis “works harder”,

the customer will get the product,

and better service.

Avis sales continued to grow,

and eventually brought the company second place in the market,

a position never before in its history.

You can hit where they wouldn’t expect it in another way

by adding new and different details

to your product to differentiate

it from the existing product and that,

make it different from the rest with opponents.

You can add an accessory or an additional service

that increases the value

and appeal of what you offer

while changing the customer’s perception

of your company.

To accomplish great things,

we must not only act,

but also dream;

not only plan,

but also believe. — Anatole France


Offer something new

When launching the iPhone,

Apple also made a complete innovation.

Contrary to a long-term profit strategy,

which kept all technology proprietary and in-house,

Apple is now more open,

allowing people to develop apps for the iPhone.

Within a few months,

the dam was broken.

Today, there are more than 800,000 apps available for iPhone,

more than any other smartphone on the market,

and many app developers have become millionaires,

even billionaires.

Today, there are more than a million entrepreneurs working independently

or jointly developing the next new ‘top’ app

for iPhone and Android mobile phones,

hoping to fill ” white space” with a new service,

creating a trend in the market

and bringing new profits to businesses.

Nothing is impossible.

The word itself says,

‘I’m possible! — Audrey Hepburn

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