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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Book

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 20: Book

Those who know how to read

but refuse to read good books

are no better than illiterate people. — Mark Twain


Simply reading the words doesn’t make any sense

– you need to know

how to let your emotions blend into the words.

The subconscious mind can only recognize

and act on thoughts that contain emotions. — Napoleon Hill


Reading good books is one of the important factors

on the way to success.

Try to learn about the lives of President Lincoln,

President Jefferson and other great people

to see how much they loved books.

Reading valuable books is not only entertaining

but also educational.

We can easily distinguish people

who read books from poor souls

who don’t know anything about books. — Don M. Green


Books contain treasures of human knowledge in all ages.

It reflects real

and vivid life,

and contains timeless truths

that have been proven over time.

Not only entertain people,

books also bring endless sources of knowledge.

Human life would be poor

and boring without books.

Books connect people

and bring them closer together,

despite all distances in space and time.

It can be said

that the wealth of humanity does not lie in treasures full of gold,

monumental architecture

or rich lands.

It is in the books themselves

that are handed down from generation to generation.

A person’s personality is reflected in the way

they approach human knowledge,

specifically books.

You have the choice of attitude towards books,

either study them or ignore them.

You can use the philosophies

and experiences in it as a guideline for your life,

or you can also see it

as just gossip on the sidelines

of the “after drinking tea” sessions.

But you should remember,

valuable books always stand the harsh test of time.

There are books that were written centuries ago,

but their philosophy is still valid today.

They contain invaluable lessons

and are man’s best companion.

Therefore, you should revive the author’s thought

by applying it in your life,

and sharing it

with those around you.

Curiosity is an important factor

for the success of great people.

When you learn about the lives of people like President Lincoln,

Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, Maxim Gorky…,

you will see the importance of books.

They are book lovers and know

how to use the endless source of knowledge from books

to achieve the desired success.

When he was exiled,

Napoleon said to the officer on the ship:

Read books and be interested in poetry.

Poets are those who have the ability to give wings

to the soul

and give us a sense of wonder.

However, not every book can bring you into the world of good things.

Therefore, select the source of knowledge

that you find useful and determine

which are the most valuable books in that field.

You should also understand that,

if you just read books,

your reading will not bring any benefit.

Let the emotions blend on each page of the book

and skillfully apply it to your real life,


relationships, etc.

Read good books regularly

and systematically.

Enrich yourself by learning useful things from books,

because as Maxim Gorki said:

“Each book opens up a new horizon before our eyes”.

I kept always two books in my bag,

one to read,

one to write in. ― Robert Louis Stevenson

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