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Brian Tracy! Goal! Belief analysis

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 7: Belief analysis

Our distance from what we want depends solely on

how much we believe in our ability to make it happen. – Richard M. Devos

Perhaps the most important of all spiritual laws is the Law of Belief.

This law states that everything you believe in will surely come true for you.

In life, you only really see what you already believe.

You are viewing your world through the prism of preconceived beliefs,

attitudes, prejudices, and ideas.

You are not what you think you are,

but you are what you believe to be.

It can be said that faith from the bottom of our hearts is our true self.

We always show on the outside the actions

that come from the beliefs and ideas that exist deep in our minds.

Jesus once said, “Faith determines who we are“.

By extension, our strong beliefs will become reality for each of us.

They determine what happens to us.

Dr. William James of Harvard University asserts: “Faith creates facts”

and “The greatest evolution of our generation was the discovery that humans can change their lives.”

yourself by changing your attitude”.



When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge. — Robert Kiyosaki 

Every improvement in your life comes from positively changing your beliefs and abilities.

Personal growth comes from changing beliefs about what

is within one’s ability and control.

When you believe that you can completely accomplish something,

your achievement is only within reach.

Do you doubt this? So I ask you: Since you started your first job,

has your income doubled or tripled?

times yet? Have you achieved a much larger income

than when you started working?

Have you proven yourself that you can double or triple your income?

Either way, always remember that as long as you believe it can happen,

it will come to you.

Napoleon Hill also said,

Whatever we can understand and believe, we can achieve.



Success is getting what you want.

Happiness is wanting what you get. — Dale Carnegies 

In the study of human potential,

perhaps the greatest breakthrough of the 20th century

was the discovery of the concept of self-perception.

Every thought, feeling,

action or thing you do in life is controlled

and determined by your self-perception.

Self-perception often plays a leading role

and predicts your abilities and work performance.

It is the master program,

the basic operating system in your “brain computer”.

Everything you achieve in the outside world

is the result of your own self-perception in your mind.

According to psychologists, self-perception is

the sum total of an individual’s beliefs, attitudes, feelings

and opinions about himself and the world around him.

Therefore, you will always present yourself in a certain way

Consciousness is consistent with how you feel about yourself,

whether it’s positive or negative.



Anything is possible once you believe

you are worthy of achieving it. ― Jason Pockrandt

Beliefs about yourself are largely subjective and not based on fact.

It is the result of the information you receive

and process throughout your life.

It is shaped and developed by your relationships,

your knowledge and education,

your life experiences, both positive and negative,

and countless other factors.

The flip side of trust is that it is also self-limiting.

If you believe yourself to be limited to some point,

real or not,

it will happen to you.

It will follow and accompany you.

These negative beliefs are the biggest obstacle,

preventing and holding you back from reaching your true potential.



You mind is like the bank,

what you deposit is what you can withdraw? ― Warren Buffett

You must have heard the story of Albert Einstein’s childhood being expelled from school

because the school thought he was incapable of learning.

Einstein’s parents were informed

that their son was incapable of receiving a school education.

Disagreeing with this conclusion,

Einstein’s parents sought to help him access a different method of education.

And then the truth proved,

Albert Einstein became the father of relativity

as well as many great scientific works of the 20th century.

Thomas Edison was also expelled from the school

when he was still in the middle of elementary school.

The school informed the Edisons

that it would only be a waste of time and money for Thomas to go to school

because he was unable to study any subjects.

But as he grew up,

Thomas Edison became one of the world’s greatest inventors.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer had the same problem at school.

It is recommended that with his ability,

he should only learn shoemaking

in order to hope to have a stable job and secure his life in the future.

But Schweitzer still worked hard to study,

research and achieve a doctorate before the age of 20.

According to a Fortune magazine article on learning disabilities,

many of the presidents or CEOs of the top 500 companies in the world

while still in school are only considered students by the school average,

nothing outstanding and no special abilities.

But thanks to their hard work and perseverance,

they have achieved great success in their field.

Self-limiting beliefs about ourselves formed from a one-sided,

unbiased comment can also set us back for a long time.

It is only when we look back that we realize

that that belief actually had no basis at all.

It is better to ignore such statements and follow the advice of your own confidence.



The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind.

If it is trained well,

it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant. Robert Kiyosaki

Writer Louise Hay says that

the root of most problems in life is a feeling of low self-esteem.

Many people, due to cynical beliefs,

misjudge their true abilities.

They consider themselves to be limited in terms of intelligence,

talent, ability, creativity

or certain skills.

If you’re following that belief,

you’re making a mistake.

The truth is that you have hidden abilities

that you either haven’t used up yet

or haven’t exploited properly.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

You may be inferior in one area,

but not in another.

It is important that you know

how to play to your strengths and improve on your weaknesses

as much as possible.

Beliefs are formed through learning, not innate.

Therefore, they can be removed if not useful.

Many of the things that

you know about yourself are self-limiting beliefs.

It is your responsibility to yourself

to get rid of all those negative beliefs

and realize that you too are a talented,

capable person.

You were “made” in this world to achieve greatness and success.

You have powers and abilities that have never been discovered.

Inner ability can help you achieve nearly any goal you set for yourself,

if you’re willing and persistent to achieve it.



To be a champ you have to believe in yourself

when no one else will. ― Sugar Ray Robinson

According to Dr. Howard Gardner,

the father of the “multiple intelligences” theory,

each of us possesses at least ten different types of intelligence,

any of which,

if used properly, can lead to I become a genius.

However, there is a limitation that

there are only two types of intelligence

that are measured

and synthesized during high school and university education,

namely linguistic and mathematical intelligence.

But you can be a genius in other areas such

as painting space (art, design), entrepreneur (career),

fitness or health (sports),

music (playing all kinds of music) instrumental, composing),

communicative (harmonious in social relationships),

introspective (deep-level self-knowledge),

intuition (the ability to feel the right thing to say or do),

intellect (the sciences).

When born, each person has the capacity

to achieve perfection in some way, in a certain area.

Right now, you may already have genius-level abilities

or excel in at least one

or several different intellectual areas.

Your task is to find that intellectual field only.

What if you had an extraordinary ability in an area you didn’t think

you were good at, like business, management,

public speaking, or somehow making money?

Take full responsibility for your life and career,

and create new realities for yourself.

Countless others have done it and succeeded, you can do the same.



Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life,

because you become what you believe. ― Oprah Winfrey 

Imagine that there is a “Faith Store” like a computer parts store,

where you can buy products to install programs into your subconscious.

If you could choose any belief,

what would be the one that would be most helpful to you?

Here is my suggestion. Choose this belief:

My destiny is to be successful in life.

If you fully believe that your destiny is to succeed,

then walk, talk,

and act as if everything that happens

to you in life is part of a larger plan

to move you forward,

that predetermined destination.

This is exactly what the most successful people have used,

regardless of the field.



Believe in yourself,

and don’t let anyone stand in your way. ― Jeffree Star

Successful people always know how to look for the good in every situation.

They know that in any situation

there is a goodness within it that not everyone can realize.

They believe that setbacks are just part of a larger plan that

strengthens their footing towards success.

If you also carry the same positive beliefs,

you will see a valuable lesson in every difficulty or obstacle.

You will trust that you will learn a lot along the way

to achieving and maintaining your success.

Therefore, you see every problem as a learning opportunity.

Napoleon Hill once wrote,

Within every difficulty

or obstacle there is a seed

that is useful for balancing

or helping you to move forward.”



Believe that you will succeed, and you will. ― Dale Carnegie

A very successful sales manager has a unique way of recruiting employees.

After he interviewed and decided to hire a new salesperson,

he would take the employee to a Cadillac dealership

and ask him to choose one.

Surely he will avoid this request,

because of the price of the car and the huge monthly installments

that he cannot handle at the moment.

But the sales manager still sees this

as a condition of employment.

What do you think will happen next?

This newly hired employee will be driving his new car home

and his wife will be very surprised.

He will drive his wife around the neighborhood in this luxury car.

Neighbors will have to watch and talk.

He will park his new car in front of his house.

People will visit and admire it.

Gradually, subconsciously,

his attitude towards himself

as well as his earning potential will begin to change.

He will begin to see a higher self-worth.

He will feel capable of making more money in his field,

being one of the most productive in the industry.

Sales efficiency will increase,

personal income leapfrog,

his life is secured by the position he thought he was and was.

A new Cadillac is meant as a status

that the experienced sales manager wants to give his employees,

with the implication:

You deserve it. That’s your ability.”



You are what you believe yourself to be. ― Paulo Coelho

Decide today to challenge and remove any self-limiting beliefs

that are holding you back.

Take a good look at yourself and consider any areas of your life

where you still doubt your abilities.

You can ask friends and family members about this

because it is often easier for others

to notice things that we ourselves cannot see.

Then answer the question yourself:

What if the opposite happens?

What if you had the potential to be incredibly successful

in an area where you are now doubting yourself?

What if you have a natural talent in a certain field?

Specifically, what if you had an abundant source of income right now?

Financial problems,

what if you have the ability to “touch gold”?

If you absolutely believe these ideas is true,

what would you do differently from what you are doing today?



1. If you were one of the most competent

and respected people in your field,

how would you think and act?

Solve big problem for social step to step

Associate with the top 1% experts in our field

Read books, news about our field daily

2. If you were an extremely capable financial manager,

how would you handle your financial affairs?

Gross profit margin is 40% base on revenue

Take care cash flow

Never lose money

3. Identify self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from growth.

How would you act if they were completely unreal?

Positive mindset

4. Choose a belief that you want yourself to achieve.

Think of it as if this were true for yourself.

Universe support us achieve our goals best soon

5. Consider the most difficult situation you are facing.

What valuable lessons can this situation offer that will make you better in the future?

Focus on, persistence and discipline all time

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