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George Matthew Adams! You can! Nothing is impossible! Become useful person in life

You can! Nothing is impossible!

Chapter 24: Become useful person in life

In the most difficult times of life,

don’t try to be a successful or happy person,

better yet,

become a person of value. — Albert Einstein


Our life is about trying and working.

Complete rest awaits us only in the graves. —  F. Destoevski


Usually, people are just a little bit different,

but it’s those little differences that make the big difference.

That tiny difference is attitude.

The big difference is

whether the attitude is positive or negative. — Napoleon Hill


When we look back on our actions,

what we should avoid is moaning

about the opportunities we missed,

about the paths we should have taken.

Instead, take a positive approach:

don’t waste time on fleeting regrets.

The secret to correcting the mistakes in our habits

and to enjoying every moment of life

is to stay young both in heart and mind,

no matter how old you are.

If you do not know how to live young,

then you have wasted your time. – W. Clement Stone


Life always presents people with many challenges

and it is those challenges

that make the difference between them.

In any situation, each person has two choices,

either to become a burden on family and society,

or to become a useful person.

This choice is the result of each person’s attitude to life.

While optimists always see things from a positive perspective,

pessimists fail to do so.

They always feel regret

for what happened in the past

as well as worry too much about the future.

This attitude of life has greatly influenced their thinking and life,

as well as that of those around them.

You are only truly useful

when you dare to accept responsibility for yourself.

When you accept responsibility,

you are forced to work with

both your mind and your heart.

The perfect combination of mind

and heart will help you get new ideas,

as well as avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Society always appreciates

those who know how to put aside all trivial worries

to lead a useful life.

But to get that honor,

you must first live responsibly with yourself.

Instead of thinking about past failures,

choose for yourself a more positive attitude,

by aiming for the best.

Famous editorial writer Arthur Brisbane once said:

“Regrets about what happened can become motivation

for you to live better in the future.

But you’re only really useful

when you don’t waste your time on idle regrets.”

Living in the present moment

and following your heart will help you live a productive life

and not have regrets for what you did or didn’t do.

Go beyond the trivial and live a productive life.

“Be nice to people.

It doesn’t cost anything.” – Grant Cardone

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