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Brian Tracy! Goal! Become an expert in your field

Brian Tracy! Goal!

Chapter 11: Become an expert in your field

Extraordinary people are simply ordinary people

but know how to think,

dream and choose fields that bring success. – Melvin Powers

One quality of successful people is that at some point in their career,

they decide to “dedicate themselves to perfection“.

They are determined to be the best in their field.

They are willing to pay any price,

sacrifice anything and spend all the time

it takes to become better at their chosen field.

And as a result, they have far surpassed the majority of the average worker,

they have lifted themselves to a new position with new achievements.



Try today or regret tomorrow. ― Maxime Lagacé

I grew up with a difficult childhood and a sad academic record,

so as an adult I always felt inadequate and self-deprecating.

I feel like I’m not good at anything.

If I do something good,

I quickly put it out of my mind and see it as just a coincidence or random luck.

For many years, I considered myself average,

or even below average, in whatever job I did.

Then one day, I suddenly understood something very miraculous.

I’ve found that most people in the top 10%

in their fields start out in the bottom 10%.

The people who are currently very productive have also been unproductive in the past.

Those who are pioneering in previous fields

are just those who often fall behind.

More importantly,

it dawned on me that anything other people have done, within reason, I can do.

And this turns out to be true for almost everyone.

No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you.

People are just better or smarter in different areas.

Moreover, all skills in life are available can learn.

People are doing better in certain areas

because they have learned essential skills before you,

and know how to coordinate with many other skills.

If you’re not achieving what others are achieving,

you simply haven’t learned the skills.



Every problem is a gift,

without problems we would not grow. — Tony Robbins.

Here’s another breakthrough realization for me:

You can learn whatever it takes

to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

There are no real limits to what you are capable of achieving,

except those that you set for yourself.

If you’re determined to be the top 10% in your field,

there’s nothing in the world

that can stop you from achieving that goal, except yourself.

Is that easy? Of course not! I never thought it would be easy.

Everything takes time and effort to complete.

But those are all doable,

if you have enough desire

and are willing to persevere until the last minute.

Motivation expert Les Brown says,

To achieve something you have never achieved before,

you must become the kind of person you’ve never been before.

The German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said,

To have more success, you must first be a person of more value.

If you are determined to become one of the best in your field,

the only question you need to answer is: “How can I get there?”.

What determines your life is not innate talent,

but dedication and perseverance.

You have the right and permission to control yourself

through making good decisions about yourself.



Wealthy people have simple investment

they don’t overstep the bounds of what they understand. ― Dave Ramsey

In a study of members of the Fortune 400 group

(including the 400 richest people in the world voted

by the famous American Fortune magazine)

conducted a few years ago,

researchers discovered that a person High school dropouts

and Fortune 400 fortunes average $333 million

more than college or university graduates.

The reason I bring this up is

because many people find it difficult

to succeed in their career

when their academic results are not good or they drop out of school.

Remember that among the richest,

most successful people in America and around the world.

There are always people in the world who do not achieve high results

during their school time.

Recall the question: “How to eat all the elephants?”

and the answer: “Just take it one bite at a time”.

You can perfect your skills one by one and rise to become the best in your field.



If you want to be financially-free,

you need to become a different person than you are today

and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. — Robert Kiyosaki

The truth is that your current body of knowledge

and skills is becoming obsolete

with the rapid development of new trends.

I’ve also pointed out in the past that your “earning capacity

can be a your valuable asset

and it can go up or down,

depending on how often you upgrade or let it drop.

This is your choice.

And the good thing is

when you go on building your knowledge and skills vigorously,

it’s like you’re running a race.

If you don’t stop trying and making daily efforts,

you will rise to the top and win for sure.



Don’t go to work to work,

go to work to prosper. — Grant Cardone

I have a friend who is a lawyer for a small company.

His father is a lawyer so he chose law school in college.

After graduating,

he began to work in the law industry with his friends and colleagues.

But soon, he realized that he was not suitable for law.

He decided to move into business.

At this time, he was only 26 years old.

Despite facing strong opposition from his relatives,

he was determined to go to Harvard University

to attend an MBA training program.

And four years later,

he graduated with the coveted Harvard MBA.

He returned to his hometown

and interviewed for various jobs,

eventually accepting a management trainee position in a growing airline.

That choice later turned out to be the perfect career choice.

In just 10 years,

he became the president of this airline

and earned 10 times more than the best lawyers in his class in previous years.

He has become one of the youngest managers running a famous company in the country.

It is almost inevitable that

your career will change constantly as you mature.

You must regularly delve into

and think about the skills and abilities you need to be more successful.



Without pushing yourself to your limits

you will never know how far you can can go

and what you can really achieve. – Aysa Angel

As I stated earlier,

every job consists of about 5-7 key result areas.

For example, in business, the seven key outcome areas are:

(1) Exploration

( Ask and listen customers)

(2) Relationship building

( Smile and welcome) 

(3) Need identification

( Spend time)

(4) Solution presentation

(Solve matter for customers)

(5) Response to feedback

( Give best solution to customers, get feedback from customers)

(6) Complete the transaction

(Thank you and get response from customers)

And (7) make sales and gain customer trust 

(Send message on happy birthday,..)

If you are in business, you should take a scale of 1 to 10 to rate yourself.

After you have scored in these 7 areas,

you should have someone else check

and re-evaluate for more accurate and objective results.

Whatever your final score is,

then you must pick the most important skill area

and focus on honing that skill until it improves.



A winner is a dreamer who never gives up. ― Nelson Mandela

A great question for your career from now on is:

What skill, if harnessed and executed perfectly,

will have the most positive impact on your career? 

Communication with customers

This is where you need to focus for your personal and professional growth.

If you feel completely uncertain about the answer,

ask the people around you,

they will help you see things

that you have not noticed yourself.

You have to find the correct answer

to this question and then focus your efforts on improving them.

It will become a concrete great purpose

for your personal and professional development.

Put it on paper,

set a deadline,

make a plan,

act on it,

and then work on getting better

and better at this skill.

Once your skills have matured, keep asking yourself:

Which skill will be most useful to me now?

Leadership in customers service field

And whatever your answer is,

focus on developing that skill until you reach perfection.



A dream doesn’t become reality through magic;

it takes sweat, determination

and hard work. — Colin Powell

If you are on the management team,

there are seven key results areas that

will determine the success or failure of your work.

They are:

(1) Planning,

(2) Organizing,

(3) Staffing,

(4) Delegating,

(5) Monitoring,

(6) Evaluating,

And (7) Reporting.

All successful managers excel in all of these areas.

A weakness severe deficiencies in any of these areas can sabotage your ability

to succeed at work.

For example, if you’re excellent at every management job,

but your delegation skills are poor,

it will hinder your progression.

I’ve worked with many managers

who were so weak at delegation

that many times they didn’t get anything done.

They ended up being fired

because of the damage they caused to the business involved.

Rate yourself on a 10-point scale in each of these key outcome areas.

Ask the people around you for an objective assessment.

And be honest.



You must remain focused on your journey to greatness. ― Aysa Angel

After you’ve identified the key result area you want

and need to improve on the most,

build it into a goal, create a plan,

define an evaluation organization,

and set a deadline for completion.

Then focus on improving yourself in that area on a daily basis.

In a week, a month, or a year,

you will gradually improve in that skill area.

You will become an expert in your field.



Become the person,

you want to become as the result you seek. ― Aysa Angel

One of the books, the most popular business essay in recent years

is titled Discover Your Power Now! (Now, discover your strengths!),

the book follows on from an earlier bestseller called First,

Break All the Rules! (First, break all the rules!).

The common conclusion of both books is:

“People don’t change”.

You are born with certain skills,




weaknesses, and talents.

They are present from the moment you are born

and gradually become apparent as you enter your teen years.

They don’t change much over the course of your life.

One of the most important steps you need to take in your career is

to identify the areas in which you are good,

or that you can train to be good at,

and then dedicate yourself to becoming it,

excellence in that field.

Mary Parker Follett, a management consultant in the 1920s,

once wrote:

“The best direction to ride a horse is in the direction it is going.”

The best way to develop yourself is

through the development of natural talents and interests.

Jim Cathcart, an author and speaker, also advises us:

“Nurture yourself its own nature”.

This is a very important piece of advice that

you need to keep in mind throughout your career.

You were born on this earth with special talents

and abilities that make you unique

and different from all others.

Throughout your life,

you will find yourself drawn to a field of activity

where your special talents

and abilities help you achieve more goals

and enjoy what you are doing,

on a higher level than anything else.

One of your greatest goals in life is to identify and isolate one

or two skills that you can do better,

enjoy more than anything else,

and then focus on becoming,

outstanding people in these fields.



Excellence isn’t a skill.

It’s an attitude.― Aysa Angel

The poet Longfellow once wrote:

“The greatest tragedy of man is

when he goes to the grave and his talent has not yet been awakened”.

You can struggle for years

with the wrong job and then find yourself again

In a great field,

you progress very quickly in just a few years,

more than you have made in the previous 20 years.

Millionaires who succeed from nothing often say,

“I’ve never worked a day in my life.”

What they did was figure out what they were really interested in,

and then they put all their energy into doing it.

There are eight ways you can identify and identify your unique abilities

and the areas that suit you best.

First of all, you will always be the best

and happiest doing the things you love.

It helps you to show your best qualities,

besides you get a lot of satisfaction

and refreshment when participating in such works.

Second, you seem to have a natural ability to do well in that area.

Third, this energy brings success

and happiness in your life.

From childhood,

it has been a passion and brings you rewards

and praise from others.

Fourth, you feel easy,


when learning and doing it.

Fifth, it always captivates

and excites you.

You love thinking about it,

reading about it,

talking about it,

and learning more about it.

It seems to attract you like fire attracts a moth.

Sixth, you like to learn more to improve your knowledge

and get better at it.

You have a real desire to excel in this area.

Seventh, you can focus on work

and forget everything around.

Eighth, you really admire and respect people

who are good in the same field as you.

You want to be like them, to be in constant contact

and to compete with them.



Be committed to making your dreams a reality. ― ATGW

Here’s the rule: you may just need one more skill

to double your productivity,


and income.

Maybe you only need to upgrade your skills in one area

to be able to use all the others at a higher level.

Remember that all business skills can be learned.

Business skills are not genetically determined.

If you need to learn any business skills to realize and use

To make the most of your abilities,

you can learn it by practicing and using them often.



Success through the sheer act of perseverance and commitment. ― Aysa Angel

There’s an age-old proverb that says,

“Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly in the first place.”

It is not practice that makes it perfect,

but dedication that makes it perfect in the end.

Whenever you start doing something new,

you can relax I think I’m not going to do it well.

You will feel clumsy and awkward at first.

You will feel inadequate and incompetent.

You will feel incompetent.

But this is the price you have to pay before you achieve perfection,

and that price often involves perfecting a difficult skill you need to master.

Formula 3 + 1

The 3 + 1 formula is a simple and effective formula

to help you perfect any skill needed in any situation.

First of all, gather knowledge in that skill area every day,

just 15-30 minutes is fine.

Knowledge is accumulation.

The more you read and learn,

the more confident you will feel in your ability to get the job done.

Second, you can still gather knowledge,

listen to educational programs about your area of ​​interest while you’re on the go.

The average person spends about 500-1000 hours per year on the move.

Make the most of travel time as study time.

You can become one of the most knowledgeable in your field

just by listening to such shows on the go,

instead of just listening to music.

Third, attend seminars and presentations in your area of ​​interest.

Many people have completely changed their lives

just after attending a one or two-day seminar on an important topic.

And the last element is to practice

what you learn as soon as you get the chance.

Every time you hear a good idea, act on it.

A person who can listen to an idea

and act on it right away is more valuable

than someone who hears a hundred ideas and doesn’t act on it.



You need to have a commitment

to do what you do better than anyone else. ― Amy Dix

The more you practice what you learn,

the faster you will master the area.

Besides, the more you practice,

the more confidence will grow in you,

the faster you will overcome feelings of inferiority

and lack of confidence in that area.

From now on, make up your mind to join the top 10 in your field.

Determine who they are, how much they earn,

and what they do differently from you.

Identify the special knowledge

and skills they have developed

and resolve to develop them for yourself.

Remember that anything that others can do,

to the extent reasonable,

you can also do.

No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you.

What others can achieve,

you can also achieve,

as long as you see it

as a goal and work hard to achieve it.

There is no limit that you cannot overcome.



You aren’t rich until you have a rich heart with everyone. ― Aysa Angel

1. Decide today to join the top 10 in your field.

Show a lifelong commitment to perfection.

The best cashier in 7 eleven store

2. Identify the key areas of your work,

the things that you “absolutely, positively” need

to do well in order to be successful.

Make customers become very important person,

we can make customer feel friendly, comfortable, happy and laugh.

3. Identify your weakest area

and launch a “self-improvement” project to excel in this area.

I lack leadership skill,

I need do more what I scare daily

4. Identify the additional knowledge you will need

to rise to the top in your field,

then develop a plan to seek that knowledge.

I make I am different from other cashier,

I own my shop I am not only cashier.

5. Orientation for lifelong learning.

Read books, listen to music, take courses and seminars,

then turn them into action as quickly as possible.

Daily I read and learn business books with my wife.

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