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Robert Kiyosaki! Become a professional investor

Robert Kiyosaki!

Become a professional investor

Never depend on single income,

make investment to create a second source. ― Warren Buffet

I know many people looking for freedom and happiness.

The problem is that most people are not trained to function

or survive in the company group and investor group.

Because of this lack of equipment,

because of being stereotypically taught to secure a job,

and because of being in debt,

most people limit their search for financial freedom

to the left side of their lives.

Unfortunately, security

or financial freedom is rarely achieved in the employee

and self- employment groups,

and true security and freedom are found

only in the company and investor group.

Employee Companies E
Self-employment Investors C

Search for freedom in the circular of work

One advantage of the Golden Four Charts is being able to observe a person’s lifestyle.

Many people spend their

whole lives looking for stability or freedom,

but end up just hanging around between jobs.

Here is an illustrative example.

I have a friend from my school days.

Every five years,

I hear about him always excited to have found a great job.

He is ecstatic every time he gets a job

with a company of his dreams.

I love the company

because I will do the work I love.

He loves his job because he has a high position,

a good salary,

works with good colleagues,

enjoys abundant benefits

and has the opportunity for regular promotion.

But then about four and a half years later,

I heard about him again,

but this time he was completely disappointed.

According to him,

the company where he works now is terrible and dishonest,

does not treat junior employees well.

He didn’t like his boss because he wasn’t promoted,

the company didn’t pay him well.

Then six months passed,

and he felt happy and revived again

because he had found another great company.

Things keep repeating like that.

That friend’s lifestyle can be illustrated like this.

His lifestyle is a vicious circle of work.

Currently, he lives quite comfortably because he is a wise,

agile and charismatic person.

But before long,

the years will catch up with his age,

and other young people will gradually take the place

of the jobs he has done.

He had a few thousand dollars in his savings account

but nothing to prepare him for his retirement age.

He lives in a house he doesn’t really own,

has to pay for childcare every day

and still hasn’t paid off his college debt.

His youngest child is 8 years old

and currently lives with his previous wife,

while he is raising another 14-year-old child.

He used to say to me,

“I don’t need to worry.

I’m young and have a lot of time ahead of me.”

Now, I’m wondering if you can still say that.

In my opinion,

you need to seriously think about “breaking the fence”

to Companies group or Investors group.

He needed to get used to a new way of life,

a new learning process.

Unless the red brother wins the lottery or gets a rich wife,

if he keeps the old way of life,

he will have to work hard for the rest of his life.

Look at our work

when group Employee becomes group Self- employment

A common path that many people follow is that

of the group moving to the Self-employment group.

In times of crisis and layoffs,

many people find a common message,

leave their positions in large companies

and start their own careers,

business for yourself.

At this time there is a popular business trend called “home business”.

A lot of people decide definitively “work for yourself”,

“own business” and “be your own boss”.

That direction can be illustrated like this.

Of all the choices,

I regret this lifestyle the most.

In my opinion,

being a person of the Self-employment group can reap a lot of success

in return for a lot of risks.

I think the Self-employment group is the hardest group to live in.

The failure rate is very high.

And if you choose that lifestyle, your success is worse than failure.

That’s because when you’re successful,

you’re going to have to work harder than people in other groups,

and you’re going to have to work hard for a very long time,

if you want to continue and maintain your success, that work.

The reason why people in Self- employment group work the hardest is

because they are the type of people

who “cook the rice while washing the dishes”.

They have to take over and manage all the jobs that managers

and employees in a large company usually do.

Self- employment group  people have to take care of answering phones,

dealing with customers, hiring workers, firing workers,

taking care of things when a duty is on leave,

dealing with tax officers or state inspectors,

and more.

So I often react myself

when I hear someone claim to be in business for themselves.

I sincerely wish that person good luck,

but I am very worried for him.

I have witnessed many people bring all their savings,

or borrow capital from friends and relatives to start their business.

In just three years after working hard work, hard work, business failure.

And instead of making money for retirement,

they have to take on a lot of debt.

According to a statistics across the United States,

on average, out of 10 business households,

all 9 households go bankrupt after 5 years.

And of those businesses that do survive,

90 percent of them fail after five years.

In other words,

almost 99 percent of individual business households fail

after 10 years in business.

I think the main cause of most failures is lack of business experience

and lack of capital.

Another reason that the survivors

after the first 5 years completely go bankrupt after the next 5 years,

are not due to lack of capital

but due to the lack of business vitality.

The hours of stressful and arduous work gnawed away at their vitality.

Many people in self-employment group are exhausted from all their energy.

That is why many qualified professionals often change jobs,

or start a new business for themselves,

and more tragically die prematurely.

Perhaps that explains why the average life expectancy of doctors

and lawyers is statistically often less than 58 years,

while the average life expectancy of ordinary people is often around 70.

For the survivors,

it seems that they have become accustomed

to the grueling lifestyle of waking up to work

and working hard all their lives.

And that’s probably all they know.

Many self-employment groups find a way to transfer business

at the peak to someone else with more energy and money,

before they’re exhausted from overwork.

They take a break for a while, travel here and there,

and then return to start building another business.

They just kept creating their own business,

and they loved the process.

However, they must know when they need to withdraw and stop.

The secret to success is not to avoid, falter,

or cower in fear of your problems. – T. Harv Eker


Best tip for your children

If you were born before your thirties,

it’s good advice to go to school,

get good grades and find a secure job.

But if you were born after 1930,

that advice is out of fashion.

Why so? The answer lies in your two biggest expenses:

1. Taxes and 2. Debt.

For people with income from employee group,

they often do not take advantage of tax reduction opportunities.

Now in the US,

when you’re an employee,

that means you’re doing a 50/50 partnership with the government.

That means the government will take away half

of your income sooner or later,

and much of it is taken away before you even get paid.

When you think that the government is creating an opportunity

to reduce taxes

but at the same time push you deeper into debt,

the path to financial relief becomes completely remote

for most employee people

and self- employment people.

While for people on the left side of the Golden Quadratic that may make sense,

for people on the right side,

the advice doesn’t make any sense.


Who pay the most tax?

The rich are not taxed much.

Why so? Simply because the rich don’t make money

the way employees do.

Billionaires know very well that the best legal way

to avoid taxes is to earn an income from a Companies or Investors.

If you make money from the employee group,

the only tax relief for people is to buy a bigger house,

but that leaves them with more debt.

For those on the right side of the four dharmas,

it is not financially wise.

That solution for them is like “you give me 1 coin I will race you 50 cents back”.

To have the highest income,

you have to be the best. – T. Harv Eker


How to achieve freedom

Taxes and debt are two of the main reasons

why most people never feel secure about money

and never achieve true financial freedom.

The path to security as well as financial liberation is found

only in the right part of the Golden Quadratic.

You need to get over the limit of the mindset of job security.

It’s time to know the difference between stability and financial freedom.

What is the difference?

What is the difference from:

1. Job stability;

2. Financial stability; and

3. Financial freedom?

As you know,

my educated dad tried

to stick to the job security mindset like most of his peers.

He believes that job security is also financial stability,

and he lives by that view

until he loses his job and can’t find another one.

Meanwhile, rich dad never mentioned the concept of job security,

but only financial freedom.

The key to finding whatever stability or freedom you want,

can be found in the different lifestyles shown

from Employee group and Investor group.

This is the way to work stability,

people who live in this direction work very well.

They spend years in school,

then years at work to gain experience.

The problem is that they know very little about the Companies group

or Investors group even

if they have long-term retirement plans.

They often feel insecure about money

because they are only educated about job or professional safety.

Standing on two legs is never more than one leg,

to be more financially stable,

I suggest that besides working in the employee

or self-employment groups,

an individual should learn more

about the Companies or Investors groups.

Once they gain confidence in making money

on both sides of the tetrahedron,

they will naturally feel more stable

even though they are still making little money right now.

Knowledge is power…

and all they need to do is wait for the opportunity to use their knowledge,

and then they will earn it.

That’s why the Creator gave us legs.

If we only had one leg,

surely humans would often feel unstable and wobbly.

Having knowledge on both sides of the quadrant,

one on the left and one on the right,

we tend to feel more secure.

Those who know only having their own job or profession,

they are standing on one leg.

Every time the economy fluctuates,

their lives will be more wobbly than those

who know how to stand on their own two feet.


2. This is the way to money stable

The diagram below illustrates the path to financial stability for an employee.

Instead of putting money into retirement

and expecting a high rate of return,

the cycle above shows that people will feel confident

in their knowledge as both employees and investors.

Even when we were still in school to learn how to work for life,

I wonder why we don’t take the opportunity

to learn how to become a professional investor.

Another path to financial stability

and this is the way to financial stability for employees.

This direction was mentioned in the book The Millionaire Neighborhood

by Thomas Stanley.

It was a wonderful book.

The average American millionaire is usually a self- employment, thrifty,

and long-term investor.

It also reflects a person’s financial path in life.

That path, the path of “breaking the fence”

from group Employee to Companies group

is also the path that many talented entrepreneurs have gone through,

such as Bill Gates.

It’s not the easiest way,

but in my opinion it’s the best.

Formal education will make you a living;

self-education will make you a fortune. — Jim Rohn


Two better one

Thus, having knowledge about other groups,

especially one on the right and one on the left,

will be more beneficial than just knowing about your own group.

In chapter 2,

I mentioned the fact that the average rich person earns 70 percent

from the right side and 30 percent

from the left side of the tetrahedron.

I find that no matter how much money is earned a person will feel more stable

if they can work on both sides at the same time.

Financial stability is nothing more than having a strong footing on

both sides of the Golden Quadrangle.


Million fire staff

I have two friends who are typical of success on

both sides of the diagram.

They not only have secure jobs with many benefits,

but at the same time earn a considerable fortune

from the right side of the quadrant.

Both are firefighters working for the city government.

They have a decent,

stable salary,

lots of benefits and a guaranteed retirement plan,

and only work two days a week.

For the remaining three days,

they work like real investors.

On weekends,

they rest and entertain with their families.

A person buys old houses,

repairs them and rents them out.

As I write this book,

he currently owns 45 rental properties,

earning $10,000 a month after taxes

and after covering all maintenance, management,

and insurance costs.

His firefighter salary is only about $3,500 per month,

so his total monthly income is about $13,000.

That equates to an annual income of

about $150,000 and continues to grow.

He has five years left in the workforce before he retires,

and his goal is to reach an annual income of $200,000 by age 56.

That’s not too bad for a government employee

with four children, aren’t you?

Others spend time analyzing companies

and buying stocks and stock options.

His portfolio is now worth about $1 million.

Assuming he sells the portfolio

and earns 10 percent interest per year,

he will have an annual income of about $300,000

for the rest of his life no matter what market crash occurs.

Again, that’s not a bad result for a government employee

with two children, isn’t it?

Both of my friends have enough passive income

to retire early at 40 after 20 years of continuous investing.

However, both love their main jobs

and want to retire at the right age

to fully enjoy the retirement benefits

from the local government.

Needless to say,

their life after retirement will be completely free

because they have achieved success

in both areas of the quartet.

Money itself does not bring stability, security,

I have also met many people

who have millions of dollars in retirement accounts

but still cannot find security.

Why so? Because that creation is created

from their work or business.

They have money invested in a retirement account,

but they know little or nothing about investing.

If that money suddenly disappears and their working age is gone,

what can they do?

During periods of economic crisis,

there are always large transfers of wealth that occur.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money,

it’s important to invest in your knowledge,

so that when big fluctuations happen,

you can prepare for them easily.

Never let your guard down and be afraid.

As I mentioned,

no one can predict what will happen,

so it’s better to prepare yourself for these sudden changes.

And that means you need to learn now.

Cash flow is not bragging rights.

It’s financial freedom. — Grant Cardone


3.This is the way to money freedom

This is the path that rich dad always encouraged us to follow.

That is the path to financial freedom, true freedom because in Companies Group ,

other people work for you, while in Investors Group,

money works for you.

You are completely free to work,

can choose to do as you want.

Your understanding of these two groups has given you complete freedom

to put your energy into the work.

If you look at billionaires,

you will see that they are walking this path as the diagram below shows.

The cycle between Companies and investors group

is the income structure of Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft),

Rupert Murdoch (chairman of News Corp.),

Warren Buffet (father of Bearkshire Hathaway) and Ross. Perot.

However, I also want to remind you of one thing.

Companies group is very different

from Investor group.

I’ve seen many very successful C-heads sell their companies for millions of dollars.

These people tend to think

that the huge amount of money they earn proves their IQ,

so they brag about pouring all their money into investments

in Investors group only to go bankrupt.

The game as well

as the rules of the game are very different in each group.

And that’s why

I totally place learning above my ego.

And as is the case with finding financial stability,

being able to stand in two groups will provide more stability

on the road to financial freedom.

There are three steps to wealth:

First you have to make money,

then you have to keep it,

then you have to multiply it. — Grant Cardone


Choose the direction

There are different ways to make money that you can choose.

Unfortunately, most people choose the path of security job.

As the economy began to falter,

they clung even more desperately to job security.

In the end, their whole lives are stuck in it.

At a minimum,

I suggest that we learn about financial stability,

which will give us confidence not only in our work

but also in our ability to earn our own money against any odds,

every ups and downs.

They will make money when the novice investors panic

and sell everything they should

then take advantage of the opportunity to buy.

That’s why I don’t feel scared

when economic fluctuations are happening,

because volatility also means the transfer of wealth in society

from one group of people to another.

Does your money work as hard for you as you work for it? — Grant Cardone


Owners don’t make you rich

The economic fluctuations happening in the world are partly caused

by the transfer or outright purchase between companies.

Not long ago,

a friend transferred his company.

My friend made an extra $15 million

and put it in his bank account,

while his employees had to look for a new job.

The tearful farewell party kept running

under the waves of anger and resentment.

Although he pays his employees a salary,

most of the employees are not doing much better

than they did on their first day of employment.

Many people bitterly discover their boss has become rich

during their years of hard work,

salary and living expenses.

In fact, the employer has no obligation to make you rich,

but only to make sure that the employees receive full amount of salary

each month as agreed in the employment contract.

If you want to be rich,

that’s your business.

And that job of getting rich should have started the moment you got paid.

If you don’t know how to manage your money,

no matter how much money there is in the world,

it won’t make you rich.

On the other hand, if you know how to spend money wisely

and learn how to get rich in Companies or Investors group,

you are well on your way to becoming rich on your own and, above all,

will reach the goal of complete financial freedom.

Rich dad used to say to me and to his children,

“The only difference from a poor person

and a rich person is what they do in their spare time.”

I agree with that comment.

I noticed that many people are busy at the same time,

and free time becomes rare and precious like gold.

However, I suggest that if you are busy all the time,

try to be busy on both sides of the quadrant.

If you do that,

you will have a better chance of finding more free time

and having more money freedom.

When you’re at work, work hard.

Please don’t read the Wall Street Journal at work.

Your employer will respect you more and appreciate you more.

What you do after work

with your paycheck in your spare time

really determines your future.

If you keep working hard on the left side of the Quadrant,

you will work hard for the rest of your life.

And if you work hard on the right side of the Quadrant,

you have a good chance of achieving freedom.

Almost all rich people are professional great promotion. – T. Harv Eker


The way I recommend

Many people on the right and left sides of the Quadrant often ask me,

“Which way do you think I should take?”

I recommend the path that rich dad showed me,

the path that Perot, Bill Gates,

and other billionaires have followed.

That road is like this.

Sometimes, I get a reaction like,

“I want to be an investor.”

At that time, I replied,

“Then you can go straight to Investors group

if you have a lot of money and a lot of free time.

Otherwise, the route I suggest to you will be much safer.”

Most people don’t have a lot of money and time,

so they reacted,

“Then why do you think I should “break the fence” to Companies group first?”

It took me over an hour to explain,

and I don’t want to go into too much detail in this chapter.

However, I can summarize some of the reasons as follows.

1. Experience and knowledge:

If you succeed right in,

the more chances you have of succeeding in Investors group

“People from Investors group in Companies group”.

If you can build yourself a solid business mind from the start,

you can become a better investor

because you can more accurately judge which companies are good.

The right investors often invest in successful Companies people

who have a stable operating system.

It’s risky to invest in Employee or employee people

who can’t tell the difference between a product and a system,

or lack strong leadership skills.

Do not go to work to work, go to work to prosper. — Grant Cardone


2. Funding:

If you own a growing business, you will have more time

and more capital to support your up

and down investments during the Investor group.

Many times,

I have met many people in the Employee

or employment group whose capital is very tight,

so they cannot afford any investment losses.

Just through a market volatility,

they completely lost

because they played at the level of “out of gas” in their pocket.

Investing, in fact,

is nothing more than a concentration of capital

and a high degree of knowledge.

Sometimes it takes a lot of money

and time to get that understanding.

Many successful investors often fail many times before.

Successful people know that winning is often a terrible teacher.

Knowledge and experience only come from mistakes, and in the I group world,

the price of making mistakes is money.

If you have neither capital nor experience,

trying to become an investor will be like killing yourself.

When you become a member of the Companies group,

you not only equip yourself with the necessary skills

but also the capital to be able to boldly go further into the world of group Investors.

The company you own

and develop will provide you with the necessary funds

to enter the game once you have enough knowledge of this world.

Once you have acquired the skills and experience of being a good investor,

you will understand why I would dare say,

“It does not always take money to make money”.

Get serious about your money. — Grant Cardone


Good news

The good news is that succeeding in the Companies group  is easier than ever.

The reason is because technological breakthroughs

and advancements have made everything convenient and easy,

and it is technology that has made success in the Companies group easy.

Of course while it won’t be as easy as finding a mid-paying job,

systems have become available to more people

who dare to break the fence into the Companies world and want to succeed there.

Money is simple.

Buy cash flow producing assets. — Grant Cardone

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