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Brian Tracy! Time Management! Authorization to others

Time Management 

Chapter 11. Authorization to others

One of the most effective time management tools is finding someone

who can take over the task for you.

The ability to delegate lower-value tasks to capable people

with lower hourly wages is one of the essential skills

in modern management.

Delegate all delegating tasks to people who can do them

with equal or better results than you.

Use the “70% rule”:

if a person can do a task as well as 70% of your ability,

give it to them.


Double your worth

Delegation helps you move from something

you can do yourself to something you can manage.

Delegating is a skill that allows you to leverage your talents

and multiply them by the people you can delegate smaller tasks to.

You always have an option.

You can do it yourself or find someone else instead.

High productivity forces you to always think in the second way:

“Who can do this but me?”


Authorization skill can be learned

Learn the skills of delegation the right way

(I wrote a separate book in this volume,

Delegation and supervision,

giving you all the knowledge you need

to maximize your productivity thanks to others. ).

Choose the right person to handle each task

and provide them with schedules,


performance standards,

and an evaluation plan.

You can also delegate problem-solving

and decision-making

if those are within your obligations and responsibilities.

You may authorize the collection of information and research.

You can delegate all the tasks that anyone else can do

as well or nearly as well as you.

With delegation,

a skill that can be easily learned,

you can reach all limits in your career.

But without the ability to effectively delegate,

you will always find yourself in a state of overload.

You will also fall into the trap of doing too many low-value

or worthless things.

You will never catch up and control your work

and will hurt your career.

The best news is that all skills on the job can be learned.

You can master all of the ideas in this book

with practice and repetition.

You can become an excellent time manager

and double or triple your productivity in the near future.

The rich know that most of their fortunes are built through ambition,

effort and vision. ― Steve Siebold

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