12 Selling Skills! Seven Secrets to Sales Success

12 Selling Skills Conclusion: Seven Secrets to Sales Success To this time, you can already afford to earn two to three times as much as you are earning today. All the people who are standing before you in the game of life have been standing behind you, sometimes at a great distance. And what they […]

12 Great Selling Skills! Time Management for Sales Professionals

12 Great Selling Skills Chapter 12: Time Management for Sales Professionals The ability to focus attention on what’s important is the hallmark of intelligence. – Robert J. Shiller Over 100 years of research and many millions of dollars have been invested in finding the causes of success and failure in sales and in almost every […]

12 Selling Skills! Reselling and Being Introduced

12 Selling Skills Chapter 11: Reselling and Being Introduced What lies ahead and behind you will be paler than what lies within you. – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Today, the cost of a customers, especially in the B2B business, real estate, insurance and high-tech products, can be enormous. The cost of time, travel, advertising, prospecting, presentations, […]

12 Great Selling Skills! Closing the Offering

12 Great Selling Skills Chapter 10: Closing the Offering Success means having the courage, determination, and determination to be who you believe you are to be. – George Sheehan What you are selling or what sales tool you use, your ability to get potential customers to make a solid decision to buy the product/service you’re […]

12 Selling Skills! Overcoming Opposition

12 Great Selling Skills Chapter 9: Overcoming Opposition A formal education will help you make a living; Self-education helps you create your future. – Jim Rohn Customer objections are a normal, natural and unavoidable part of any sales process. However, many salespeople become discouraged and demoralized when customers begin to oppose their offers for reasons […]

12 Selling Skills! Making Persuasive Offerings

12 Selling Skills Chapter 8: Making Persuasive Offerings I am not judged by the number of times I fail, but by the number of times I succeed; and the number of times I succeed is proportional to the number of times I fail and keep trying. – Tom Hopkins The sale is a “mental game” […]

12 Selling Skills! Influencing Customer Behavior

12 Selling Skills Chapter 7: Influencing Customer Behavior The greatest discovery of our generation is that people can change their lives by changing the attitude of their mind. – William James Why does every buy or refuse to buy? Why do some people buy so quickly and others take so long to make a buying […]

12 Great Selling Skills! Determining the Needs Correctly

12 Great Selling Skills Chapter 6: Determining the Needs Correctly Only those who dare to believe that deep down within them, there is something stronger than the circumstances, can achieve great things. – Bruce Barton  Customers buy for their reasons, not yours. The most important thing that you need to do in the questioning phase […]

12 Great Selling Skills! Selling Based on Consulting

12 Great Selling Skills Chapter 5: Selling Based on Consulting What you get from achieving your goals is not as important as the person you become by achieving those goals. – Wolfgang Von Goethe The most successful and highest-paid professional salespeople are those who are positioned in the minds of their clients as a friend, […]

12 Great Selling Skills! Selling Through Relationships

12 Great Selling Skills Chapter 4: Selling Through Relationships Always remember that your own determination to achieve success is far more important than all other factors. – Abraham Lincoln One of the greatest breakthroughs in the new sales age was the discovery of the concept of “positioning” – the way people think and perceive you. […]